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What are the causes of Eyebrow Thinning and How can I treat it?

Feb 22, 2023

Dr. Rati Parwani

What are the causes of Eyebrow Thinning and How can I treat it?

Did you know? Hair thinning not only affects the scalp but also affects the brows! Eyebrows can thin out or just stop growing due to a number of reasons. Let us check out the causes of eyebrow thinning and how to control it.

Causes of Eyebrow Thinning

Narrowing down the causes of eyebrow thinning can help eliminate the issue and prevent it. It is important to be aware of the triggering factors that cause eyebrow thinning to prevent, minimize and reverse eyebrow loss. Here are the top 12 causes of eyebrow thinning.

1.    Aging

Aging can have a negative impact on eyebrows causing thinning. This is commonly seen after 40 years of age due to the lack of estrogen in females and a lack of testosterone in males. This also occurs due to a drop in collagen production with aging.

2.   Stress

Excessive stress affects the overall well-being of the body and this includes brow health too. Chronic stress can increase cortisol levels (stress hormones) affecting hair follicles causing eyebrow thinning. Stress can cause the formation of harmful free radicals affecting brow growth.

3.   Nutritional deficiency

Lack of vitamins and minerals causes stunted growth of brows. It may hinder cellular growth and hamper the natural process of moisturization with a lack of sebum production. This may cause dryness of brows and eyebrow thinning.  

4.   Hormonal changes in the post-partum phase 

Pregnancy or childbirth can cause many fluctuations of hormones causing eyebrow loss. This is specifically seen in the postpartum phase in new mothers due to sudden drops in estrogen and progesterone (female hormones) which may trigger hair loss and eyebrow thinning.

5.   Endocrinological disorders like thyroid issues

Thyroid issues may result in eyebrow thinning. This is especially seen in hypothyroidism due to increased secretion of thyroid-stimulating hormones causing hormonal imbalance. The most important signal for eyebrow thinning in thyroid issues is the loss of the outer third of the eyebrows also known as “hertoghes” sign.

6.   Autoimmune disorders like alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder mainly due to an overactive immune system or chronic stress which targets the hair follicles of the scalp, brows, and lashes.  This may also result in patchy brow loss in the form of spots.

7.   Skin issues under the brows

Skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff, tinea or fungal infection, and bacterial infection like acne near the brows may affect the brow follicles causing eyebrow thinning.

8.  Telogen Effluvium

Abnormal sudden eyebrow loss may occur in telogen effluvium conditions due to interruption of the normal hair cycle due to stress, infection, or sudden trauma.

9.   Persistent plucking or tweezing of brows

Overplucking of eyebrows may cause minor trauma to the delicate brow follicles. This may damage the brow follicles hampering brow growth and causing scarring of the brow area.

 10. Low-quality of eyebrow makeup

Some eyebrow products may contain mineral oil which may clog the brow follicles. Also, using silicone-based eyebrow products can damage the brows causing excessive dryness.

11. Long-term chronic health condition

If you are suffering from chronic and recurrent health issues, you are at high risk of eyebrow thinning due to a weakened immune system.

 12. Long-term medication such as chemotherapy or cancer  treatment

Using long-term medications may cause side-effects causing eyebrow thinning or eyebrow loss. Certain anti-depressants and steroids are also known to trigger eyebrow thinning.

How to prevent eyebrow thinning?

Eyebrow thinning can be controlled with effective measures and lifestyle modifications. The important preventive solutions for eyebrow thinning are as follows: 

  1. Treat the cause or the underlying condition to eliminate the issue causing eyebrow thinning.
  2. A nutritional diet and supplementation can help correct vitamin deficiency.
  3. Facial exercises can help improve blood flow to the brow area.
  4. Increased uptake of protein will help prevent collagen deficiency.
  5. Relaxation techniques like eyebrow or scalp massage can help stimulate blood circulation.
  6. Yoga, meditation, and exercising regularly are great ways to de-stress.
  7. Maintain a healthy eyebrow care routine.
  8. Avoid overplucking your eyebrows and resist the urge to pluck them.
  9. Cleanse your brows regularly with weekly exfoliation for healthy maintenance.
  10. Moisturize your brows with eyebrow oil to help prevent eyebrow thinning
  11. Avoid using harsh eyebrow makeup products.
  12. Opt for silicone-free, mineral oil-free & cruelty-free eyebrow essentials.
  13. Use eyebrow pencil, powder, along with eyebrow gel to lock in moisture and keep brows hydrated.
  14. Ensure to remove all the makeup before you go to bed including brow, lash and eye makeup.
  15. Do not forget the under-eye cream or serum to keep the area around the eyes moisturized.


It is important to take care of brow health for beautiful, thicker, and fuller brows. Follow these tips to maintain healthy eyebrows and prevent eyebrow thinning.