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Do and Don'ts for eyebrow care

Jul 21, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Do and Don'ts for eyebrow care

A well-shaped eyebrow works great for your face. It adds an essence to your personality and makes your face aesthetics stand out in pride. We often tend to neglect our brows and lashes. Do not underestimate your eyebrows as they form an essential part of your face. It is an important element and can add a beauty factor to your eyes. 

Let us help you get that focussed points of brows and arches right with some do and don’ts that can make your eyes expressive and face elegantly. So, get ready to flaunt your brows and take them to another level. Luckily, you do not need to hire a makeup artist. Makeup is an art and skill and so is shaping brows. A little know-how can get you done right with your brows. So, let's get set and start to make you a perfect brow queen with Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Tips. 

Do and Don'ts for Eyebrows 

Do’s  for Brows

Don't for Brows

●        Do Comb it with brow brush

●        Do use eyebrow nourishing oil

●        Do outline it with an brow pencil

●        Do use eyebrow gel

●        Do use eyebrow powder

●        Do give natural look to your brows

●        Don't fill it with everything

●        Don't try to change the color or shape of brows too much

●        Don’t over pluck it

●        Do not forget to cleanse and exfoliate your brows

●        Dont shape them too bold or thin

●        Don’t go overboard



Let’s brace up and get started for perfect eyebrows. 

Do’s for Brows 

  • Do comb it with the brow brush 

Brush your brows not only to set them or style them but also to improve your blood circulation daily. Brush them with an eyebrow brush which is specifically designed for brows. 

  • Do use eyebrow nourishing oil 

Use natural eyebrow nourishing oil with botanical extracts which will stimulate brow growth. Before you go to bed, apply and massage some brow oil which will help in strengthening the brows and healthy growth. 

Before you start with eyebrow makeup, make sure to outline your brows perfectly. Shape it well, before you start filling it. 

  • Do use eyebrow gel 

Make sure to set your unruly eyebrows and flyaways with eyebrow gel. This holds the brow hair in the correct direction and keeps it neat too. Use tinted eyebrow gel which thickens the hair and gives a healthy look to brows. 

  • Do use eyebrow powder 

Fill in sparse brows with eyebrow powder. Choose the best eyebrow powder with no mineral oil and blend it well. 

  • Do give natural look to your brows 

Ensure to brush the brows and blend the brow makeup well for a fluffy natural look. 

Don't for Brows 

  • Don't fill it with everything 

The majority of us use eyeshadow to fill out eyebrows. Well, that's not right. Choose specifically designed products when it comes to makeup. This will give more value to your brows. Raise them with pride !!! 

  • Don't try to change the color or shape of brows too much 

Choose the perfect shade of brow powder and brow gel that matches your hair brow color. Also, check for a perfect match for skin tone. 

  • Don’t over-pluck it 

With extra hair for brows, we tend to pluck it or tweeze it. If you are heading for an important event, make sure to get your eyebrows shaped before time. Last-minute plucking tweezing should be avoided. And you can always go for a natural look too.

  • Do not forget to cleanse and exfoliate your brows 

Ensure to cleanse your brows to remove all the makeup. A makeup remover is a must to remove the brow makeup. Choose a natural makeup remover that is gentle and does not cause brow hair to fall out as well as removes the makeup completely. 

  • Dont shape them too bold or thin 

Eyebrows should match your skin and facial aesthetics. Keep it natural. Do not try to change the shape of your eyebrows. Stick to a shape that goes well with your face. 

  • Don’t go overboard 

We know you love your face. Taking care of brows and lashes is equally important.

Don’t get overboard by plucking or tweezing them every day. Plan it before you start with it. Try not to remove your hair brows without any shape. Plan it well to achieve a great eyebrow shape. 

These are important tips and tricks which will get you a perfect natural brow.