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How To Conceal Blemishes?

Sep 23, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Conceal Blemishes?

Thinking of concealing blemishes? Nah!! Time to rethink! Why not eliminate blemishes altogether and get rid of them forever? Well, this is possible now. With advancements in the skincare and beauty industry, blemishes can be taken care of effectively. Today, we are going to tell you how to conceal and in the meantime, deal with blemishes in the right way to eradicate them completely and get flawless skin. 

The Golden Rule For Blemishes- Did You Know? 

Blemishes should not be suppressed with certain kinds of medicated ointments. Topically suppressing the blemishes can cause major effects on the skin. Suppressing it by applying topical agents can cause cropping up of a blemish at some other place. Yes, this is true. The solution is a “Natural Treatment for Blemish.”

So, today with concealing blemishes, you need to treat them as well in the right manner. 

Basic Steps To Conceal Blemishes 

Concealing blemishes can be a tough task. But, there is a solution to conceal and allow it to heal as well. Covering blemishes requires a specific technique. The basic steps to conceal blemishes are as follows- 

  1. Cleanse your face and pat dry 

Be gentle with your skin. A blemish can be any form. Any friction with your fingers or nail can irritate the blemish on the skin and can do more harm than good. Do not rub the cleanser on the facial skin. Massaging it gently can be more effective and allow the active ingredients to seep into the skin. You can also use a gentle natural cleanser for the skin which is more effective than normal cleansers. 

  1. Apply anti-blemish treatment 

Using anti-blemish treatment can work wonders before makeup. It can deactivate the germs in the localized area and prevent them from spreading on the skin. Ensure to apply anti-blemish treatment 20 mins before makeup and allow it to completely get absorbed into the skin. 

  1. Apply sunscreen with high SPF 

Do not forget your sunscreen especially if you step out in the daytime between 10 am to 4 pm. Apply generously by gently massaging the sunscreen into the skin. Do not run and allow it to absorb into the skin pores. 

  1. Apply your makeup primer 

A natural makeup primer forms a perfect base for makeup. It is advisable to use the gel-based transparent makeup primer which easily seeps into the skin pore and provides an effective protective shield for smooth makeup application. 

  1. Apply a green concealer shade to cover it 

Choose a green shade and tone of concealer depending on the skin type. Just dab on the blemish and even it out with the pulp of the ring finger gently. It is important just to dab it evenly. 

  1. Choose a concealer based on your skin tone 

Next, is to choose a perfect concealer based on your skin complexion and tone. It is advisable to choose a cream liquid concealer as it gives a subtle glow to the skin. 

  1. Apply foundation 

The liquid foundation works great with smooth application. Mix some moisturizer along with foundation which will give an even and perfect buttery application to the skin. 

  1. Light dust the entire face with powder 

Compact powder is a must for setting in makeup. It sets in makeup right and allows it to completely absorb into the skin. Choosing a compact powder of natural shade works best based on your skin type. 

  1. Make sure to focus on cheek tint and lip makeup 

It is important to focus on your cheeks and lips. Do not focus on blemishes. Highlight your cheekbones and this will take away the entire focus from blemishes. 

  1. Focus on lashes and brows 

Ensure to focus on eye makeup with healthy luscious lengthy eyelashes. Brow makeup is also important and will capture all the beauty of your face. 

The Bottom Line 

Makeup can help conceal blemishes and scars but this won't treat your blemishes. It is important to take into account an anti-blemish treatment that can help prevent future blemishes and treat the currently existing ones. Ensure to follow your skincare routine regularly with lifestyle changes to treat your blemishes correctly.