This is your go-to Eyebrow Brush!  A well-shaped and well-groomed brow is a requisite for a perfect looking face. You need an eyebrow brush for grooming your eyebrows to perfect shape. Not every brush can be used as eyebrow brush. Our specially crafted brush carries an arch shaped brush for precision and 3 rows of bristles that captures and grooms even the smallest of hairs. The brow brush can be used for shaping the brows after trimming. A must-have for your makeup collection. 

How To Use

The nylon bristles on the angle tip side are perfect for applying the powder cleanly and precisely. Flip the brush over and use the other end to blend down the powder to create a natural finish and a beautiful brow.

    • Dual use property
    • Gives a natural finish look
    • Helps to apply brow powder cleanly and precisely
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