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Best Summer Hacks for Beautiful Skin

Jun 22, 2022

Rini Jose

Best Summer Hacks for Beautiful Skin

Who doesn’t love those sunny days? Summers are the bright and best time of the year when you make the most memories. On the contrary, the summer months are the most challenging ones for the skin. Those beach days would badly take a toll on your skin, leaving you with many skin concerns. But, luckily there are various ways and products that can prevent the heat and the humidity from affecting your skin. Nothing much, but a revamped summer skincare routine is more than enough! Want to know how to give the right care to the skin during summers? Checkout out these best summer hacks that can provide you with beautiful skin throughout the season. 

Summer skincare Hacks

Every season calls for specific skincare, especially summers. Here is how to keep your skin healthy and protected during the summer seasons; 

Time to replace your cleanser:

After a fun-filled day at the beach, you may notice that your face looks oily and dull. The reason for this can be sweat, dirt, makeup and other impurities that are accumulated on the skin. It is why cleansing is given utmost importance during this hot climate. A gentle cleanser, preferably a lightweight formula, is all that you need for your skin. This summer, try considering a gentle natural cleanser like Savarnas Mantra® Natural Rose Cleanser, which removes dirt, makeup, excess oil and other grime from the skin without disrupting the moisture balance. Washing the face twice daily prevents pores from getting clogged and keeps the skin protected from other skin problems too. Though you feel like washing your face frequently, experts are totally against this.  

Embrace toners during summers:

Whether summer or winter using toner on the skin can yield many benefits; during summers, there are more chances of dehydration; as a result, your skin may feel dry. Splashing some hydrating toner can instantly energize, nourish and hydrate your skin. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Hydrating Seaweed Toner is a natural and gentle toner suitable for all skin types. Use the toner after cleansing to soothe and balance your skin.  

A serum can help to treat your skin

Summers are when you get to notice dark spots and pigmentation on the skin. Sometimes a skincare routine alone won’t help you treat those pesky spots on your skin. Using a formulated serum that can target specific skin concerns is more effective. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Vitamin C Serum fortified with Age-Defying Additives is bespoke to combat environmentally induced skin sensitivity. Furthermore, you can achieve a radiant, firm, and more youthful appearance through regular usage.  

Do not ignore moisturizers

We know that the air isn’t as dry as winters during summers, but ignoring moisturizers completely can dry out your skin. Moreover, when we stay indoors with the air conditioners on, there are chances that your skin may turn dry. But, at the same time, your skin doesn’t need a heavy moisturizer during summers unless you have extremely dry skin. Choosing a lightweight moisturizer that can nourish and strengthen your skin is better. Savarnas Mantra® Natural BioMarine Moisturiser keeps the skin hydrated for a longer time, delivers essential vitamins and minerals and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.  

Provide maximum protection from Sun

Sunscreen is inevitable during all seasons. But during summers, you have to be more cautious and never let the heat and the UV rays affect your skin by skipping sunscreen. Not only for the face but using sunscreen on all the exposed parts of the body is a must to keep them protected. Wondering what if you skip or forget to apply sunscreen? If the skin is exposed more to UV rays, it may cause sunburn, skin cancer, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. While hunting for sunscreen to use during the hottest months, pick products with SPF 30+.  

Healthy Summer Hacks

It’s not only skincare but there are many other factors that affect the skin; so to maintain beautiful skin, you should definitely follow some healthy habits as well; 

Stay hydrated

Add plenty of liquids and drink more water in the summers. It is essential to keep your skin hydrated to remove toxins from the body.  

Healthy diet

These hottest months are the time of the year where you need to add more fruits and veggies to your diet. It helps keep the body hydrated, boosts collagen, lessens inflammation, and shields the skin from UV rays.  

Try DIY face packs

You may apply natural face packs using soothing natural ingredients like aloe vera, papaya, and cucumber that are hydrating to replenish and rejuvenate the skin.  

Choose light makeup

When you layer the skin with heavy makeup, it hinders the skin from breathing. The heat and the humidity, along with heavy foundations, and other makeup products can cause skin concerns. So, it’s always recommended to go minimal with the makeup routine during summers.  

Use light fabrics

Though it’s a known fact, we often make a mistake when choosing the garments. If you want your skin to be relaxed, choose cotton fabrics, preferably loose clothing. Because when you use tight clothing or thicker materials, it makes your sweat more, causing itchiness and irritation leading to skin infections. 

No doubt, the summer season is the time of vacations and family time. But make sure that this happiness and fun don’t pave the way to ruin your skin. So, to assure that, the best way is to follow a healthy lifestyle and make slight changes in skincare with soothing and hydrating products. Switch to natural skincare products this summer and keep glowing throughout the summer.