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Top 8 Natural Skincare Ingredients for Dark Circles

Apr 19, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 8 Natural Skincare Ingredients for Dark Circles

When we talk about natural skincare ingredients for dark circles, the favorite thing which comes to our mind is cucumber which has amazing soothing effects for dark circles. Apart from this, many other natural skincare ingredients for dark circles exist. 

Before you go ahead with those natural home remedies and start using them from your kitchen cabinet, it is essential to be cautious. Using natural remedies in crude form can fire back your skin, especially in the case of skin around the eyes for dark circles. Considering that facial skin and under-eye skin are sensitive, it is advisable to look out for natural skincare ingredients for dark circles in your skin care products.  Dr. Rati Parwani, one of the beauty experts at Savarnas Mantra, suggests choosing scientifically formulated natural skincare beauty products for under-eye skin rather than opting for DIY home remedies.

DIY Home Remedies V/s Natural scientifically formulated skin care products 

Experimenting with homemade products can sound interesting, but doing a thorough research and getting your hands on the right natural skincare product is worth investing time and money for better-desired results to recover from dark circles effectively. Nature and science go hand-in-hand. With recent advancements and extensive research, many skincare products formulated with natural ingredients for dark circles provide optimum eye safety and beautiful glowing eyes and skin.

Top 8 natural skincare ingredients for dark circles.

Choosing the best eye cream and serum can help you recover from dark circles. The next time you opt for under-eye cream, look out for these natural elements, which are a must to heal your dark circles. 

Let us discover the best natural skincare ingredients for dark circles. 

1. Rose water extract.

Rose water extract has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties for beautiful skin.  This is one of the best natural elements for strengthening the skin tissues around the eyes with regenerative effects for under-eye skin. It has great soothing effects for the skin.

2. Cucumber extracts.

Cucumber extracts have natural active ingredients which are isoscoparin, orientin, cucurbitacins, vitrexin, and other nutrients which helps in reducing inflammation. Cucumber extracts helps in controlling the dark circles and further helps in recovery. 

3. Vitamin E oil for moisturization.

Vitamin E oil is a must for hydration and moisturization to recover the damaged skin barrier. It is one of the potent antioxidants in the form of tocopherols which helps in reducing the dark circles.

4. Vitamin A natural derivatives such as retinoids.

Vitamin A is considered as best for overall eye health. Retinoids reduce the puffiness and the inflammation of the eyes. It also helps in recovery from dark circles by giving brightening effects to the eyes. 

5. Natural brightening elements like hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a great moisturizer which provides a brightening effect to eyes. It helps in reducing under eye dark circles gradually with regular use. It also maintains healthy skin texture for under eye skin.

6. Green tea extract with antioxidants.

Green tea extracts are great for recovering from dark circles. They have antioxidants that help in neutralize harmful effects of the free radicals.

7. Stem cell peptides.

Stem cell peptides boost collagen synthesis and better recovery of dark circles. The under eye skin is fragile or delicate and needs protein and growth peptides to recover from dark circles. 

8. Vitamin C elements for bright eyes.

Vitamin C enriched under eye cream and serum is best for dark circles. Vitamin C enriched eye cream is effective for healthy glowing under-eye skin.

Prevention for dark circles.

Just applying the best eye cream or eye serum is not enough. It is essential to incorporate healthy lifestyle practices to prevent dark circles and keep them at bay. Coupling natural skincare ingredients for dark circles in natural under-eye cream or serum with healthy lifestyle modifications can work wonders for beautiful glowing eyes. 

Here are the best prevention tips for dark circles 

  • Sound sleep is a must for 6-8 hours regularly.
  • Keep stress at bay.
  • Practice yoga and meditation.
  • Exercise daily to improve blood circulation.
  • Drink water and keep yourself well-hydrated.
  • Eat healthy foods rich in antioxidants.
  • Prevent junk food that causes lipid peroxidation and discoloration of the skin.
  • Use minimal eye makeup products.
  • Use top and premium quality makeup products and makeup remover, which does not leave traces of residue on makeup products.
  • Facial massage can help.
  • Follow a healthy skincare routine for under-eye skin
  • Regular usage of under-eye cream can help in reducing dark circles
  • Use an under-eye restorative serum to promote collagen synthesis for delicate skin tissue
  • Apply under-eye cream or serum before makeup and during bedtime gently around the eyes
  • Less is more when using under-eye cream or serum for good hydration. Use minimal product
  • Always use the correct finger gently to dab in the under-eye cream or serum around the eyes.

The conclusion

Incorporating a healthy lifestyle along with natural skincare products for dark circles can help make a significant difference in the skin's overall health. Practicing lifestyle practices to keep dark circles at bay with preventative solutions is strongly recommended. Continuing natural skincare products with a healthy lifestyle can help see positive changes with faster recovery and better relief. 

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