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All you need to know about Metallic Brows

Jun 19, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

All you need to know about Metallic Brows

Get ready to dazzle and turn around heads to compliment you this year 2023. Shiny eyebrow makeup with metallic brows is taking over the beauty industry. Right from the ramp to the silver screen, many Hollywood celebrities are flaunting metallic brows with great pride! Add some glamor and glitz to your brows to stand out this season. Try out show-stopping metallic brows with golden and silvery hues to add style to your face. 

Wondering how to create metallic brows? Let's take a deep dive into how to experiment with your looks by adding some subtle bling to your eyes.

What are metallic brows?

Metallic brows are also called disco brows. As the name suggests, metallic brows are an exceptional form of brow art that involves shine, glitter, and bling with intense dramatic effect on the brows making your eyes stand out when it comes to brow makeup. It is one of the best brow styles which is here to stay for a long time to win over the hearts of many beauties.

So, let's begin to get started with shiny and shimmery eyebrow makeup right away!

Importance of metallic brows

Metallic brows can help you steal the show and make you look super attractive. A layer of ultra-fine shimmery to your brows will add some sparkle and brilliance. A polished sleek and glittery sheen can add beauty to your brows and sparkle your eyes up. Sounds great for the festive season? Isn't It? Well, whether you are enjoying a holiday or party or may just want to add some statement to your beauty regimen, metallic brows are the best to opt for.

Get ready to change the brow game with metallic brows in the next part of the article.

Eyebrow essentials for best metallic brows

Add the beauty of a metallic look to your brows with a touch of bling. Yes, it is time to add eyebrow essentials to your makeup kitty bag to help you achieve the best metallic brows. 

Get ready to try something new and add a beauty statement to your brows. We are sharing with you a DIY guide for metallic brows for sensational brow makeup. This DIY guide for metallic brows is easy, quick, suited to all face types, and will win you many compliments. 

The end result will be great with shimmer to your arches and lids. You can also keep it soft and classy with shimmery brows and mascara. Excited to know more? Keep reading further.

A step-by-step guide for metallic brows

We all are aware of the  love for brows and lashes cropping up among the beauties worldwide. Moreover, eyebrow trends have definitely changed from skinny to fuller, and now SHIMMER. Metallic brows call out for a bold and daring look with intense shimmer and sparkle. Let us discover how to get trendy shimmery disco brows in simple steps. 

  • Brush out your brows in an upward direction.
  • Map out your brows with an eyebrow pencil.
  • Check out for sparse areas and fill them up with eyebrow powder.
  • Choose an eyebrow powder with deep pigmentation that matches closely with your brows and suits your facial aesthetics.
  • Grab an eyebrow gel to make your brows look clean, sculpted, and fluffy.
  • The waterproof gel is a must for disco brows which serves as a perfect brow base coat.
  • Wait for 30 secs for the brow gel to get completely absorbed.
  • Choose a brow soap with glycerine to add some natural sheen to the brows.
  • Add some luminous glow to your brows with an eyebrow definer or highlighter.
  • Use your index finger to swirl some luminous glitter and apply it to your brows.
  • The eyebrow gel and soap will help provide some sticky essence allowing the glitter to stick and stay for a long time.
  • You can also add a touch of glitter to your eyelids.
  • Give a catchy finish to your brows with glittery shades and dab in the same glitter on your eyelids.
  • Add a dash of mascara with a 3D effect for an intense dramatic finish.
  • Seal the glam look with setting spray and finish it up in style.
  • Do not forget to add some tint and color to your lips with a beautiful smile. 


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