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My Evening Glamorous Makeup Look

Aug 19, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

My Evening Glamorous Makeup Look

A great evening makeup can make you look stunning and super- glam. Apart from makeup, a good prep-up can work wonders for the skin. You do not need to be a makeup artist. Just get on good hands-on experience with makeup and make sure to read this blog which provides you with some great tips for an evening glamorous look. We are going to provide you with some general advice on how to look glamorous with eyes, skin, and lip makeup. 

What is an Evening Makeup Look? 

Evening Makeup Look is all about adding some drama to your look which sets you apart the normal makeup. Everyone loves a nice, natural makeup look. It is nice to get a glam look by taking some inspiration from your Hollywood celebs which helps you to look stylish for a special evening. You do not need to look super fancy but just add a dash of oomph factor which sets apart your special evening from the normal evening. Whether you are getting ready for a girl's night out or a date with your loved one or maybe attending a party, a glam makeup look will serve you well. 

With our evening makeup look at Savarnas Mantra®️, you are bound to get compliments and turn heads around. Follow our step-by-step makeup to create a timeless glam makeup look. 

Steps for Perfect Evening Glamorous Makeup Look 

Get ready to dazzle and shine as you pump up some makeup on your face to enjoy your evening. I am sure that the majority of us are well prepared before we kick start a special evening. We will keep our outfits, sandals, and jewelry pieces already in perfect space so that we don’t get them wrong at the last minute. 

Wait, hold on, before you headstart for all these things, make sure to keep your skin too at its best. A little extra attention and pampering can work wonders for your evening glamorous makeup look. 


Makeup for Evening Glam Look

Step #1

Prep your face

Step #2

Get your complexion tone right

Step #3

Contour your facial aesthetics

Step #4

Shine and glow naturally

Step #5

Grab your eyeshadow

Step #6

Shape your eyebrows

Step #7

Set your eyeliner right

Step #8

Focus on eyelashes

Step #9

Add some blush for rosy cheeks

Step #10

Pout and plump lips

Step #11

Set your makeup


Step #1 Prep your face 

You are aware that you are going to party for a special evening. Make sure to practice your daily skincare rituals right with your morning and night skincare routine to have great skin. Your main focus should be great picture-perfect flawless skin which is a must for smooth makeup. Do not skip your CTM procedure before makeup. Add some moisturizer to your foundation for a smooth makeup finish. 

Step #2 Get your complexion tone right 

To get flawless skin and base, your foundation needs to be strong. Ensure to select a perfect foundation shade and concealer shade based on your skin tone and type to get the makeup right. Your foundation should perfectly blend with your skin and look natural. 

Step #3 Contour your facial aesthetics 

Contouring enhances your facial aesthetics. Make sure to add a dark shade of contouring for your cheeks or just apply some bronzer below the cheekbone. It should be minimal and perfectly blended. 

Step #4 Shine and glow naturally 

Time to grab some highlighter on your cheeks. Keep it minimal as we also want to add a natural shine and glow. Also, do not forget to highlight your T-zone. 

Step #5 Grab your eyeshadow 

Use eyeshadow that perfectly matches your dress. You can also opt for neutral or metallic shades with some glitter which will make your eyes look amazing. Focus on eye makeup for a glamorous evening makeup look. Smokey eyes are the best for an evening makeup look with a dash of glitter. 

Step #6 Shape your eyebrows 

Do not forget your eyebrows. Outline them with an eyebrow pencil. Brush your eyebrows and use the correct shade of eyebrow powder. You can also use an eyebrow gel to set it well. 

Step #7 Set your eyeliner right 

Ensure to outline your eye with black eyeliner which will enhance your eyes more. This will add some drama to your eyes and make it look catchy. 

Step #8 Focus on eyelashes 

Focus on eyelashes beforehand with eyelash nourishing oil. Also, ensure to apply natural lash serum to boost eyelash growth a few days prior to the evening. Dense and voluminous lashes are great for an evening glam makeup look. 

Step #9 Add some blush for rosy cheeks 

Add blush and tint for your cheeks. Keep it minimal and natural. 

Step #10 Pout and plump lips 

Apply lip plumper before your lipstick for a perfect pout. Choose the right shade of lipstick with lip liner to set your rocking lips. 

Step #11 Set your makeup 

You want your makeup to last for hours. Make sure to set it with a makeup spray which will also create some dewy effect on the skin. 

Now, you and your glam makeup look are good to go. The only thing which is left is a perfect smile which will make you look even more glamorous and super gorgeous. Get your hair right with your outfit, footwear, and your jewel pieces. You are all set to dazzle and shine with pride.