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Top 5 Favorite Skincare Products

Jun 03, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 5 Favorite Skincare Products

Daily ritual for skin care is very essential. Morning and night skincare routines are very essential to follow daily. Make sure that you do not miss on daily rituals which are very essential for optimal skincare.  5 is the bare minimum and these are must-haves for your daily rituals. Let us not forget that these 5 skincare products are very important for your skin kitty round the clock and throughout the month. 

Summer and winter are extreme climates and can be harsh on the skin. There are bound to be some complex skin issues with the harshness of the weather. We need to take care of our skin as the time ticks and the environment changes. Past year, there have been many changes due to the pandemic. From maskne to general skin irritation, our skin needs repair and healing power to revitalize. 

Though we are ready to welcome the change of season every year, we tend to deal with dry indoor air, and a lack of humidity and this may take away the natural moisture from our skin. Your skin needs a good skincare routine and you need to stick to it. 

No idea where to start from? Well, do not worry. Today, in our Beauty Mantra Segment we are going to talk about the 5 favorite picks and essential skincare products for every beauty. 

Routine Top 5 Favorite Skincare Products 

Take a further leap of faith for skincare. If you have been sticking to cleanser or face wash and moisturizing, it's time to change and revamp your skincare routine. 

Facial Cleanser 

Using a cleanser that is gentle and suits your skin is the best to invest in. Try opting for a natural cleanser rather than conventional cleansers which can be harsh on the skin. A non-comedogenic formula is a great option that cleanses deeply and clears the pores without clogging them. 


This is a must after the facial cleanser which helps shrink pores. Toner as the name suggests- Gives you an even skin tone and smooth texture and complexion. 

Gentle Exfoliator 

A gentle exfoliation should be done twice a week. This will clear all the dirt and grime from the clogged pores. Unleash a fresh new skin from within. Make sure to exfoliate at night as this allows the skin to repair. 


This is a “Workhorse of your skincare regime” This must be included in daily skincare practice. A serum is a lightweight potent formulation to hydrate, reboot, and revitalize your skin cells. This keeps the skin cells nourished and protected. 


Moisturize is a must in your skincare routine. This hydrates and protects the skin. This also reforms the skin to give a youthful glow. 

How should the skincare routine be? 

Your skincare process should be simple, no matter what your skin type is. Skincare routine and regime should not be elaborative and multifactorial. Keep it to the basics and bare minimum with a holistic approach. Savarnas Mantra has designed an easy to stick skincare routine with just 5 favorite skincare products in your kitty. 

Expert skincare tips 

Expert Skincare Tips

Skincare Solutions


Remember, that your skincare requires you to be consistent for 6-8 weeks before you jumpstart with other products or revamp other product lines.

Order matters

The order of applications matters. Follow your CTM procedure. Always apply thin to thick. This allows the skin to absorb it well.

Practice makes man perfect

 Get habituated to a skincare routine. A regular skincare routine allows the skin to function well.

Five is the bare minimum

 Regardless of your skin type, Stick to 5 skincare essentials, which we have mentioned below

TLC & nutrition

Nutrition and active ingredients with TLC (Tender Love Care) is very important for the skin.

Get started with this skincare routine and follow it religiously for your skin to glow from within. Never forget your top 5 favorite picks for skincare and always have them in your skin kitty forever!!