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How to glam up your brows like a PRO!

Jun 14, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

How to glam up your brows like a PRO!

A perfectly shaped brow will accentuate your overall aesthetic features. There are so many ways to shape and glam up your brows which can get overwhelming at times. Let us not forget that each of us has unique eyebrows that suit our aesthetic features. A journey to perfect brows requires consistency and patience. Today, we are going to give you some important tips and tricks on how to glam up your brows like a PRO! Let's begin.

9 ways to glam up your brows like a PRO!

These 9 tips and tricks to glam up your brows like a PRO will include the best professional methods along with brows DIY (Do-It-Yourself) easy methods and the best eyebrow essentials, which you must know.

Choosing the perfect eyebrow makeup

It is essential to choose the right eyebrow makeup brand with professional expertise. Choosing vegan and cruelty-free solutions for optimum brow health is strongly recommended. Along with brow makeup, it is important to ensure the right eyebrow essentials for the perfect eyebrow care routine. Dr. Rati Parwani recommends choosing eyebrow care essentials for Savarnas Mantra, which are safe, gentle, and effective for brow health. 

Once you have started maintaining the perfect brow health with the right eyebrow essentials, it's time to indulge in eyebrow makeup to glam up your brows. 

Mapping up brows

Outline your brows to get the desired shape. Before you start with it, it is important to brush them in the direction of growth to stimulate blood circulation. Tame your brows by brushing with a perfect brow brush or spoolie to get the natural shape of your brows. Grab an eyebrow pencil from Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Pencil Collection, depending on your perfect brow shade, to outline your eyebrows correctly before you take a deep dive in filling your brows.

Choose the correct shade and mix brow colors to get the perfect one

Are you having trouble finding the perfect shade for your brows? Well, Savarnas Mantra offers an exclusive collection of eyebrow powders with 11 different eyebrow shades to accentuate your brows. Eyebrow powder provides a perfect dimension to your brows. Choosing the perfect shade and texture of eyebrow powder will help give natural brow effects to your facial aesthetics. You can also try using two different tones to fill your brows.

Start brow makeup application from the center of your eyebrows

Start and end the eyebrow makeup application in the right way. Amplifying the arch of your brows and then working to the bridge of your brows is the perfect way to create natural brows.

If you check, the center of your brows is generally intense. 

Defining them makes it look great. It is essential to make the brows look more realistic and natural rather than making them look fake.

Focus on sparse eyebrows and gaps

Sparse brows or gaps in your eyebrow are a big no-no! This can take away your brow beauty. The key is to avoid sparse and thin-looking eyebrows with a perfect eyebrow routine by incorporating an eyebrow nourishing oil in your daily lifestyle to stimulate brow growth. 

You can mask eyebrow thinning or sparse brows by filling the spots with brow powder and then holding them in place with tinted eyebrow gel.

Define your brows naturally with a realistic look

Starting your eyebrow makeup application from the center and running through the ends allows you to dab in the maximum product at the center and the least at the ends, making them look more defined and natural. 

Focus on eyebrow makeup application to intensify the brows

Build up your brow slowly during the process of eyebrow makeup application. Choose an eyebrow makeup formula that is natural and gets entirely absorbed into your brows. It is crucial to get the perfect brow makeup essentials and follow the proper technique while eyebrow makeup application. 

Creating an eyebrow masterpiece is not everyone’s cup of tea. But remember, practice makes a man perfect! Get your hands on with gentle pressure to create beautiful and natural brows which are dramatic yet real. I am sure getting compliments for your beauty will help you stay motivated to get into the groove of eyebrow makeup.

Conceal your brows

Finish the eyebrow makeup by concealing your brows which will enhance the beauty of your eyebrow makeup. Outlining your brows with eyebrow definer will highlight them and put your arches under the spotlight, making you officially camera-ready! An eyebrow definer is a perfect highlighter to brighten your brow area and make it look natural.

Blend brows and make them look natural

Fix your brows correctly to naturally blend with your skin, brows, and facial aesthetics. Remember to blend your brow makeup well, allowing it to get diffused to buff out any harsh lines in back-and-forth motions. This will make them look naturally beautiful. 

Just building up eyebrow makeup products is not enough. Adapt the skill for eyebrow makeup to top it and become a perfect eyebrow artist at your best.


Sounds exciting? I am sure you would love to experiment with your eyebrow makeup to glam up your brows right away. Get started with Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Essentials & Makeup Solutions for perfect natural brows.