Cancellation Policy – SavarnasMantra
Order Cancellation Policy

No Cancellations. No Changes. Orders on our website are automatically processed and transferred to our fulfillment centers for picking, packing, and shipping immediately. Pulling, stopping, or suspending orders in our fulfillment centers would require that we halt the processing of all orders submitted during that time period thus delaying all orders and negatively impacting other customers. For this reason, we have a strict NO CHANGES, NO CANCELLATIONS policy.

Please Review Your Order Carefully Before Confirming. If you make an error or you want to cancel or alter your order after you place your order, we CANNOT stop the order from shipping. You’ll need to receive the order and then return it (in accordance with our return policy) for a refund. We are unable to refund your cost of shipping and handling if you decide you do not want an order. Please note those orders that are refused upon delivery will incur up to 50% restocking fee.

To summarize, once you place your order, it goes to the "Processing" Status:

- We cannot cancel, delete or otherwise stop the order even if you only placed the order a few minutes ago.

- We cannot alter your "Ship To" address.

- We cannot add items to your order.

- We cannot remove items from your order.

- We cannot change the size selection of your order.

- We cannot change the color selection of your order.

PLEASE REVIEW YOUR ORDER! We strongly suggest you take an extra minute to carefully review your order before completing your purchase. Make sure you have selected the correct shipping method, the correct "Ship To" address, and have confirmed you want the items (check sizes, styles, quantities, and colors) in your shopping cart.