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Natural Skincare Products and Practices for Anti-aging

Feb 19, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Natural Skincare Products and Practices for Anti-aging - SavarnasMantra

“Age is just a number!!” You must have heard this quote from many fitness and beauty enthusiasts who believe in defeating aging. Your skin is a reflection of your age. Now, you can defeat aging with natural skincare products. Skincare products can definitely help you a big deal with anti-aging effects. Make sure about the good quality with authentic natural skincare products. 

The skincare products that you invest in have a greater impact on your aging effect. Today, let us invest some time to make this fruitful decision to invest in high-quality natural skincare products. We generally prefer instant results but long-term effects are very important for the skin. 

So, brace yourself for natural skincare practices which can help defeat aging. 

Why should we use natural skin care products to reduce aging? 

Aging is a natural process. Due to this, there is a change at the physical level and mental level. The fine lines of the face start to appear and the tissue with skin cells start shrinking. These lines of skin are called wrinkles. Similarly, the youthful glow starts deteriorating slowly as we age. The complexion of the face becomes dull. 

Here, we would like to tell you that aging is backed up by natural causes, symptoms, and effects. So, why use conventional products. It is recommended to use natural Skincare products as aging itself is a natural process. 

But the problem comes when people start aging quite early in life. So, to treat the root cause of aging it is important first to understand the natural process of aging and all the things related to it. 

How does the Natural Aging Process occur? 

  • Skin becomes transparent and pale
  • The blood vessels under the skin become visible. These tiny blood vessels also become fragile, which are prone to bleeding and bruising. That's why you start seeing blue veins on your face along with wrinkles.
  • In a process called photoaging, the sun's UV rays affect the fibers in the skin called elastin and it breaks down, causing the skin to sag.
  • Also, with age, the skin around the eyebrows and eyes also dries up.
  • Your fine lines and normal facial muscle movements are reflected on your face.
  • Another major reason behind this is the lack of fat in the body. Actually, when the subcutaneous layer of fat in the body also starts decreasing as you get older, it is not able to protect the face from external elements such as weather and harmful particles. 

Early Signs Of Aging - Premature Aging 

The early signs of aging are fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines can appear from the age of 20. In our 30s, the lines are caused by our facial expressions. But in our 40s, the skin starts to sag more and more wrinkles appear on our skin. 

Causes of Aging 

1. Collagen breakdown

2. Due to UV radiation

3. Oxidation

4. Slowing down the healing process due to inflammation

5. Glycation

6. Causes of Pollution

7. Due to poor diet (unhealthy diet)

8. Due to smoking

9. Lack of hydration

10. Bad Skin Care Routine 

Eliminate the causes and you will be good to go!!!. 

Signs of aging 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Dry, itchy, and dry skin
  • Dull skin due to lack of elastin and collagen
  • Flaky skin
  • Transparent epidermis and dermis, due to which the blue veins on the face are also visible.
  • Scarring is a minor injury.
  • Signs of aging also appear with photoaging. These are flat, brown spots that are mostly seen on the hands, face, hands, and feet. Usually, they are more visible on light-skinned people.
  • Also, due to less production of natural oils, there is a sign of aging in addition to dull and itchy skin. 

Types of Aging 

1. Cellular Aging 

With aging, old cells begin to deteriorate and the production of new ones slows down. The more damage the cells do by free radicals and other factors, there is a need for more skin cells to regenerate. But its failure to do so causes cellular aging. 

2. Hormonal aging 

Hormones are a big factor in aging, especially during childhood development and adolescent maturity. In the middle of life, that is, after 20, the fluctuations in hormone levels increase in the body which causes acne, oily skin, and large pores. As we grow older, hormonal changes lead to dry skin and wrinkles on the face, and not to forget, the hyperpigmentation in women. This hyperpigmentation after 40+ is a big challenge for most women. 

3. Accumulated toxic damage 

Exposure to toxins, harmful rays of the sun, foods, pollution, and smoking also cause rapid aging on the face. Also, over time, these external factors can lead to tissue damage and then a decrease in its ability to repair and promote aging. 

4. Metabolic aging 

With aging, your cells undergo constant changes and there is a decrease in food and energy, due to which the skin can rapidly progress towards aging. Over time, the metabolism of the body also starts slowing down, due to which its effect is visible on the face. 

Anti-aging tips- 

1. Anti-aging skincare routine 

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are some of the most important elements of a skincare routine. Use natural anti-aging moisturizer to reduce the appearance of fine lines before it's too late. One can use an under-eye cream to get rid of fine lines and dark circles. 

Moisturization is a must in your skincare routine. The best way to moisturize the skin is with Vitamin E creams. 

Savarnas Mantra Natural Vitamin E+Squalane Moisturizer is perfect for your skin for optimum hydration. 

2. Anti-aging foods 

We recommend you eat well and hydrate yourself. It is important to include those things in your diet to slow down the process of aging, increase hydration in the face and promote collagen. 

  • Whole grains
  • Leafy green vegetables and fruits
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Complex carbohydrates such as lean meats
  • Antioxidant Foods like Vitamin C
  • Drink lots of water  

3. Anti-aging Serum

You can use an anti-aging face serum with natural elements that will have a good effect on the skin. 

The natural oils and vitamin C nourish the skin. Vitamin C is a collagen booster that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. 

Savarnas Mantra Vitamin C Serum Fortified with Age-Defying Additives is the best way to boost collagen and gives anti-aging benefits. 

4. Anti-aging exercise 

Aerobic exercises like swimming, cardio, walking, or even yoga can make you look younger for years. Apart from this, you can also do some facial exercises, which will improve blood circulation in your face and remove collagen deficiency. 

5. Act before it's too late 

Reversing aging becomes difficult. Aging is a natural process and for this natural process, there is a need for natural skincare products. But, before you get your hands on natural skincare products, it is important to START EARLY. Begin now with these products, to see long-term effects. 

6. Say “No To Surgical Skin Treatments”

Before you step in for surgery, here is an eye-opener for you. There are definitely instant effects with long-term maintenance for these surgical treatments for skin. But, the aging effects are reversible. If you stop or withdraw the surgical skin treatment like botox injections, there are higher chances of sagging of skin which is at a higher intensity. 

Remember, as we told you aging is a natural process and should be treated surgically. 

Love nature and nature will love you back. Aging is a natural process. So, go ahead and gift yourself a natural skincare product from Savarnas Mantra. 

So, in this way, you can follow all the tips related to fine lines, wrinkles, and anti-aging on this page from our experts. Also, in our natural skincare products at Savarnas Mantra who will find some exclusive products which are aimed to delay aging.