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Five Step Morning Routine Within or Less Than Five Minutes

Aug 18, 2022

Rini Jose

Five Step Morning Routine Within or Less Than Five Minutes

We all long for beautiful and healthy skin, and for this, a skincare routine is inevitable. However, the hectic mornings often tempt you to shorten the morning beauty routine to a few steps; sometimes, you may skip them. A morning skincare routine can not only provide you with healthy skin but also help the makeup look flawless and impeccable. If you are looking for the easiest and quickest ways to care for your skin effectively during your hectic mornings, we can help you out. Read on to explore how to follow a simple but effective morning skincare routine in less than five minutes with excellent natural products recommendations included from our Savarnas Mantra skincare range-read on; 

Why is it important to follow a morning skincare routine? 

There is often confusion about following a morning skincare routine and its importance. Nothing but simple, our skin undergoes a lot every day; pollution, impurities, sun exposure etc., can affect the skin directly, and to keep them protected and rejuvenated, following a beauty routine is a must for the skin both morning and night.  

Following a morning skincare routine is often considered unimportant as you are going to apply makeup to the skin. However, a morning skincare routine is equally essential as your evening skincare routine to prep your skin for the day and safeguard them. Some of the benefits of following a morning skincare routine are; 

Remove the impurities from the skin: The impurities stuck on your skin can hamper your morning skincare routine and add up during the day. As known to all, these impurities, grime and dirt can clog the pores causing acne and breakouts. Following a proper morning routine helps start your day with clean and clear skin. 


Keeps the skin hydrated for the day: A morning skincare routine can ensure your skin remains hydrated. Most often, there are chances for the skin to dry overnight, especially during cold weather conditions. Moisturizing the skin is essential in skincare, irrespective of the seasons. It forms a shielding layer over the skin, making them appear soft. Added, it even helps prevent the signs of aging. 


5 Step Morning Skincare Routine

Skincare doesn't have to be elaborate; a few steps using bespoke products can deliver incredible results. Let's see how to make the morning skincare effective and simple in just five steps which take hardly five minutes; 


Morning or night skincare routine, cleansing is mandatory. You might wonder why washing the face using a cleanser is necessary after an elaborate cleansing routine at night. But, no cleansing routine is inevitable as dust, impurities and skin oils build up on your skin while you sleep. A hydrating cleanser with skin-nourishing ingredients will be your best bet for your morning beauty routine. Use a natural facial cleanser like Savarnas Mantra® Natural Rose Cleanser to keep your skin clean, rejuvenated and hydrated. 


Though it isn't a must-follow step, using a toner can benefit the skin in numerous ways. Toning helps replenish your skin, maintain the pH levels, eliminate residues left on the skin, and even target numerous skin concerns like dryness or dullness. Above all, using a toner is pretty easy as it takes hardly a few seconds to spritz those hydrating liquid on your face. If you are looking for a shortcut to hydrate the skin for a longer time, try Savarnas Mantra® Natural Hydrating Seaweed Toner, a natural hydrating facial toner designed to soothe, hydrate and smooth the skin. Along with balancing the skin, it hastens the natural repair process and preps the skin for better absorption of other skincare products you layer after toning.  


Whether adding an extra hydration dose or addressing existing skin conditions, serums are the best options. The best part is that you get plenty of options, among which the most loved and preferred ones are Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Youth stem serums.  

If you're looking for an option to keep the skin hydrated and enhance firmness and elasticity, Hyaluronic acid serums are the best. To provide the best care to your skin, try Savarnas Mantra® Natural 100% Pure Hyaluronic Serum

Whereas, if you need to address skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, dullness, and dark spots while providing hydration to the skin, there is no better choice than a Vitamin C serum. Whether to brighten the skin or provide protection against free radical damage, Natural Vitamin C Serum fortified with Age Defying Additives by Savarnas Mantra® can be the best choice.  

To maintain the youthful appearance of the skin and to keep the aging signs at bay, a youth stem serum can help out. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Youth Stem Serum will be a great addition to your morning skincare routine to preserve vitality and delay skin aging. 


Applying a bespoke moisturizer for your skin type is essential to keep them soft and supple for the whole day. A natural, lightweight moisturizer that can hydrate and nourish your skin will be a great option for your morning skincare routine. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer hydrates, nourishes and plumps the skin's appearance. 


The last but most important step in the morning skincare routine is applying sunscreen before layering makeup to protect the skin from the day ahead.   

A morning beauty routine is a must to safeguard your skin and prep it for the day ahead. Follow these five easy steps to make your morning beauty routine hassle-free, quick and effective!!