Skincare Routine - Best Picks for 2022 – SavarnasMantra

Skincare Routine - Best Picks for 2022

Jan 28, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Skincare Routine - Best Picks for 2022 - SavarnasMantra

Let us focus today on designing a professional skincare routine in 2022. The idea here is to be dedicated and follow a skincare routine in 2022. We will help you stay dedicated and motivated towards your skincare routine. Our mantra is “Get addicted to Skincare Routine in 2022.”

Stay tuned and keep reading to the new products range which will help you get addicted to your skincare routine. 

Designing skincare routine in 2022 

Before choosing or designing any skincare routine for yourself, it is important that you understand your skin and its needs well. Failure to do so may harm your skin. Apart from this, you also have to identify what are the main problems of your skin that need the most attention. You will need to clear these questions before designing a skincare routine. 

The need for skincare routine in 2022 

Let us not forget our busy life which needs to be managed as well. After the covid pandemic, there is a need to rejuvenate your skin. The covid pandemic has left us mentally burned out due to the scare of the virus. Confined to our home, mental stress has also affected our skin. Now that we have stepped out, it is important to reboot your system. Getting started with a regular skincare routine in 2022 will give you new confidence. Look good and feel good today with Savarnas Beauty Mantra. 

Juggling between work and home, we often tend to forget our skin. We understand that you are generally busy during the day. So, we have come up with Skincare Routine in 2022 which you will love to get addicted to 

Glow in the day with Night Skincare Routine by Savarnas Mantra. Wondering how?? The trick here is to prepare and repair the skin at night. You got that Right At Night !!! This is the secret of glowing skin every day- Night Skincare Routine in 2022 

But, it doesn't mean that you ignore Daytime Skincare Routine 

Let us take a look at what is Savarnas Beauty Mantra Day and Night Skincare Routine in 2022.- Win your skin in 2022 today !!! 

Along with this, we will also share Best Picks for Skincare Routine and Order which you follow as the daily protocol to win that beautiful skin. 

What is the Daytime Skincare Routine? 

A daytime skincare routine should be done keeping in mind the following points-

  • Exposure to stress- you may have to run the whole day or maybe be busy
  • Exposure to pollution- you may have to face dust, mud, and dirt

Avoiding all these effects and protecting your skin should be the main objective of your skincare routine. Let us know next what should be the steps in your daytime skincare routine.


 It is very important to cleanse the face for the sebum or oil produced on your face after a full night's sleep. After waking up in the morning, first, splash cold water on your face. This not only refreshes the face but also improves the blood flow in the skin. 

You can use a natural gentle cleanser depending on your skin type and need. 

This is the best pick for a natural cleanser for 2022-Savarnas Mantra Natural Wheat Cleanser

A day-detox which you must not miss. Its detoxifying soothing properties give your skin a refresher and natural beautiful dewy look in the morning 


Exfoliating is the process of removing dead cells from the skin, allowing new and healthy skin to renew. But exfoliation should not be a part of your daily skincare routine. Do this only once or twice a week or else skin damage can occur. 

This is the best pick for a natural exfoliator for 2022-Savarnas Mantra Fruit Power Exfoliant

If you are habituated to exfoliate your skin daily, then use this gentle, mild, and natural exfoliator. 


Most people shy away from using toners because they believe that toners are too harsh on the skin and can cause skin irritation. But it is not so. 

This is the best pick for natural toner for 2022-Savarnas Mantra Hydrating Seaweed Toner 

Earlier, toners were only used to shrink the pores of the skin, now natural toners are available according to different skin types and problems and their main purpose is to maintain the natural pH balance of the skin, which is often done after washing the face. 


This product has been making a splash in the skincare world for quite some time now. Its job is to give your skin extra nourishment to the face. In fact, serums are highly concentrated and nutrient-rich treatments that absorb better into the skin and help maintain the overall health of the skin. 

Vitamin C serum is a great option for day to day use that suits almost every skin type and also helps in treating a variety of skin problems as well. 

This is the best pick for a natural serum for 2022-Savarnas Mantra Vitamin C Serum Fortified with Age-Defying Additives  


If you think there is no need to moisturize your skin after applying a serum, then you are thinking again !!. Not just that, whatever your skin type, dry or oily, moisturizer is a must-have for everyone. 

This is the best pick for a natural moisturizer for 2022-Savarnas Mantra Vitamin E+Squalane moisturizer 

Hydration and nourishment to the skin are very important to keep aging at bay. 

Sun protection 

You have no idea how and to what extent the sun's rays are harming your skin. To avoid them, it is very important to use sunblock or sunscreen lotion. Although no product claims 100% sun protection, it can reduce its effectiveness. Even if it is cloudy outside or you have to stay at home, it is still important to apply sunscreen. 

What is the Night Skincare Routine in 2022? 

After a hectic day, the skin needs extra care and pampering at night, so your nighttime skincare routine should be different from your daytime skincare routine. Use products that work for damage repair, skin rejuvenation, and skin renewal in your nightly routine. 

  1. Makeup Removal 

We are always busy with work during the day and mostly tend to use makeup in our faces so it is very important to remove makeup from the face first. 

If you think that washing your face with soap removes makeup, then it is important to change this and follow a makeup remover protocol. 

This is the best pick for a natural serum for 2022-Savarnas Mantra Natural Makeup Remover

Cleanse your face with makeup remover which is natural and healthy for the skin. It will also clean the dust and dirt accumulated on the face. 

  1. Double Cleansing 

This is a very good way to clean the skin as well as nourish it. Take some natural facial cleanser in your hand. Massage it on the face with light hands and gently. By doing this, the residual and waterproof makeup will be dissolved on the face. Clean this oil with cotton and then wash it off with a mild cleanser. 

  1. Toning 

Toner on the skin is very important to maintain its pH balance. Along with this, due to double cleansing, the pores of the skin open up and it is necessary to shrink them for a smooth texture. 

This is the best pick for natural toner for 2022-Savarnas Mantra Age-Defying CoQ10 Toner 

Use this toner preferably at night for repairing the skin and defeating aging. 

  1. Under Eye Care 

Under eye cream is a must have in your skincare routine. Applying and removing eye makeup can cause a lot of fine lines and wrinkles due to overstretching of the skin. Using under eye cream can help and moisturize the skin well. 

Professional tip from Savarnas Mantra- Using natural under eye cream for your skin. Know why? The skin around your eyes is delicate and sensitive. It needs special attention and care. 

This is the best pick for under eye cream for 2022- Savarnas Mantra Natural Age Defying under Eye Cream.

This product is truly worth investing in. Enriched with collagen, peptides, squalane, and natural components of hyaluronic acid, it helps to reboot the skin around the eyes in the morning. Not to forget, the potency of the product which helps in proper absorption and adds a 5-star efficacy with neem & cucumber extracts. 

  1. Serum 

Compared to the day, your skin has a much better chance of repairing damage and growth of new skin cells, so use a serum at night that repairs your skin from within at night. 

The best pick for serum in the year 2022 - Savarnas Mantra Natural Youth Stem Serum 

This is a must-have product at night which has the ability and capacity to regenerate your skin from within with natural components. The “stem cells” work at cellular levels all night and help in repairing the skin. It helps in a youthful appearance and improves the overall vitality of the skin. 

Swiss apple stem cell extract is one of the important constituents of Savarnas Mantra Natural Youth Stem Serum which sets it apart from other youthful serums. As per the recent research dated July 2021, Stem cell therapy has again come into existence after one century to restore your skin and STAY YOUNG FOREVER. 

And yes, do not forget a healthy diet and exercise in your daycare skin routine. Also, make sure to have a sound sleep of 8 hours at night for that amazing skin. So, set this standard skincare routine in 2022 and get addicted to Savarnas Mantra Today!!!