Why is it Important to Use an Eye Makeup Remover? – SavarnasMantra

Why is it Important to Use an Eye Makeup Remover?

Aug 23, 2021

Dan Singh

Why is it Important to Use an Eye Makeup Remover? - SavarnasMantra

We all wear makeup daily- to maintain healthy skin, you need to ensure that all the makeup and other impurities from the skin are completely cleared off before bedtime. Because these cosmetic products left on the skin can cause a lot of harm to the skin and may lead to various skin problems, when it comes to makeup removal, utmost importance should be given to cleaning your eye makeup. To do it right, a little knowledge and experience will help to save much time and complete the task perfectly. 

Scroll down for everything you need to know about properly removing the eye makeup: 

While removing makeup, there is for sure a right method and a wrong one. You may have the best product, but it's of no use if you are not using it correctly. Nowadays, plenty of products are available for eye makeup; they are often waterproof and long-lasting. And so, you will need a good quality eye makeup remover to handle the task smoothly. If the quality of the makeup remover is poor, you may have to work hard and rub a lot to remove the makeup, which may even harm your eyes or the skin around. 

Here are the five best tips that can make your eye makeup removal process simple and perfect. 

1. Wash your hands:

Let's start with an unavoidable rule before touching your skin; you guessed it right- wash your hands well. This helps to prevent the spread of bacteria to the eyes and face. 

2. Avoid rubbing harshly:  

Most people think scrubbing or rubbing the area with a makeup remover does the work easily and well. But actually, it’s not. Instead, it harms the skin leaving redness and irritation. To use it right, use a cotton pad (the best choice) with an eye makeup remover like Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eye Makeup Remover, then gently wipe off the makeup over the eyes in a circular movement. Once done, use a mild face cleanser and wash off the face to clear the residue left behind. 

3. Don’t forget to cleanse the face after eye makeup removal: 

This is one step that many people skip; keep in mind that the residue left after the eye makeup removal is equally harmful to the skin as like makeup. These leftovers can lead to skin problems or early aging skin. So, the tip is always to have a face cleanser nearby once you start off removing eye makeup- I suggest you go for Savarnas Mantra® Natural Rose Cleanser as the rose cleanser removes all the impurities and deliver the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy skin.  

4. Take time don’t do it in a hurry:  

It will often be late-night once you reach home, and you’ll be rushing to your bed. This is when you get reminded of eye makeup removal. In most cases, either a quick rub or a harsh scrubbing is preferred to speed up the process. But this isn’t the right way, and this habit can harm the skin than good. Take the cotton pad with the remover on it, gently rub and then soak the pads on the eyes, jiggle them once in 10 seconds, aids break down the makeup, and remove the entire eye makeup effortlessly.  

5. Use the cotton pads properly

The cotton pad collects the entire makeup mess in a single swipe over the eyes. If you use the same side again, it will redeposit the makeup back onto the skin. To avoid this and maximize the use, fold and use the pads instead of finishing the whole stack of cotton pads. While removing the mascara, try using the cotton pad in a downward motion. Similarly, flip it over and move in the upward direction to clean beneath the lashes.  

Know Some Tricks To Pick The Right Eye Makeup Remover: 

  • The first trick is to decide on the formula that works on your skin type and based on the products you use (waterproof, long-lasting, etc.)The next step is to test it on the toughest and long-lasting mascara. 
  • Next is to find a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic product; as you know, eyes and the under eyes are the most sensitive area. 
  • Check the ingredient list, look for a product preferably made of natural ingredients, and ensure that the product is free from harsh chemicals.  
  • Avoid foaming eye makeup removers as the ingredients contained in them can irritate the eyes.  
  • Decide on the texture and type of makeup remover based on the makeup products you use, whether to go for an oil-based remover or an oil-free product.  

Well, now it’s time to disclose the perfect eye makeup remover and its highlights

Savarnas Mantra® is much loved for the wide range of eye makeup and eye care products specially made for brows and lashes. Here is the best natural eye makeup remover that can gift you clean and fresh skin. 

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eye Makeup

It is a non-greasy eye makeup remover that can dissolve even the hardest mascara and other waterproof makeup formulas with its gentle cleansing ingredients. A great buy for people with sensitive skin. It’s free from harsh preservatives hence leave the skin clean and fresh. 

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Rose Cleanser:

Wanna cleanse the overall face after removing the eye makeup? It’s hard to find a better cleanser than the Natural Rose Cleanser. The original and best natural cleanser made with rosehip seed oil removes all the dirt, oil, and impurities in a trice. Added, it unclogs the pores and aids in preventing acne and pimples.