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Natural Remedies And Products To Tighten Sagging Skin

Aug 19, 2022

Rini Jose

Natural Remedies And Products To Tighten Sagging Skin

When we get older, we get to see a lot of changes in the skin. Some of the most common skin concerns that appear as a part of aging are fine lines, wrinkles, and sagginess. It is mainly because the skin loses its suppleness and starts to sag, making us look older. Fret not! Though there is no option to reverse the sagging process, you can definitely reduce and even delay it. There are effective natural remedies and some amazing natural skincare products that can tighten your skin and delay the process of aging. 

Before heading to the natural remedies, let's know the reasons for loose and saggy skin. 

Causes of Sagging Skin  

Aging causes many changes to our body, but more than the body, at times, we feel the skin is affected the most. Fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation start appearing on the skin. Eventually, you notice sagging on your cheeks, neck, nose, and other body parts. Let's understand what is causing sagging skin; 

Aging: It's not only collagen and elastin; even the facial fat essential to keep the skin plump is also affected with age. Similarly, the essential proteins collagen and elastic production naturally reduce with aging. When these essentials are not sufficiently produced, the skin becomes loose, saggy, and dull.  

Facial Expressions: Do you believe sometimes facial movements can be the reason behind loose and saggy skin? Yes, laughing, yawning and smiling contribute to sagging skin in the long run. 

Sun damage: We all know how badly the UV rays affect our skin. The harsh UV rays cause the skin to sag by destroying collagen and elastin. 

Other reasons like sudden weight loss, pregnancy, sleeping positions, smoking, drinking, etc., can also lead to loss of elasticity of the skin. 

Home Remedies to Tighten Saggy Skin 

Oil Massage

Massaging the face using coconut or olive oil can help tighten your skin and provide smooth and clear skin. Coconut oil contains antioxidants that protect skin cells against free radicals. Not only that, it can increase collagen production.  

The next best option for massaging the face is olive oil. It's rich in Vitamin A and E, fights oxidative stress, and possesses high anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Coffee Face Scrub:

A cup of coffee instantly lifts your mood, the same way it can also help lift your sagging skin as well. The caffeine in the coffee is a good moisturizer for the skin. Besides, it's rich in antioxidants that have the power to delay the skin's aging process. When applied to the skin, coffee helps exfoliate the skin, remove the dead skin cells, clear the pores, and soften the skin. The caffeine in the coffee improves blood flow, which is the best way to tighten the skin naturally. 

Let's make the coffee scrub: 

Mix the ground coffee, brown sugar (1table spoon) with coconut oil (two teaspoons), and a few drops of vanilla extracts, and give it a good stir. You may replace coconut oil with yogurt if you have dry skin. Mix it well. Now you may apply it to your face and neck. Exfoliate gently for about three to five minutes and wash off using lukewarm water.  

Egg White Masks

Egg whites are not only good for the body but can be used to address specific skin concerns too. The protein called albumin in the egg whites significantly helps to improve the skin's flexibility. Applying an egg white mask hydrates the skin and softens the texture provided with radiant skin. 

Are you ready to try a DIY egg white mask? 

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey to the egg white and blend it well until you get a smooth mixture. Apply the egg white and honey mixture to your face and allow it to sit for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and then you may wash it off. 

Note: Before using the egg mask, ensure that your skin isn't allergic to any of the ingredients used in the mask and there is no open wound on your skin.  

Natural Products for Skin Tightening 

Trying the home remedies can be time-consuming and messy at times; it is when natural skincare products can come to the rescue. Here are some of the best natural skin care products that can provide you with firm, smooth, and softer skin; 

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Co-Q-10 Age Defying Toner 

Facial toners are not just to hydrate but also to tighten, balance, and protect the skin. Combined with the best skin nourishing, moisturizing, and tightening natural ingredients, the natural facial toner serves as the best solution to revitalize, moisturize and tighten the skin. 

Savarnas Manta® Natural 100% Pure Hyaluronic Serum

Hyaluronic acid is undoubtedly a holy grail to address many skin concerns. It can significantly help to improve the elasticity of the skin. Made with pure Hyaluronic acid, the natural facial serum hydrates, nourishes, and plumps up the skin's appearance.  

Savarnas Mantra® Neck Firming Cream

As known to all, it's on the neck area where the signs of aging first appear. Here is a natural formula that can contribute the best in tightening the skin on the neck and jawline. The neck firming cream increases the elasticity and appearance and tightens the skin. 

It's impossible to reverse aging, but if you give the proper care using bespoke products made for aging skin, you can delay and prevent premature aging to a great extent. Hope these natural remedies and products will help you maintain firm and plump-looking skin.