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Yoga for healthy eyes

Jul 11, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Yoga for healthy eyes

The eye is a very sensitive and intelligent part of the body. Just like the body, the eyes get tired too and it is important to take care of the eyes from the core. 

Yoga is a great way to relax. You can improve the core strength of your eyes and their muscles by doing yoga. When it comes to stress or losing weight, we think of yoga. But, did you know yoga is great for eye health? If you want gorgeous eyes, then yoga is a great way to add that shine and sparkle to your eyes. Yoga is great to prevent  tired, dull, puffy, and swollen eyes. 

The eyes are one of the 5 senses of the body whose main function is vision. These eyes work day in and out. Right from work to social media, our eyes are constantly working round the clock. Spend some quality time with your eyes which will keep all vision problems at bay. And let us not forget, the wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes can be taken care of by improving eye muscles and thereby improving vision. Today, with this blog, we tell you about some eye-opening benefits of yoga for healthy eyes

Benefits of yoga for eyes 

Yoga for the eyes involves exercise and meditation for eye muscles which helps in the following - 

  1. Overall vision
  2. Improvement of orbicularis muscle (eye muscles)
  3. Relaxation to cranial nerves supplying the eyes
  4. Improving the brain functioning
  5. Preventing sagging of eye muscles
  6. Toning of eye muscles
  7. Improved blood circulation to the eyes
  8. Eyelash growth
  9. Eyebrow growth
  10. Adding youthful appearance to eyes
  11. Better eye movements
  12. Reduced oxidative stress
  13. Relieving eye tension
  14. Preventing eye disorders
  15. Prevent dark circles 

Top 5 Yoga exercises for the eyes 

Types of Yoga Exercise

Procedure of Yoga



Open eyes wide and then quickly bling for 10 eyes. Close for 20 secs and repeat 4 times. Human eyes should bling 25 times/minute.

We stay busy in our lives focused on work or computers or phones. This exercise nourishes the eyes, relaxes eye muscles, and prevents dry eyes.



Rub your palm till they feel warm. Place them on your eyes and hold them till the palm feels warm.

Palming helps in relaxation and improves blood circulation after a long day’s work.


Sideways and Rotation

of eyes

 Move your eyes slowly from side to side and then round in a circle. You can also use a finger to guide you.

This helps in strengthening the eyes and muscles.


Shoulder stand

Lie down your mat and lift your body waist from downwards in the air and straighten your legs.

This stimulates the blood circulation of the optic nerve. This helps in improving the function of the eyes, brain, ears, nose, and other organs.

Breathing exercise

Sit cross-legged. Place your fingers on the eyes and exhale and then inhale. Keep your lips sealed.

This will help in releasing tension in the eyes.

Yoga has some great benefits which should be followed daily. Incorporating yoga into daily life can be great for eye health. With benefits from better vision to increased concentration, yoga will help improve the glow in your eyes. It will not only provide great eyesight but also spiritual insight. With a healthy diet and exercise, yoga will help improve vision by protecting from the tension of stress, light, and environmental pollutants.