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Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions for Droopy Eyebrows

Apr 24, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions for Droopy Eyebrows

Your eyebrows may turn droopy with a sagging look due to aging. It's essential to act before it's too late. Addressing aging at an early stage can help prevent droopy eyebrows. So, embrace beautiful brows with eyebrow care and solutions.  

Research has reported that droopy eyebrows have been on high rise in recent years, mainly due to premature aging. Many people affected by droopy eyebrows consult various doctors for brow lift procedures and other options. However, these surgical options may be a temporary solution to uplift your brows. As per Dr. Rati Parwani, taking care of your droopy brows is vital before it sets in with preventive solutions.


Let us take a deep dive into the insights of causes, symptoms, and preventative solutions for droopy brows. This will not only help you in preventing droopy brows but also enhance your overall beauty and personality.

What are droopy eyebrows?

Droopy eyebrows are also known as sagging brows. It is medically termed ptosis. Wrinkled skin around the eyes is a cause of concern for droopy eyebrows which affects the upper eyelids and brows. It can make the eyes look tired. Droopy eyebrows can affect overall confidence, self-esteem, and personality.

Incidence of droopy eyebrows.

Droopy eyebrows are a prevalent condition that occurs due to aging. It is commonly seen in the elderly age group above 50+ years of age. Men and women are both affected by droopy eyebrows.

Causes of droopy eyebrows.

The major causes of droopy eyebrows are as follows-

  • Sun damage.
  • Weakness of facial nerves and muscles.
  • Depletion of collagen synthesis.
  • Long-term diseases such as cancer.
  • Facial nerve injury or problems.
  • Rubbing skin around the eyes while removing makeup or facial treatments. 

With recent advancements and scientific beauty treatments, reversing droopy eyebrows is possible. Taking care of the above-mentioned causative factors is essential, which may act as triggers in the acceleration of the aging process causing droopy eyebrows. No matter which solution or treatment you opt for droopy eyebrows, it is essential to take care of these causes to eliminate the problem of droopy eyebrows.

Symptoms of droopy eyebrows.

The symptoms of droopy brows are as follows- 

  • Wrinkled skin around the eyes.
  • Weakening of facial and brow muscles.
  • Crossed eye.
  • Dry watery eyes make you more prone to rubbing of eyes.
  • A sand-like gritty poky sensation in the eyes.
  • Tiredness of the eyes causes eye fatigue.
  • Difficulty in blinking eyes.
  • Sagging of brows or upper eyelid.
  • Lazy eyes cause amblyopia which causes eyes to look off in another direction.
  • It may be associated with migraines or headaches due to eye strain.
  • It may interfere with vision causing loss of the upper aspect of vision or double vision. 

The above signs and symptoms may vary from person to person depending on the degree of eyebrow sagging, causing droopy brows.

Solutions for droopy eyebrows.

There are two types of solutions for droopy brows-

Preventive solutions.

  • Follow an eyebrow care routine.
  • Choose the best eyebrow care essentials.
  • Consume protein-rich food to promote collagen production.
  • Avoid using chemicals around the eyes, especially brows and lids.
  • Use a natural makeup remover that is gentle for the skin around the eyes.
  • Use collagen-enriched products for the skin around the eyes and face.
  • Choose a good eye cream for application at night before bed.
  • Opt for restorative eye serum during the day before applying makeup.
  • Gently massage eye cream or serum around the eyes to improve blood circulation.
  • Choose natural eyebrow nourishing oil enriched with botanical extracts for healthy brows.
  • Choose eyebrow essentials with stem cell peptides to stimulate collagen synthesis.
  • Do not tug or rub the skin around the eyes, which includes brows, lids, or under eyes, while applying or removing makeup.
  • Avoid facial expressions during beauty treatments, such as applying a face mask, which may cause the loosening of facial tissues. 

Wondering why so much care is required for brows, lids, and skin around the eyes? Well, the skin around the eyes is devoid of subcutaneous fat, making it more vulnerable and prone to wrinkles causing the problem of droopy eyebrows. So, taking care of these solutions can help prevent the formation of droopy eyebrows.

Invasive or surgical solutions.

  • Brow lift.
  • Botox injections. 

To correct droopiness around the eyes, it is essential to determine the actual cause. Wrinkled and droopy eyebrows can be treated and prevented.  This will help prevent complications of the droopy eyebrow, also known as ptosis, to avoid problems in vision. Our expert team at Savarnas Mantra can help you access droopy eyebrows problems to provide a combined solution to prevent it with the best-desired results. 

Connect with one of our experts at Savarnas Mantra to treat and lift your brows naturally with an eyebrow care routine by using the best eyebrow essentials and the proper technique to prevent droopy brows.