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How To Prep Your Face For Makeup?

Aug 18, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Prep Your Face For Makeup?

“How To Prep Your Face For Makeup?”- This is a very common question that arises in the minds of millions of beauties across the globe. Yes, we love makeup. Everyone has different reasons to love makeup. Some may love the flawless skin it provides while some may love the attractive beauty. Makeup works best for skin when taken in the right spirits. It will add more beauty and enhance your look to the core. If your skin is acting weird after putting on makeup, there are higher chances that you are not applying makeup properly or maybe your skin is not prepared perfectly before makeup. 

Pre-makeup ritual for the skin 

Let us help you to add a hint of glam to your skin with makeup that just looks perfect and great for your skin. It is important to note that if you are getting ready and putting on makeup, it not only looks good but also peps up your mood. If you want to look the best, it is important to follow a pre-makeup ritual for your skin. A well-prepped skin before applying makeup makes it smooth for applications and adds more beauty to your skin. So, let us get started with a pre-makeup ritual for your skin that can add luxurious beauty. 

10 things must do before makeup- Your Pre-makeup Ritual 

  • Know your skincare essentials 

It is important to know all about your skincare essentials. Check for the label and other related facts before you indulge in your skincare products. If you are confused about which skincare product or ingredients to choose, it is important to choose the best and safer way out by switching to natural skincare products. 

  • Know your makeup essentials 

Knowing your makeup essentials is very important. It is essential to ensure that you use the best quality makeup which helps in enhancing your skin and beauty with no side effects. The majority of us follow the trend. It is important to know which shade suits you best and before you dive into makeup, ensure that you do not overdo it. 

  • Follow your CTM procedure 

A CTM procedure is very important. It is important to cleanse, tone, and moisturize regularly for healthy beautiful skin. Follow your skincare rituals daily which will help prep your face for smooth application. 

  • Apply ice to face 

It is important to apply some ice on the face before you jumpstart with the makeup. Ice will shrink your pores and give some cooling effect to the skin. It will also hydrate your skin before makeup. Ensure not to rub ice and be gentle with your face. 

  • Apply eye serum 

Applying some eye serum can work to provide great anti-aging benefits. It will also help in the smooth application of eye makeup. Along with eye serum, you can also opt for eyelash serum which will not only condition eyelashes but also boost lash growth. 

  • Apply hydrating serum 

Before you get started with makeup, choose some natural botanical-based vitamin serum which will help lock in some moisture for the dewy skin effect. 

  • Apply a good sunblock 

Sunblock and sunscreen with good SPF are a must before you start applying makeup. It helps provide a protective shield for your skin and prevents any kind of sun damage. 

  • Allow skin to absorb the serum, moisturizer, and sunblock 

Give makeup some time to get completely absorbed. Allows your skincare essentials to get completely absorbed for 30 secs. Use generously to cover your face and apply a thin layer. 

  • Use a primer 

Primer helps in providing a perfect base for the skin. Use a gel-based primer with natural extracts which get completely absorbed in the skin and give a smooth finish. 

  • Use a lip balm 

Lip balm is a must to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Apply before makeup and start with your skin makeup in the meantime to get completely absorbed. 

Understanding your skin is very important. Following this pre-makeup ritual will form a protective barrier before the harmful ingredients come in contact with the skin and harm the skin. The entire idea is to have good skin health with a pre-makeup ritual. 

Let us give you some important makeup ideas which will help you give a flawless skin 

Makeup ideas for you 

  • Go natural
  • Go Minimal
  • Focus on eye makeup
  • Add a hint of lip color
  • Do not overlayer makeup products
  • Blend well to avoid cakey oil
  • Use a setting spray for makeup for long-lasting results
  • Remove makeup before going to bed
  • Keep loose setting powder always handy 

With these makeup tips and ideas, you can definitely wear great makeup and pull it off with style. Ensure to wear makeup with pride which highlights your facial aesthetics at their best. If you have come so far successfully, you are ready to get started with a great makeup look. Once you have achieved perfection, it's time to lock your look and take care of your skin always with pre-makeup rituals.