Exclusive Lash Care Products for Long and Thick eyelashes – SavarnasMantra

Exclusive Lash Care Products for Long and Thick eyelashes

Jan 17, 2022

Dan Singh

Exclusive Lash Care Products for Long and Thick eyelashes - SavarnasMantra

Longer and thicker lashes are always a boon that can make you look attractive. But it isn’t always possible to maintain healthy and thick lashes for various reasons. Though there are numerous options like lash extension and falsies, to transform your lashes to longer and thicker ones, nothing can create the look or perfection offered by naturally beautiful and strong lashes. To a great extent caring for the lashes properly can help protect the lashes from getting damaged or falling out. Whereas, if you want to boost their growth, you’ll need to try some unique formula on the lashes. Are you badly craving those gorgeous and dense lashes? We bring to you the two best products that can undoubtedly nurture, protect and strengthen your lashes. Scroll down; 

Before heading to the products, a few things are to be learned to give the best care for your lashes. Have a glance at them; 

Does your hair loss seem to be higher than usual? Know Why 

It’s quite natural that the lash hairs fall like the hairs on the head. But if you notice them falling very frequently, you have to find out the reason for. The cause for hair fall may vary from person to person; the lashes become stiff over time due to the frequent use of lash makeup products like mascara or other products or medications that you are using around the eyes. Some of the other reasons for lash fall can be: 

  • Choosing and using the Wrong Products:

Most times, we rely on instant remedies to achieve longer lashes instantly. Some of them, when used regularly, make the lashes fragile leading to damage or hair fall. Be it curlers or mascara, using them too frequently on the lashes can harm them. Similarly, a few try to curl the lashes after applying the mascara; this is something that you need to stop right now as it can badly damage the lashes.  

  • Not Giving Ample Care to the Lashes:

When we look for the reasons for lashes fall, it can sometimes be a flawed beauty routine. Hitting the sack with heavy eye makeup and mascara can lead to falling out of lash hairs. Moreover, these products when left on the lashes and skin for longer period can lead to infections too. To avoid these issues, it’s wise to use a gentle cleanser to remove the thick layer of mascara from the lashes effortlessly.  

  • Health Concerns Can Be a Reason:

 If you feel that your lashes fall is out of control, despite giving proper care, there must be serious health issues like immune disorder, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, etc. If you suspect some health issue behind the unusual hair fall, then it’s better to fix an appointment with your doctor at the earliest. 

  • Unhealthy lifestyle badly affects your skin and hair:

Making healthier choices, particularly in terms of diet and sleep, can make a substantial difference to your skin and hair. The skin or hair requires proper nutrition to stay strong and free from issues. Similarly, ensure that you are on a balanced diet. Adding more protein-rich food will be a great step to healthy lashes. 

How to give the right care to the lashes? 

  • Never rub or pull your lashes; this causes unwanted irritation and leads to damage and falling out of the lashes.  
  • Use a mild makeup remover to clean your lashes. Freeing the little hairs out of thickly coated mascara is often an arduous task. But this doesn’t mean that you have to be harsh with your lashes while removing the makeup. Instead, look for a quality eye makeup remover that is gentle on your lashes. It eases the task of removing those tough stains from the eyelashes.  
  • Always invest in good quality products. Be it mascara or curler, pick the excellent quality ones. Mascara with conditioning properties and are free from harsh chemicals will be a great choice. For keeping the lashes in shape, curlers can help a lot but avoid using the curlers frequently, and even while using them, make sure you don’t use them for more than twenty seconds to curl the lashes. 
  • Never let your mascara be on the lashes during sleep time. No matter how tired you are, it is equally important to remove the eye makeup and eyebrow makeup, like facial makeup before bedtime.  
  • Keep the lashes moisturized and nourished and for this you may rely on lash care products that are custom-made for the lashes. Go through the ingredients list and ensure that the product contains the necessary ingredients to nurture and strengthen the lashes.  

Best Lash Care Products That You Could Ever Get! 

When it comes to lash care, the best products you could come across are the lash serum and eyelash nourishing oil. These products are enriched with perfect ingredients that can deliver all the necessary vitamins and minerals to the lashes to stay healthy and moisturized.  

Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyelash Oil

The nourishing eyelash oil is prepared using a blend of plant extracts and rare oils that best stimulate hair growth. The eyelash oil possesses great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The horsetail plant extract infused in the oil is well known for its growth stimulating properties. Hence using this well-formulated lash oil can gift you strong, lengthy, and lustrous eyelashes. 

Savarnas Mantra® Eyelash Serum 

If you want to give your dull lashes a rapid boost and offer all the nutrients they need to be healthy and long, it's time to incorporate a natural eyelash serum into your daily skincare routine. The natural serum for your lashes is made with a powerful blend of peptides, stem cells, and conditioners. These active natural ingredients possess amazing lash nourishing and moisturizing properties. Using this natural formula regularly can make your eyelashes appear longer, healthier, and thicker.