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Top 10 struggles while applying makeup

Jun 22, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 10 struggles while applying makeup

Are you a makeup lover? Well, you are on the right page. Women love makeup and trying different products to enhance their beauty. But, some of us may struggle with skin issues while applying makeup. When it comes to applying makeup, you need to make sure that you are super-perfect. Makeup enhances your beauty and you cannot go wrong with it. 

Anyone who loves makeup can relate to skin issues that arise while doing makeup. It doesn't matter whether you are an expert or a newbie to makeup. Having good skin is always a plus point for you. It not only provides a strong base for makeup but instead makes you look good as well. Something might tend to go wrong when you are striving to create that perfect look with makeup. 

From drawing eyebrows to contouring, we try our level best to give a natural look to our makeup. Let us not forget that we are humans and common issues with makeup arise depending on the situation. Let us learn about some quick fixes and struggles which arise while applying makeup. 

Top 10 struggles while applying makeup 

  1. Dry skin with cakey makeup 

Dry skin can give bizarre cakey makeup. Make sure to use the serum daily to lock in and trap moisture. This will hydrate the skin and give a smooth buttery glow application of makeup. 

  1. Uneven foundation 

Foundation as the name suggests forms the makeup base and hides the imperfection. This is very important before makeup 

  1. Dark circles 

Dark circles can result in taking away the glow from your eyes. Your eyes are first to get noticed no matter how much makeup you apply. 

  1. Shaping brows 

Shaping brows is important. Thicker and denser eyebrows will define your eyes. 

  1. Blending eyeshadow 

Blending eyeshadow is very important. It should be blended in the right way. 

  1. Applying false eyelashes 

False eyelashes must be fixed well. You can use lash mascara with 3D fibers as well for a natural look. 

  1. Getting chapped lips after applying lipstick 

Chapped lips are a big “No.” It is important to smoothen lips before applying lipstick 

  1. Dealing with smudged lipstick 

Some lipsticks may bleed. Make sure not to overdo the lipstick 

  1. Not using highlighter correctly 

Highlighter gives a natural sheen to your facial aesthetics 

  1. A clumpy look of lashes with mascara 

Use a good mascara along with eyelash oil to soften your lashes. 

Top 10 quick fixes to make up for struggles 

Struggles while applying makeup

Quick Fixes for makeup struggles

Dry skin with cakey makeup

Moisturize your skin well before makeup

Uneven foundation

Do not blend foundation with fingers. Use a professional beauty blender

Dark circles

Use under eye serum and conceal corrector before makeup

Shaping brows

Use an eyebrow gel and eyebrow powder to fill the brows and don't forget to use an eyebrow pencil to outline brows

Blending eyeshadow

Transition color on the crease of the eyes can give softer and polished look

Applying false eyelashes

Place your false eyelashes on the natural lash line and allow the glue to sit for a couple of minutes

Getting chapped lips after lipstick

Exfoliate lips regularly and moisturize lips regularly

Dealing with smudgy lipstick

Use a lip pencil to outline your lips and fill 3/4th of lips with lip liner leaving the innermost areas of lips for lipstick

Not using highlighter correctly

Choose the right shade which compliments your skin tone. It should not look metallic

Clumpy look lashes with mascara

Use a lash serum which will condition the eyelashes


Remember, Nobody is perfect. But, there is always a solution that will help you beat struggles and hassles while applying makeup. Practice makes a man perfect. With these quick fixes, you cannot go wrong with makeup.