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7 Mistakes to avoid during brow plucking

Jun 16, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

7 Mistakes to avoid during brow plucking

Having great brows can add to your beauty and make your day. The beauty industry is evolving daily with new advanced techniques, products, and much more! But, most of us stick to the traditional methods of eyebrow care. Yes! Our favorite eyebrow technique is brow plucking. Many of us practice this eyebrow-plucking method at home to eliminate extra hairs and keep the brows groomed and in perfect shape. 

Knowing the right way to pluck your brows correctly for desired shape and good brow health is essential.

Why is brow plucking important?

The forehead is the focal point of a woman's face, defining the brow's beauty. It is important to keep it clean and clear. Brow plucking is one of the best techniques for eyebrows to define them and it brings out emphasis on your brows.

7 Mistakes to avoid during brow plucking

You are over-plucking brows

Life isn't perfect, and the same goes with eyebrows too.  You might over-pluck brows in the quest to get the perfect eyebrow shape. Working holistically while plucking brows or tweezing them is important to get perfect face symmetry. You can achieve brow perfection by using a huge mirror to focus on your eyebrow plucking. A large mirror will help avoid nervousness and make you more confident during brow plucking.

Only focusing on stray brow hairs

It is essential to focus below and above the brows to remove all the extra brow hairs. Remember, anyone can pluck the brows or remove a stray hair. The main focus is to shape brows precisely and uplift the brow game to take them to the next level. 

Not outlining brows before brow plucking

An imperfect set of brows can mess up the look. The best way for eyebrow plucking is to focus on the brow's natural arch because you can never go wrong with it. Confused, how to get your brow arch? The key is to map out your brows and outline them with the best brow pencil to mount out your natural arch. Grab an eyebrow pencil and outline the top and bottom lines of the brows. 

A perfect set of brows help enhance the eyes, reshape the face, and correct facial aesthetics with precision adding more charm to the face.

Obsession with over-plucking for perfect brow line

Over-plucking brows may affect the brows as it may take months to regrow. Stay away from tweezers and try to refrain from using tweezers frequently, which will also allow brows to grow. Let us not forget that most of us are obsessed with our brows to achieve perfection. This causes us to use the tweezers and indulge in overplucking to maintain a perfect brow line. 

If you have overplucked your brows, grabbing an eyebrow pencil can work wonders instantly. However, one must follow an eyebrow care routine with eyebrow nourishing oil to regrow brows. This will help ensure your brows grow fuller and denser, reframing your face.

You are plucking at any time of the day

Choose the correct time of the day for the eyebrow regimen to shape the brows. Avoid experimenting with your brows a day before an important event or while watching Netflix series. You might end up messing them due to over-plucking. We completely understand that not everyone is born with perfect brows. However, one should avoid indulging in endless plucking, tweezing, and shaping brows that may not complement your facial features. 

Stay focused while indulging in plucking or tweezing brows. Take some time to provide self-attention to your brows in grooming and pampering them with love and care.

DIY brows without professional recommendation

Thinking of doing eyebrow by yourself? Take a look at the flashback in the early 90s. You do not want those dreaded thin brows when doing it yourself. Well, professional expertise is a must with a good eyebrow specialist. Under professional guidance, take the advice of a brow expert who will focus on your brows and facial aesthetics to give you the perfect shape, style, or color for your which will complement your beauty.

Twinning up brows

 Perfection for brows is a must precision. However, trying to create twin brows can be difficult. Leaving them naturally beautiful by just eliminating stay hair can work great for perfectly shaped eyebrows. Moreover, an eyebrow pencil, along with another eyebrow essential, can always come to the rescue to balance the brows with facial asthetics. You can always consult a brow specialist once a month for high maintenance of the brows.


Just following the right tips and tricks is not enough for eyebrow shaping. Avoiding brow mistakes can help you become more perfect for getting a perfect brow shape, highlight the eye area, and enhance the appearance of facial features. Consult our brow specialist for expert brow tips at Savarnas Mantra.