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How To Declutter Your Makeup Collection?

Aug 17, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Declutter Your Makeup Collection?

We often tend to overindulge in beauty shopping. Well, most of us tend to buy things that are just trending and making a buzz. We wish to try out things that may or may not be suitable for us. This leads to a heap of makeup collections or maybe unnecessary build-up of makeup, beauty, or skincare products. If you have been doing so, it is time to change. 

You can simply start by decluttering and tapering down the products gradually over some time. This will not only save space and help you in healthy minimalist living but also help save time, money, and skin. 

Why is decluttering your makeup collection important? 

Let us begin and embrace some great healthy skincare habits which are worth this year 2022. Let us embrace minimalistic living in a style that is trending these days. It's time to get organized and super stylish with minimum bare essentials. This will allow your skin to breathe and evoke a radiant shine from within which is natural and real. Let's stop and put an end to the craze for makeup beauty products. Start a new craze and crave beautiful healthy skin. 

Decluttering mechanism - How does it work? 

According to research, our brain works best when we declutter things around. Our brain tends to store data and recall data as well. Recalling can be difficult if your brain is pressurized with too much storage and data. It is important to memorize only essential information and leave unnecessary information or overcrowded thoughts behind. This also works similarly to the decluttering mechanism. 

One should believe in the theory and power of minimalism when it comes to makeup. Let us begin and talk about 9 essential ways to declutter your makeup collection. In this article, we will talk about how to give your skin and brain the much-needed break with the decluttering mechanism. 

Top 9 Ways to Declutter your Makeup Collection 

  1. Get Organized 

A messy makeup drawer is a big NO. It is high time to get organized with a decluttering mechanism. Decluttering is a great way and the first step to getting organized in the right way. Disorganized space can affect our mood. Don't believe me!! Experience the piling up of work on the professional front which can put a lot of pressure on the brain. 

  1. Figure out your makeup essentials 

You must know your needs and requirements when it comes to makeup. It is not about using any cream or serum of your favorite choice. It is essential to know your skin in depth and what works for your skin. Figure out your must-haves and beauty essentials that you need always throughout the day. 

  1. Get rid of makeup and skincare you won't use 

Piling up unnecessary makeup is not a good idea. You might have just knocked off a particular makeup product in the past and didn't ever use it. It could be just lipstick or dried mascara. Ensure to get rid of makeup and skincare which is not in use. The fact that you have not been using depicts that you do not want it anymore. This creates a lot of negativity. Ensure to get rid of it. 

  1. Discard everything which has expired 

Using expired products can be very harmful to the skin. They may cause acne or skin infections which can take a long time to heal. Make sure to check your products every 3 months and ensure you replace your favorite products with new ones every month. 

  1. Clean and sanitize what's left 

It is important to sanitize and clean your makeup products. You do not want bacteria breeding on it which may harm the skin. 

  1. Try to be minimal and real 

Overlaying too much makeup can cause harm to the skin and cause clogged pores. It is important to be minimal and allow your real beauty to take over. 

  1. Put your favorite makeup product in front 

Lipsticks or nail colors put your favorite makeup products in front and keep them within reach. This will allow you to not overindulge in makeup shopping and control your makeup desires as you always have your favorite in front of your eyes. 

  1. Use up your makeup product before buying a new one 

If decluttering becomes difficult for you, ensure that you use your makeup products and then indulge in new shopping for makeup products. 

  1. Keep a go-to bag for makeup products 

Do you tend to spend too much time deciding what to use and what not for your skin? Keep a go bag always handy with you with your all-time favorite makeup and skincare products. This will save you some money, and time and work wonders for your skin too. You can get trendy if you have too many makeup products like creating an office beauty bag or maybe just a daily morning and night skincare routine bag. 

It's time to get inspired by organizing your makeup and skincare collection in the right way. We highly recommend you close the door, put the phone on silent and focus on the decluttering mechanism for 30 minutes. This will work great not only for your skin health but also for your overall health.