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Know about Perfect Brows with Brow Anatomy

Feb 20, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Know about Perfect Brows with Brow Anatomy

Beauty is skin-deep! We all know about this famous quote. However, with the latest brow beauty trends coming up every day, this quote has taken a different twist - Beauty is brow-deep! Yes, it's true. With the correct brow shape and fill, you can enhance the overall look of your face with the best contouring features and aesthetics. Before you do that, it is important to know about the brow basics and the brow anatomy to achieve holistic beauty for the face. 

To get perfect brows, one needs to know the brow anatomy in depth. It is important to get the right eyebrow shape for the best-desired results. Keep reading to know more about eyebrow anatomy to achieve perfect brows.

What is the anatomical name for eyebrows?

The anatomical name of eyebrows is known as “supercilium.” This is because eyebrows are located on the superciliary ridge which is also known as the brow bone.

The average number of hairs in an eyebrow

The average number of hairs is 250 per eyebrow. However, the total number of hairs in an eyebrow would differ from person to person depending on various factors such as age and lifestyle changes. They vary in thickness, length, and size.

The average lifespan of the eyebrows

The average lifespan of the eyes is about 12-16 weeks. However, this may vary depending on the hair growth cycle of a person and the eyebrow care products used to enhance the original life span. Eyebrows are considered the slowest-growing hair on the body. 

Parts of the eyebrows

The eyebrows are divided into three main parts namely-

  • Head
  • Body
  • Tail

Structure of eyebrows

The basic structure of brows is composed of two important parts which are as follows: 

  1. Prominent brow ridge or brow bone
  2. Lateral brow

Prominent brow ridge or brow bone

The eyebrow is the transverse elevation of hair arched above the superior orbital rim which is also known as the brow bone. The eyebrows are defined by the brow ridge (scientifically named as supraorbital ridge/superciliary ridge) of the forehead or frontal bone. As per research, it is confirmed that a prominent brow ridge (brow bone) is more prominent in males than in females. This is just above your eye sockets which are easily felt on palpation. The superciliary ridge forms the medial two-thirds part of eyebrow anatomy.

Lateral brow

The lateral brow is often referred to as the outer (lateral) part of brows extending towards the temples. The lateral brow constitutes lateral one-third of the brow anatomy. The lateral brows lack bony support and are supported by fascial attachments and skin tissues.

Eyebrow hair type

There are two types of hair in the eyebrows which are as follows:

  • Fine hair or vellus hair also known as peachy fuzz
  • Long, thicker terminal hair or supercilia

Eyebrow muscles

The two important eyebrows muscles which help you in raising the brows with pride are as follows: 

  • Frontalis muscle or forehead muscles - The eyebrow elevator or retractor muscle
  • Orbicularis oculi or eye muscles - The eyebrow depressor or protractor muscle 

The skin under the brows

The skin under the brows has a transition zone between the thinner skin of the eyelids and the thicker skin of the forehead. The eyebrow skin is thick and consists of a fibrofatty layer.

Important fundamentals of the brow basics

Brows have the power to change the appearance of facial features. 

  • Eyebrow corner located at the root of the nose
  • Eyebrow thickness
  • Brow peak or brow arch
  • Brow tail
  • Entire eyebrow length
  • Eyebrow arch height

Functions of eyebrows

Eyebrows are a landmark feature of facial anatomy that adds expression and conveys emotions through the eyes. Apart from being an important part of facial aesthetics and language, it helps in protecting the eyes by preventing the entry of sweat, dirt, and water.

Different shapes of brows

Let us not forget that everyone has different shapes of brows because all of us have unique facial features. However, there are five basic brow shapes to enhance facial aesthetics. 

  • Flat brows
  • Round brows
  • Curved brows
  • Angled brows
  • Soft angled brows 

Analysis of eyebrow shape based on face symmetry 

Here is the correct way to analyze your face symmetry with your brows- 

  • Opt for low-set brows or short brows instead of high-set brows for long face
  • A straight flat brow with a slightly angled peak will accentuate the square shape
  • A softly rounded arch for heart shaped face works best
  • Structured brows with angled arches and longer ends are a must for a round face
  • Opt for well-balanced and contoured brows for an oval face
  • Linear brow shape works well for a diamond-shaped face 

Confused about this? Well, you will master it as you work towards an eyebrow care routine to boost brow growth and shape them gradually. 

Easy Pro-tip for perfect brows: Get rid of those extras with an eyebrow clean-up. Just adding an arch to uplift brows will give a softer and sharper aesthetic feature for all kinds of faces. Do not forget to add eyebrow oil to stimulate brow growth to allow you to incorporate better techniques next time. Also, you can always consult a brow specialist to help you achieve perfect brows


Knowing basic information about brow anatomy can help you achieve the best eyebrow shape for your face. Remember to opt for natural, thicker, denser, and healthy brows for the perfect look which is trending these days.


What is the part between two eyebrows called?

The part between two brows is known as the glabella.

How to know if your brows are perfect?

The size of your brows should be in line and symmetry with the size of your face.

Can eyebrow growth and thickness be genetic?

As per recent genome research, it has been confirmed that the FOXL2 gene is associated with eyebrow thickness.

How can I enhance my brow growth?

Following a dedicated eyebrow care routine and including eyebrow oil can work wonders to stimulate thicker and healthy brow growth.