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Which eye makeup remover should I use?

Jun 03, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Which eye makeup remover should I use?

Applying eye makeup is an art and easy too for most of us. Whereas, removing eye makeup is easier!!! Just swipe and it's done, Clean!!! Well, it's time to think again. 

Is your eye makeup remover eliminating all the residual traces of your eyeliner?

Is your eye makeup remover completely safe?

Is it safe to use your normal makeup remover for eyes too?

 These questions will always keep ticking on your mind, as long as you love make-up. We generally tend to use the same makeup remover for our eyes and face makeup too. Here is the catch!!! You need a gentle, yet efficacious makeup remover to eliminate all the minor traces of makeup completely. BE GENTLE to your eyes and skin around the eyes as it is very sensitive and prone to damage. 

Which makeup remover should I use for my eyes? 

Many of us get involved in buying constantly new types and trending makeup removers. Some of us also head to our home cabinet to look out for some coconut oil or aloe vera gel to make our own remover. Natural eye makeup remover is difficult to make at home. It is advisable to use medically tested and clinically proven natural makeup remover which is formulated and designed with care and special expertise. 

Some of us just prefer cleansing our face is mere enough for removing the makeup. But that is not the case. You need to get rid of the makeup right from the skin pores  to achieve clean skin. 

The skin around the eyes also has many tiny skin pores which are invisible to our eyes. We need to make sure that we remove all the traces of makeup from the skin and follicles completely. This will prevent toxic build-up and eye problems or infections as well. 

Importance of natural makeup remover for eyes 

Eyes is delicate and sensitive. Using natural stuff for eyes with botanical extracts is a great idea to nourish them. It will keep your eye healthy and ready for make-up the next day. One must understand the future for healthy eyes. We should make sure to avoid the usage of any kind of harmful ingredients for the eyes. 

Natural Makeup Remover V/s Conventional Make up Remover for eyes 

There are some reasons why you should use natural makeup remover for the eyes- 


Natural makeup remover

Conventional makeup remover


Plant-based extracts

No plant-based extracts


Light in weight with nanoparticles

Heavy weight with large molecules of chemicals


Easily absorbable

Difficult to absorb and may form a thin film on skin

Chemical content

Comparatively lesser harmful chemicals

Higher content of harmful chemicals


More potent with high dynamic power

Low potency with no dynamic power

Alcohol content

Little or no alcohol

Excessive use of alcohol

Drying nature

No drying effect and thus gives an anti-aging effect


This is very drying in nature which may lead to aging

Skin types

Suits all skin types

May not suit dry skin

For eyes

Gentle for eyes and skin around the eyes

May be harmful to eyes because of chemicals present

For skin

Calming and soothing for skin

Harsh for the skin


High in efficacy

Low in efficacy

Side effects

Minimal side effects

May cause side effects


Now, you know the difference between conventional and natural makeup remover. Make the right choice today by choosing a specially designed and scientifically formulated natural makeup remover for skin and eyes. Moreover, it saves time and can be used comfortably for both facial skin and skin around the eyes.