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Fitness routine for healthy skin

Jul 22, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Fitness routine for healthy skin

Ever thought about flushed skin with rosy cheeks after a fitness workout and exercise? Well, that is true, it is possible to bring about a change in your skin health with good exercise. Also, the majority of us notice clear and glowing skin which is commonly seen in fitness lovers. So, if you are a fitness freak and love your skin, get on your sporty shoes and start to hit the gym right away. Even a good 45 min walk or jog daily can be a great idea to keep yourself fit. 

Fitness is very important for beautiful skin. Exercise plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin. It not only improves your overall well-being but also helps improve your skin health. There are many benefits of a workout that helps to keep the skin clear and firm. 

The connection between skin health and fitness 

There is a positive connection between skin health and fitness. Fitness not only implies a healthy diet but also an exercise routine. Staying fit means being in good shape always. So, get started with a healthy workout sweat session today for beautiful skin. Get ready to sweat for beautiful skin right away. 

Let us tell you about the connection between fitness and skin and how fitness improves your skin. 

  1. Improves oxygen flow to the skin
  2. Improve nutrient supply to the skin cells
  3. Refreshes the skin from within
  4. Improve collagen production
  5. Reduce the skin of aging
  6. Sweating releases skin toxins from pores
  7. Promotes cell growth
  8. Helps in regeneration of skin
  9. Gives even skin tone
  10. Helps the facial muscles to be firm 

Which fitness routine should I follow for healthy skin? 

It is advisable to follow a healthy routine to stay with a healthy diet. Starting with a morning fitness ritual is great for healthy skin. Here are some fitness routines which you can follow- 

Morning Routine

Start your morning with-


●        Green tea

●        Some stretching exercises for 10 mins

●        Early morning walk or cardio for 30 mins

●        Weight training exercises for 20 mins

●        Jogging for 15 mins

Evening Routine

Start your evening with-


●        Protein shake with nutrients

●        Warm exercises for 10 mins

●        Evening walk for 30 mins

●        Go for some Zumba or aerobics for 45 mins

●        Jogging in the evening for 15 mins

How can I make the most out of my fitness routine which can help my skin too? 

Bring variation in exercises

Indulge in these exercises for skin and keep on changing them. Do not keep on doing the same kind of exercise for too long. Bring about a variation in exercises that will keep your going steady to stay fit. 

Keep diet healthy

Be light on a diet by eating more protein-based meals. Keep carbs at a minimum. Keep only healthy fats in your diet with some nuts and seeds. Protein keeps you fuller for a long time and keeps hunger pangs at bay. This provides positive benefits to the skin. 

Keep stress levels low

Exercise helps in reducing cortisol and stress helps which helps you perform better at work. This is also helpful for your skin in the long run. 

Follow a skincare routine post-exercise

We know you are tired after exercise. Splash some cold water to keep sweat, dirt, and grime at bay. Before going to bed, you can follow your skin routine as usual. 

So, radiate, meditate and exercise to glow from within.