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Top 4 Holiday Skincare Tips

Oct 03, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 4 Holiday Skincare Tips

Planning to go on holiday? This sounds exciting when you are heading for one and of course, brings a natural glow and a wonderful smile to your face. Vacation can be an amazing destressing solution for the body, mind, and definitely, the SKIN as well. But, before you hop, skip and jump for a wonderful time to enjoy your holiday, you must know how important it is to take care of your skin even on holiday. YES, you read that right! In this blog, we shall share with you some essential holiday skincare tips while you are having a gala time for your vacation.

Why Should You Follow Holiday Skincare Tips?

If you are heading towards the holiday season, it is important to know that there are going to be major changes in the external factors affecting the environment such as seasonal changes, exposure to the sun, food, water, and many more things. Basically, you take a break from your normal routine to indulge in a luxurious way of pampering yourself and enjoying the holiday mode. These things may have a major impact on the skin especially if you are planning for a long vacation. 

Let us help you to make the most out of your skincare, especially during the holiday which can add more glow to your beauty with refreshing and healthy skin.

Top Skincare Tips When On A Holiday

Here, we will share with you all the wrecks a holiday can cause to your skin and complexion with some beauty solutions.

Holiday Skin Care Tip #1 Enjoy sugary treats in moderation

Sweets can definitely change the mood. Yes, they make you feel happy. Holiday time is always welcomed with sugary treats. Well, it does not stop here. Some of us go overboard with delicious treats to have a great time. 

Did your sugary treats stimulate glycation? Glycation occurs when sugar binds to the nutrients especially macronutrients like protein and healthy fats. This disrupts the functioning of the body cells. This applies to skin cells as well. Protein, on the other hand, helps in collagen and elastin synthesis which helps in skin tightening and preventing sagging of skin. 

This does not stop here. If you are exposed to UV rays and environmental stressors, this glycation may cause more damage to the skin cells. 

Holiday Skin Care Solution #1- Ensure to consume sugary treats with natural sugar like honey and jaggery which are rich in antioxidants.

Holiday Skin Care Tip #2 Sleep Well

Yes, you are out there to enjoy but make sure to capture your beauty sleep always. Late nights are common when it comes to holidays. While preparing for hosting or partying, getting a good night's sleep can be a major challenge. 

When you are in sleep mode, the brain releases the repairing hormones to restore your skin cells. These are commonly known as growth hormones which allow tissue and cell regeneration. Constantly depriving yourself of sleep when on holiday can increase stress and cortisol levels. As the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is the first to show signs of damage. So, make sure to get your beauty sleep. 

Holiday Skin Care Solution #2 - Sprinkle some lavender essential oil on the pillowcase to give you calm effects from the over-joyous mind to allow you to sleep well.

Holiday Skin Care Tip #3 Avoid piling up makeup on the skin

Did you forget to remove makeup before bed? This will aggravate the skin pores, clog them, and may cause acne and blemishes. Ensure to use a makeup remover always at night before hitting the bed. Clogged pores can be a breeding source for bacteria. 

Holiday Skin Care Solution #3 Keep a makeup remover just next to your bedside and handy near you so that you never forget. Ensure to use natural makeup remover for the best effects on the skin.

Holiday Skin Care Tip #4 Avoid skipping your skincare and everyday routine

Hectic schedules while on holiday are completely normal. Ensure to follow your skincare routine in the morning and at night. While enjoying holidays, skin care can be put on the back burner. Most of us are busy with holidays and do not exfoliate our skin. This leaves dead skin on the surface of the skin. Just overlaying moisturizer and makeup can cause more damage to the sun. 

Holidays may also hamper your everyday exercise routine. It is also important to follow your exercise routine daily for beautiful skin. Just indulging in 20 mins of ground exercises indoors works great for the skin. 

Holiday Skin Care Solution #4 Ensure to follow your skincare routine and set an alarm with your daily and weekly schedule before you go on a holiday. Maintain an everyday schedule and track it as well. 

Follow these basic holiday skincare tips to keep skin at its best round the clock to look beautiful and gorgeous.