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Best Selling Eyelash Serum - What to Expect?

Jun 23, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Best Selling Eyelash Serum - What to Expect?

Want long lush eyelashes?

Do you want super fuller eyelashes without a falsy look?

Are you applying four coats of mascara for a fuller look?


If your answer is “YES”

 Then you are on the right page for best-selling eyelash serum

Let’s read on



It is time to switch to eyelash serum for that extra length and fullness which can accentuate your eyes and make them look beautiful. While good mascara does an instant trick for quick results of healthy fuller eyelashes, you can consider eyelash serum for healthy fuller-length lashes round the clock and always!!! 

We are providing you some insights on eyelash serum and growth gel which can give you great results for healthy lashes. 

Eyelash growth serum for Madarosis 

Madrosis means inadequate eyelash growth. It also means loss of eyelashes. An eyelash growth serum is a perfect solution that is designed as a safe formula to improve the growth cycle of eyelashes leading to longer, darker, thicker, and fuller lashes. 

Causes of lash loss 

The reasons for lash loss or lack of eyelash growth are as follows- 

  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Skin diseases
  • Bad beauty habits
  • Eyelid infections like blepharitis
  • Trauma to lashes while applying makeup
  • Trichotillomania (habit of pulling and picking lashes)
  • Side effects of medicines like chemotherapy 

Why are eyelash serums best for the lash growth?

Lash loss can be difficult to deal with. But do not worry, lash loss can be taken care of with eyelash growth serum which will protect your lashes and favor eyelash growth. 

Benefits of best-selling eyelash serum 

Here are some benefits of best-selling eyelash serum 

Parameter of Eyelash serum

Benefits of Eyelash serum

Dermtaoligically tested and medically approved

Safe for eyes


Clinically proven

For best-desired results

Scientific formulation

Crafted and designed for lashes

Hair growth enhancing serum

Helps in lash growth

Lash stimulator

Stimulate the dormant follicles

Lash conditioner

Softens the lashes for delicate look

Lash strengthener

Strengthens the roots of lashes for lengthy lashes

Crafted naturally

 Infused with herbal botanical extracts


Potent eyelash

Enriched with nanotechnological molecules for faster absorption

Antioxidant lash serum

Prevents oxidative damage to lash follicles


Which is the best selling eyelash serum? 

We recommend investing in Natural Eyelash Serum which is safe and effective for the eyes. Moreover, it is suggested to use natural eyelash serum which shows positive desired results for the growth of eyelashes. One ingredient which you need to not miss in natural eyelash serum is “Grape Fruit Extract.” 

The potent ingredient of natural eyelash serum is as follows- 

Grape Fruit Stem Cell Extract 

  • This is the ingredient that you need to look out for in a best-selling eyelash.
  • This will help improve the lash growth and provide the necessary boost for lashes.
  • It has anti-microbial properties which prevent eyelid infections
  • It strengthens eyelashes by making hair roots healthy
  • It helps prevent eyelashes from being brittle
  • It prevents sun damage and keeps lashes hydrated
  • It helps in providing a youthful appearance to the eyes 


Grape Seed Extract

Scientific name

 Vitis Vinifera


Ancient Europe for medicinal application for hair,6000 years ago

Extracted sources

Grape seed oil, by-products of seeds of grapes after wine making process


Antioxidants to prevent oxidative damage

Vitamin C for boosting skin and lash immunity

Vitamin E for moisturization of skin and lashes

Omega 3 fatty acids for the healthy sheen of lashes

Phytosterols- Plant compounds

Proanthocyanidins - which boost blood circulation

So get started with natural lash serum from Savarnas Mantra which is one of the best selling eyelash serum