How to Know your Skin Type and Skincare for Each? – SavarnasMantra

How to Know your Skin Type and Skincare for Each?

Feb 15, 2022

Bhavini Desai

How to Know your Skin Type and Skincare for Each? - SavarnasMantra

The first step towards skincare is understanding your skin type. Everything else falls into place once you know what your skin is like, what it needs, and how it will react to certain things. To help you do that, we have devised this collection of tips and techniques. So if you want to know your skin type and skincare for each, then keep reading! 

What are Skin Types?

Every body is special, and every skin is different. Even so, dermatologists divide skin types into different categories depending on their characteristics. You may fit one perfectly, or even have a mix or combination skin. So here are the five types. Peruse and take note — which is yours? 

Oily Skin

This skin type, as the name suggests, is characterized by its above-average oil production. The high oil secretion makes the skin slick, slippery, and often greasy. Oily skin is also more prone to skin problems like acne, as the oil traps dirt and bacteria easily to clog pores. These pores then give rise to pimples. Blackheads and breakouts are also common for oily skin. However, one upside is that oily skin is usually quite hydrated with its natural oils.  

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a diametrically opposite category of oily. It is characterized by super-low levels of natural oils. This makes it fraught with dullness, flaking and a stretchy feeling. In very extreme cases, the skin even peels or cracks (especially in winters), as it cannot retain moisture. 

Combination Skin

This type of skin is a mix of two or more skin categories. It has a combination of characteristics, hence the name. So, for example, if you have a very oily T-zone (chin, nose, and flat of forehead) but dry cheeks, then you are said to have combination skin. This type of skin is quite common, as many people secrete more oils in the T-zone. 

Sensitive Skin

Skin that is sensitive to external stimuli and stressors is categorized under this variety. The degree of sensitivity can vary, but there is often mild irritation, redness, or discomfort due to pollutants, pollens, skincare products, and even some types of water.  

Normal Skin

Well, this skin is just ‘normal.’ It doesn’t secrete too much oil, nor too little. It does not get irritated under external stressors either. In other words, it is quite well balanced. Most skincare products suit this skin type. 

How to Know your Skin Type? 

The Bare-faced Method

This is an easy method that requires no tools or products. Just follow these easy steps:

1.  Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat it dry gently.
2.  Leave your face bare (no moisturizer or any other product)
3.  Give it 30 minutes.
4.  Check your chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Do you notice any shine?
5.  Give it another 30 minutes.
6.  Now evaluate if your skin feels dry or stretched. Smile and see if it makes  your skin feel tight.
7.  If it does, then you likely have dry skin.
8.  If there is shine on your nose or forehead only, then you most likely have      combination skin type.
9.  If your cheeks also have a visible shine then you are likely to have oily skin.

 The Blotting Sheet Method

This is a faster method and requires a blotting paper. 

1.  Take a blotting paper and gently pat it on various areas of your face.
2.  Now hold this sheet up in light, like an X-ray.
3.  If the sheet has picked up little or no oil at all, then you most likely have dry skin.
4.  If the sheet looks oily or translucent after blotting only your nose and forehead then you may have combination skin.
5.  And if it is completely saturated and translucent with oil then you are very likely to have oily skin.

Skincare for Different Skin Types

Once you have determined your skin type, the next step is to figure out what kind of skincare routine will suit you. Only then can you zero in on skincare products to achieve healthy skin. Here we will equip you with skincare tips for each skin type: 

If you have Oily Skin…

You are vulnerable to blocked pores, acne, blackheads, blemishes, and a perpetual greasy face. 

  • Skincare for oily skin starts with good cleansing and face washing. Wash your face at least twice a day with a cleanser that is made specifically for oily skin, so that it deep-cleanses your pores and removes maximum dirt and oil.
  • Moisturise adequately, but don’t go overboard. Your skin is already oily, so it doesn’t need more stickiness. Go for lightweight moisturizers. Gel or water-based moisturizers are also a good idea.
  • Gentle regular exfoliation is also a must.
  • A weekly clay mask is appropriate for oily skin as the clay attracts dirt, dust, and oils very well.  

For oily skin, try our Savarnas Mantra® Natural Rose Cleanser.

This one is from our amazing range of natural cleansers, serving your skin not only by removing oil and unclogging pores but also by nourishing it to maintain its health. The added rosehip seed oil keeps the skin calm, prevents acne and pimples. 

If you have Dry Skin…

You need lots of hydration. Your skin is asking for it. So your skincare must begin and end with moisture.

  • The lack of oils and moisture demands you use a gentle cleanser so that it cleans only the dirt but leaves your natural oils alone. Cleansers that hydrate are also good for dry skin.
  • For moisturizing, you need rich products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane, shea butter, glycerin, etc. They help retain and lock moisture in the skin.
  • Exfoliation is an important step for dry skin as it scrubs away all the dry flaky skin layers to help the healthy lower layers shine. 1-3 times a week is adequate. 
  • Cream masks are best for dry skin due to their texture and creamy ingredients. They not only hydrate the skin but also exfoliate dead and dry cells.  

Savarnas Mantra® Natural BioMarine Moisturiser is a perfect way to hydrate dry skin.

A rich formula to hydrate desert dry skin, this Natural BioMarine Moisturiser comes enriched with seaweed extract and brown sea algae. It helps the skin trap moisture and retain it, as well as builds the skins age-defying barrier.  

If you have Combination Skin…

Then you need to tread a very thin line between oily and dry. Some parts of your face demand moisture and oils, while some are too greasy. Therefore it is recommended to use gentle products. Go for mild lightweight moisturizers that don’t weigh heavy on the skin. You can also mix products for two skin types, depending on what you need in which area. If need be, moisturize your cheeks heavily, but leave the T-zone alone. Or use a non-comedogenic product that doesn’t clog pores.  

If you have Sensitive Skin…

Mild products are the answer to sensitive skin. Go for natural products too that are low on artificial fragrances, heavy chemicals, and colors. In fact, products that are fully plant-based and gentle in their formulation are best for sensitive skin. Be it a moisturizer or a toner. We at Savarnas Mantra produce plant-based, natural, cruelty-free skincare and beauty products — from cleansers to toners to moisturizers to serums, and much more. 

If you have Normal Skin…

Then you are one of those lucky ones, and need not worry about too many skincare products backfiring. Since this type of skin doesn’t have any major concerns, you are good to go with a minimal skincare regime of a gentle cleanser, lightweight moisturizer, and toner of your choice. To maintain this skin type, make sure to use sunscreen and keep it hydrated so that over time it does not get damaged.  

To conclude, here’s another fun fact — your skin may not remain the same forever. If today it is oily, maybe in a few years it may lean towards dry. In fact, dry skin is common as we age. So don’t set one skin type routine and get rigid. See how skincare products work for you with time, be flexible, use trial and error to change what’s not working. That’s skincare in a nutshell — Try and try till you succeed. That’s what we believe at Savarnas Mantra, and that is why we never stop creating newer, better formulations for you!