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Types Of Wrinkles

Oct 13, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Types Of Wrinkles

Aging is a normal process. Everyone goes through it. Aging gracefully with beautiful skin is a top priority these days. People are looking to defeat aging and have a youthful appearance for healthy skin. One such aging parameter which we are going to discuss today is - “WRINKLES.” 

Majority of us dread having wrinkles. Wrinkles can be very annoying as they are difficult to reverse. As we age, wrinkles can happen to us at some point in time. You can notice it in the form of brow furrows, dreaded lines of the forehead, and fine lines around the mouth. Well, that's not all, there is more to these wrinkles. Today, in this blog post, we shall share about various types of wrinkles and how to deal with them.

What Are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are signs of aging. They are facial creases that crop up signaling some skin damage. They may start with fine lines and slowly head towards deep creases, furrows, and dents.

Why Do Wrinkles Happen?

There are many triggers for wrinkles. Right from stress to addictions, the list is endless. But, there are two important reasons which cannot be ignored and can be controlled at times. Wrinkles can happen mainly due to the following reasons which are as follows- 

Parameter of Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles

Static wrinkles

Reason for Wrinkles

Constant muscle movements

Loss of elasticity due to aging

Incidence of Wrinkles

Anyone can have it

Not related to aging

Mostly present in 40+age

Related to aging


  1. Brow’s furrow
  2. Forehead wrinkles
  3. Lip or Smile lines
  4. Crow’s feet
  5. Under eye wrinkles
  1. Marionette lines near lips
  2. Nasolabial folds
  3. Cheek lines
  4. Necklines

Within these two parent categories, there are various types of wrinkles with different causes. In the next part of the article, we shall discuss the types of wrinkles.

Types Of Wrinkles

The 5 different types of wrinkles are as follows-

1.     Expression wrinkles

Expression wrinkles occur due to overstretching underlying facial muscles. Creases and lines are part of facial muscle functioning. This may cause loss of collagen and with time may result in a lack of rebounding effect to the original state of facial muscle.

2.   Elastotic wrinkles

As the name suggests, “Elastotic Wrinkles” occur due to a lack of elasticity. This results in leathery rough skin. This mainly occurs due to UV damage or dehydration. The underlying elastin structure of the skin may get damaged. This elastic structure is present in the superficial layer of the skin. This can be seen in the form of a dull-swallow appearance on the face. 

It is important to always apply SPF before you step out in the sun.

3.   Gravitational wrinkles

As the name suggests, “Gravitational Wrinkles” occur due to the gravity of nature. The classic example of this is when cheeks begin to sag. That is why it is always suggested to massage the skin of your face and neck in an upwards direction for subtle uplift.

4.   Compression wrinkles

As the name suggests, “Compression Wrinkles” happen due to pressure on the facial muscles and skin when you sleep on the belly or the sides. That is why it is advisable to sleep on your back. This is mainly caused by friction and pressure with the pillow. An entire night's sleep for 8 hours is quite a long time for the delicate skin on the face to endure pressure. Over time friction may cause thinning of the skin. 

We know sometimes, you tend to change sides when you sleep. This is completely natural. It is advisable to use facial-friendly satin pillowcases when you sleep.

5.   Atrophic wrinkles

As the name suggests, “Atrophic Wrinkles” is mainly caused by degeneration of skin or thinning of the skin. The skin can regenerate. It is important to stimulate the regenerative functioning and restorative powers of the skin naturally as we age. 

The best solution to avoid these aging or atrophic wrinkles is to use natural skincare products.

How To Prevent Wrinkles?

Here are some easy solutions which can help prevent wrinkles to give you smooth skin. 

  • Always apply SPF
  • Choose natural anti-aging solutions for skincare
  • Use antioxidant-rich products that reduce oxidative stress
  • Promote collagen production naturally
  • Hydrate your skin with plenty of water
  • Use serums enriched with vitamins
  • Use natural skincare products
  • Protect your skin from free radical damage due to pollutants
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Follow skincare routine with gentle exfoliation and mask application
  • Monitor your facial movements during your skincare routine
  • Sleep on back
  • Do not rub your skin harshly when removing makeup
  • Ensure to follow gentle exfoliation
  • Use youth stem cell serum with peptides 

Eliminating the causative factor can help control wrinkles. Awareness about aging gracefully will help you achieve beautiful flawless skin. You can also incorporate these solutions which will help you prevent wrinkles and fine lines in the long run. Make this an early practice for wrinkle-free skin in the future.