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Must-Know Beauty Tips to Care For Your Sensitive Skin

Jul 22, 2022

Rini Jose

Must-Know Beauty Tips to Care For Your Sensitive Skin

Have you ever thought about why your skin reacts badly, even to silly things? It is nothing because; you probably have sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin tend to experience irritation, acne, redness, and inflammation more often. Sensitive skin is difficult to maintain as these skin types may overreact to certain ingredients. So, you need to be more cautious while choosing products to nurture and protect your sensitive skin; if they aren't appropriate for your skin, they may have adverse effects on the skin. Do you have sensitive skin? Want to discover some beauty tips to care for and nourish your skin? Scroll down; 

Best Beauty Tips to Care for Your Sensitive Skin 

Changing the skin type can be impossible, but some excellent tips can help to keep your sensitive skin under control; 

Start with a simple skincare routine

We often find the right products for our skin through trial and error methods. But, this isn't possible with sensitive skin. Be sure to use gentle ingredients free of chemicals and always start with a simple skincare routine rather than loading your skin with too many products. Scroll down the ingredients list and confirm that the products are free of ingredients that irritate the skin.  

Be gentle

Some habits like rubbing, tugging, or harsh cleansing irritate sensitive skin. While cleansing or removing makeup from the skin, handle your skin with care and be gentle. Similarly, when you want to remove makeup from the skin, especially eye makeup, soak a cotton pad in makeup remover and place it over your eyes to dissolve stubborn makeup.  

Keep them moisturized

You'll need to invest in a quality, gentle and lightweight moisturizer to keep your sensitive skin hydrated. A moisturizer using natural ingredients will be a great option for your skin as they are mild and extremely hydrating. 

Choose the right ingredients

Some ingredients have the power to soothe the skin. When it comes to skincare, products containing skin-calming ingredients are the best. Confused about which one to look for?- Some natural ingredients like Aloe vera, Shea butter, and coconut oil are mild and gentle. Ingredients with high anti-inflammatory properties are also effective yet enhance the skin's lipid barrier- hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, and Chamomile are also worth a try. However, before using any new ingredient on your skin, please discuss it with your dermatologist and ensure that it's safe to use on your sensitive skin.  

Keep them protected from sun

Safeguarding the skin from harsh UV rays is one of the toughest tasks but the most crucial skincare tip for all skin types. And so, never step out without using sunscreen.  

Avoid hot and long showers

If you think that hot water showers can soothe irritated skin, no, it's not; instead, it can worsen skin conditions. Avoid long showers, and use lukewarm water to rinse your face. 

Do not over-exfoliate 

Exfoliating the skin can be beneficial in different ways, but excessive physical scrubs are a big no for sensitive skin types. When you exfoliate your skin quite frequently, you experience redness, irritation and a burning sensation on the skin. Instead, exfoliate your skin once a week using a gentle, preferably natural exfoliant to exfoliate the skin. 

Ingredients to Avoid for Sensitive Skin 

We're much conscious about the ingredients to include in our skincare and often forget about the ingredients that are to be avoided. Using certain ingredients on sensitive skin can trigger skin conditions and make them worse. So, to avoid, it's best to know what these ingredients are and keep them away from the skin; 


Nowadays, many skincare products, including toners and creams, use alcohol. This ingredient can make your skin dry; disrupt the skin's natural barrier leading to itchy skin, redness and irritation. 


There are certain ingredients that are not just harmful to sensitive skin but to all skin types; fragrances are one such ingredient. Synthetic fragrances cause inflammation on the skin and even irritate the skin. So, using products with a "fragrance-free" label is safe. 

Sunscreens using chemicals

Using sunscreen is a must for any skin. But at the same time, chemical sunscreens are packed with harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. 

Benzoyl peroxide

It is an active ingredient mostly used in acne-fighting products. However, this ingredient can be harsh on sensitive skin types. It's always recommended to look for soothing skin ingredients for sensitive skin if you are more likely to have acne and breakouts.  

The other ingredients to avoid on sensitive skin includes parabens, preservatives and sodium laurel sulfate (which makes your cleansers foamy). 

Caring for sensitive skin isn't difficult if you are sure what to use on your skin and what to avoid. Always remember that the products you choose for sensitive skin and the way you use them should be "gentle" – the best way to care for your sensitive skin.