How to Manage your Skincare when Travelling? – SavarnasMantra

How to Manage your Skincare when Travelling?

Mar 24, 2022

Bhavini Desai

How to Manage your Skincare when Travelling? - SavarnasMantra

In the mundane of our routine lives, we all have our beauty regimes and rituals. But what about skincare when traveling? When we are hassled and completely focused on going from point A to point B? 

Often when we are busy in work, running between conferences, or on the road, we forget to take care of our skin. Even on leisurely holidays, when we want to relax, we may end up ditching our sunscreen or moisturiser sometimes. But for those times, skincare becomes even more essential. If you are wondering how to manage your skincare when traveling, then here are some quick and useful tips. 

How does Traveling Affect Your Skin?

  • Weather & Air

When we travel, we may step out of our car or the plane into a completely different weather. The shock may be jarring, and dehydration, clogged pores, breakouts, etc are quite common depending on your surroundings. 

  • Water

A change in water quality may affect your skin. Mainly if there is a change from soft water to hard water. For eg., if you are traveling to a place where hard water is used then you are bound to face problems like dry skin, irritation, itchy scalp, etc. Also, while traveling, we always forget to drink enough water. So that also causes dehydration and skin problems. 

  • Change in Routine

At home, you are all about cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, with a side of serum and sunscreen. But when traveling, most of your elaborate skincare routine goes right out of the window! This is bound to affect the skin, which is used to all that primping and pampering. 

  • Skincare Products 

Those cute-looking fragrant bottles in your hotel bathroom are always tempting. But those shampoos, soaps, and lotions are not really tailored to your skin requirements. Using them extensively may also disturb your skin, leading to breakouts or irritation.  

How to Manage your Skincare when Travelling? 

1. Always Carry a Pack of Facial Wipes

  • Carrying your elaborate double-cleansing products may be too much of a stretch for a few days of travel.
  • But you can always carry a pack of pre-moistened face wipes or even towelettes that are usually used to remove makeup. 
  • Since these wipes are handy, you can clean your face anywhere — while walking down the street, in the car, in the plane!
  • Just make sure that you carry a brand that you have used before to avoid any sudden breakouts or allergies.  

2. Pack a Small Skincare Travel Pouch

‘Small’ being the operative word. Don’t go all out and dump all your routine skincare products in. Choose the most important ones, those that your skin cannot be without, even for a few days. If the products come in large tubes or bottles then squeeze some out in smaller bottles or vials for ease of travel. 

We suggest the following skincare products to take along:

  • Facial cleanser: To keep your skin clean and scrubbed of oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells at the end of the day. 
  • Moisturizer: A moisturizer is needed even in-flight if you have very dry skin and the interiors of the cabin make it even drier. Just make sure to carry it in a small bottle as liquids beyond a certain amount (3.4 ounces for most carriers) are not allowed in hand luggage. Check with your aircraft carrier beforehand. 
  • Sheet Masks: This is the ‘just-in-case’ kinda packing. Choose a few sheet masks you like best, the ones that may help your skin in the climate you are going to. And pack them in. You never know what event or outing may crop up and need you to look your best on your travels! Sheet masks are also a great way to give your skin the nourishment it may be missing from serum. 

3. DO NOT FORGET Sunscreen

Be it Alaska or Arizona, do not forget to pack your sunscreen. Your skin needs SPF protection even under gloomy, snow-kissed weather. And if you are going to a beach destination, then pack in extra bottles of sunblock lotion for your body. 

4. Throw a Small Bottle of Facial Mist in your Bag

Be it to hydrate your skin on the go, or to give you a gentle refreshing pick-me-up, a facial mist goes a long way. Just a little spritz all over your facial skin will leave you feeling and smelling fresh, especially after a long and hectic day out. 

5. Avoid Touching your Face

Our hands come in contact with a number of surfaces with bacteria, viruses, germs, and all things unhygienic. This number is higher when we are outdoors and traveling. So it is smart to keep your fingers from rubbing down your face or playing with your hair. In case you are one of those who can’t stop touching their face, then keep a hand sanitizer. In the post-pandemic world, one can never be too cautious! 

That’s about it. Don’t you see how minimal and easy skincare during traveling is? You just need to do a bit of planning ahead of your trip and a little more micro-management when packing. And then you are all set. So don’t worry if you travel to a desert or a winter wonderland, as your mini skincare kit travels with you! 

Now if you want to shop to build your skincare travel kit then check out our line of natural moisturisers, cleansers and masks. At Savarnas Mantra, we make them from 100% natural active ingredients so that even while travelling, you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals or skin irritating substances!