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Get To Know About The Best Eyebrow Products for Perfect Eyebrows

Aug 23, 2021

Dan Singh

Get To Know About The Best Eyebrow Products for Perfect Eyebrows - SavarnasMantra

When it comes to the shape of the eyebrows, the trend is constantly changing. Before, thin eyebrows with perfect arches were the style, but now, it’s completely changed, and people are looking out for fuller brows with a defined look. If you’re somebody who loves to experiment with trends or to have perfectly groomed and well-defined eyebrows, you’ll need the right and the best eyebrow products. The beauty market is flooded with a huge lot of products specially crafted for taming eyebrows. Out of the list, choosing the right ones requires little research. Knowing about the best eyebrow products will help determine the right products, providing stunning and flawless eyebrows. 

Craving for those perfect eyebrows? Scroll down to know about the essentials required to groom your brows for well-defined eyebrows. 

Best Tips to Make Your Eyebrows Look Gorgeous 

Along with the right products, if you can follow some great tips, your brows will definitely look stunning and make the task of eyebrow makeup easy. Let’s have a look at some of them; 

Maintain the shape of the brows; do not over pluck:

Tweezers are pretty commonly used to pluck the hairs that are grown here and there. But if you are following this method to shape the eyebrows, it can lead to over-plucking hence losing the shape of the eyebrows. All you need to do is just remove hairs that are out of place. 

Use the best products for makeup and shaping:

Stock the best and appropriate products for shaping and makeup. When it comes to eyebrow shaping, a pair of good quality tweezers, precision brow scissors, eyebrow stencil, and a perfect brush does the job well. You may choose a pencil, eyebrow powder, or eyebrow gel for that pro eyebrow makeup look. 

Don’t fill your eyebrows with too many products:

One step that you may go wrong is while filling the brows, be it pencil, gel, or powder; apply it by making light strokes in the direction of the hair growth to get a natural look. 

Applying the Eyebrow Products in the Right Way 

It doesn’t mean that if you have the right products, you just can create perfect brows; considering eyebrows, the right way of applying the products matters a lot. To start with, go lightly on the brows, and then you may intensify it. Similarly, use the eyebrow products from the center of your brows, and then slowly blend it to the tail of your brows; this will give a more realistic look with the eyebrow product evenly distributed. 

Perfectly blend in the products to the brows

While applying any makeup product to the face or brows, the most important step is to blend the product well; this helps to give a natural look. You may need a good angled brush to blend the eyebrow products perfectly. 

Choose the right shades for the brows.

Choosing appropriate shades is very important; if your hair color is brown or blonde, look for a shade that is one or two shades darker. The best tip to keep in mind while picking the shade is, it should not be too dark and too light. A light shade can offer a natural look, whereas a dark one can define your brows.   

 Best Eyebrow Product for Dream Brows: 

Eyebrow filling and shaping is a daunting task, but the job is half-done; if you get hold of the right products. You don’t need a hell lot of products, but a few right ones can do the job perfectly. Let’s dive into the list of essential eyebrow products;  

Eyebrow Pencils;

Eyebrow Pencils can be used to fill in sparse brows, give color to your eyebrows and define your brows. 


  • Easiest way to shape and fill brows
  • Smudge-free 
  • Offers natural look to the brows
  • It can be used with other eyebrow products for more perfection

Savarnas Mantra® Perfect Brow Pencil 

Whether it’s to shape your brows or to fill in the spaces, try our Eyebrow Pencil; you will fall in love with it. The best highlight of the product is it blends well, so it’s pretty easy to make strokes. Another added feature is that it’s smudge-free and waterproof. Besides, our eyebrow pencils are available in three shades, Brunette, Soft Black, and Blonde. If you are looking for an eyebrow pencil that can offer a smooth finish with a natural look, Perfect Brow Pencil by Savarnas Mantra® is a must-try product. 

Eyebrow Powders:

Eyebrow powders offer a naturally soft look to the brows. These are pressed powders that are pigmented and can be easily used on eyebrows by brushing. 


  • Available in various colors
  • Provides smooth and soft brows
  • It can be used with pencils to lasts longer 

Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Powder

It’s no secret that Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Powder stands out the best for any eyebrows. You just need to create an outline for those perfectly defined brows and fill it up with your favorite shade of Savarnas Mantra® eyebrow powder; it completes the look. Our eyebrow powders are water-resistant, free of mineral oils, and offer a naturally soft look to your eyebrows. About the shades available, they are in plenty, including the ones that give a touch of shine to your eyebrows. 

Eyebrow Gels:

If you want neatly groomed eyebrows, eyebrow gels are the best option. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Last for a longer time
  • Adds tint to the brows by filling the sparse areas
  • Sets the brows in place for a longer time 

Savarnas Mantra® Brow Gel 

Craving for voluminous eyebrows? Our brow gel is the product for you. The gel formula with the pigmented hair-like fibers can effortlessly fill in any sparse areas giving a fuller look to the brows. Adds volume, tint and perfectly sets the brows for a longer time. We possess a good range of eyebrow gel ranging from clear brow gels to dark brown, soft black, and Taupe.