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Eyebrow Care at Home: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Oct 13, 2022

Rini Jose

Eyebrow Care at Home: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Eyebrows can uplift the overall facial features. With the increasing focus on eyebrows, the beauty market is flooded with different products and tools that can provide you with naturally healthier eyebrows. Though caring for the eyebrows initially seems like a daunting task, it’s not. You can achieve the best brows of your life if you have the right products and tools. Want to discover some of the easiest yet most effective ways to achieve the best brows? Scroll down; 

First, you need to realize that the time of thin eyebrows is gone. Bold and defined eyebrows have taken their place now. Unfortunately, very few are blessed with fuller and thicker brows. Luckily, we can transform any sparse and dull-looking eyebrows into thick and sleek ones if you give some extra care to these brow sisters. Before starting to care for your brows, you need to understand the fact that, though the eyebrows look identical, they are never the same. To make them look naturally healthier and denser, a brow care routine will be your best bet. 

Best Ways to Care Your Eyebrows At Home 

Invest some time in brow care routine

Most of us are very particular and systematic about following a skincare routine. In fact, we are ready to invest a lot of time and money to get that healthy and glowing skin. Your eyebrows, or the skin beneath the eyebrows, do deserve some TLC. It is not only essential for the brows to be healthy but to protect the skin around the eyebrows from premature aging and sagging. For this, you don’t need to follow an elaborate brow care routine but a few minutes, along with your daily beauty routine, to cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate the eyebrows as you do for your skin.  

Condition your brows

We condition natural hair to repair and restore its natural sheen and smoothness. Similarly, eyebrow hair needs a boost that can nourish and strengthen the hair. You may use natural oils like coconut or castor oil to moisturize and nourish the brow hairs. However, if your eyebrow hairs are falling off or looking dull and lifeless, investing in an eyebrow nourishing oil will be your best bet. These oils are bespoke to deliver nutrients to hair follicles and strengthen brow hairs. Using brow oil like Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyebrow Oil will not only protect and nourish the brow hairs but also aids in hair regrowth. The oil is crafted using a blend of potent seed oils, plant extracts, and Omega-6 fatty acids to protect, nurture, and condition the eyebrow hairs. Besides, it also contains ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, which are a boon to the skin beneath the brows. Giving a good massage after applying the eyebrow nourishing oil is extremely therapeutic at the same time; it prevents hair loss and boosts hair growth through improved blood circulation.  

Follow a schedule to keep your brows in shape.

It’s true that life is busy, making it hard to find time and maintain a regular schedule for threading your eyebrows. Following a schedule for threading not only keeps the brows in shape but avoids the pain of threading too early or after a long time, as it hurts. Furthermore, a delayed appointment makes it tough for your brow artists to define the perfect arch, which is actually the main highlight of an eyebrow.  

Avoid over-plucking the brows

There are chances to try eyebrow tweezing at home when you are on a busy schedule. It’s completely fine. But ensure that you don’t overpluck the hairs. Though tweezing helps eliminate those extras that are out of the track, it’s never a good option for shaping or defining the brows. It’s better to leave the task of brow shaping to your brow artists and concentrate only on the hairs away from the eyebrows.  

Pick the right eyebrow products

After following a brow routine and caring for them so much, sometimes it can leave all your efforts in vain if you are not using the right quality products for your brows. Choosing the best one seems like a little tough job with the sea of options available in the beauty market. The best tip to follow is to go with your brow goals while choosing the products and ensure the ingredients aren’t harming your eyebrows. You may even look for makeup products containing natural ingredients, such as conditioners, vitamins, etc., for the eyebrows. Confused about which one to go for? Take a quick look at Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow makeup range to create naturally fuller-looking eyebrows.  

Now that you are aware of how to properly care for your eyebrows, hope you are ready to get started. A little TLC for the eyebrows can give you healthier, thicker eyebrows that don’t need to be layered with much makeup to look stunning.