Easy Step-by-step guide to Apply Eye makeup like a Pro – SavarnasMantra

Easy Step-by-step guide to Apply Eye makeup like a Pro

Aug 18, 2021

Dan Singh

Easy Step-by-step guide to Apply Eye makeup like a Pro - SavarnasMantra

 Amongst the face makeup, your eye makeup can instantly change the entire look of your face and take them top-notch. However, mastering them requires a little effort and more practice. Thanks to social media, Insta and Pinterest load us with great makeup ideas to try out. So, do you want to try your favorite beauty bloggers eye makeup look? All it needs is the right products, practice, and ideas about the perfect shades and choosing them wisely.

So, are you excited to try perfect eye makeup? Scroll down for the step by step eye makeup guide and product requirements for an eye makeup. 

As a newbie, you don't need to spend too much on buying products for eye makeup; all you need is some primary eye makeup products. The essentials are listed below: 

  • Eyeliner

Eyeliner is the product that helps to enhance and define your eyes. Though initially, you may find it bit tricky to apply as you get the hang of it, you will master it. 

  • Mascara

Quality mascara is a wise investment. Mascaras can make your eyes look bigger and attractive. Whether you wanted to make a natural look or even a dramatic effect, mascara will help you complete the look. 

  • Eyebrow pencil

To give that perfect and complete look to your eye makeup, you need to have perfectly shaped eyebrows too. A quality eyebrow pencil can create perfect eyebrows. While picking the brow pencil; choose the shade that compliments the brows. 

  • An eye shadow Palette

In recent years, eye shadow palettes have gained much popularity. Many renowned brands are offering excellent eye shadow palettes. Even if you are not a user of eye shadow, having some neutral shades will be helpful while recreating your favorite star's eye makeup.  

Easiest Guide to Apply Eye Makeup 

Step 1: Start with prepping the eyelids:

Before starting the makeup, it's best to use an eye primer for that smooth and perfect finish. This will always help the makeup stay for a longer time. And if your skin is oily, never think of avoiding this step. Once the primer is applied to the eyelid, allow it to dry. 

Step 2: Set the base with basic shades:

Once you are done with primer, the next step is to set the base with a nude shade. Then, using a blending eyebrow brush, choose the shade and apply a light coat. While choosing the shades, select the one that compliments your skin tone and try to look for matt makeup for that perfect look over oily. 

Step 3: Let's enhance the crease:

After applying the base shade on the eyelids, next to concentrate is the crease area. Choose a mid-toned eye shadow and apply it above your crease line. To be more precise, using the blending brushes, glide from outwards to inwards. Make sure that you don't overdo; instead, try to keep it seamless.  

Step 4: Let's color the lids:

Choose the shade that would be ideal for your eye makeup look. To help out, use a soft pastel shade for a day makeup look, and you may experiment with the darker shades for evenings. Now using your blending brush apply the selected shade towards the outer corners. You may use the same color to the lower lash line as well.

Step 5: Time to use the eyeliner:

The next step is to apply the eyeliner to your upper eyelids. If used ideally, eyeliners can define your eyes and even make the lashes look thicker.  

Step 6: Set the complete look.

After using eyeliner, it's time to touch up the lashes .Use good quality mascara to make it look fuller and longer. If your lashes are thin, you may even try fake lashes. Now, let’s look how to apply mascara. To begin with start from the base of your upper lashes and move the wand from one side to the other, towards the lash tips. 

Perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows can enhance the entire look of the eye makeup and face. Using an eyebrow pencil, shape up your brows and fill in the sparse areas. You may even consider using eyebrow powder instead of pencil for more perfection. 

Best Makeup Tips To Care Your Eyes: 

Though there is some risk in wearing eye makeup regularly, you can continue with your favorite makeup look with proper care. Some amazing tips to care your eyes are listed below; 

  • Ensure to remove the eye makeup with a good quality makeup remover, as sleeping with the makeup on may irritate your eyes.  
  • While using eyeliner, apply below the eyelids or close to the waterline and avoid the product getting into the eyes as this can cause severe irritation. 
  • Clean the brushes regularly at least once a week with a brush cleaner as the eye shadow, and brow brushes get dirty pretty fast and collect dangerous bacteria. By cleaning it regularly will help to keep your eyes free from infection. 
  • Avoid sharing the makeup products with friends as this may cause in spreading of the bacterial infection.

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