Best Eyebrow Pencils 2021 – Perfect Ones to Fill-in Sparse Eyebrows – SavarnasMantra

Best Eyebrow Pencils 2021 – Perfect Ones to Fill-in Sparse Eyebrows

Aug 16, 2021

Dan Singh

Best Eyebrow Pencils 2021 – Perfect Ones to Fill-in Sparse Eyebrows - SavarnasMantra

We all try out various methods to get those dream brows. Not all are blessed with attractive and thicker eyebrows, but be happy that there are so many ways to create a perfect one that enhances your look. However, like any other makeup products, eyebrow products are available in plenty when you visit a beauty supply shop. Eyebrow Pencils can deliver the best to make your eyebrows look thick and attractive among the various products. A good-quality eyebrow pencil can make your eyebrows look natural. In fact, eyebrow pencils are one of the most used products and followed methods too. But to give that extra definition to your eyebrows, you will need a good eyebrow pencil. Do you want to know about the best eyebrow pencil brand? If yes, scroll down to discover the best Eyebrow Pencils for your brows. 

Eyebrow pencils are the products that are used to fill in the eyebrows; they add color and definition to the brows.  

What Does An Eyebrow Pencil Do? 

  • Can be used to give a final touch to your eyebrows for complete perfection
  • Adds definition to the eyebrows 
  • Aids in filling the sparse eyebrows and makes them look fuller
  • It helps in enhancing the color of your eyebrows
  • Specially conditioned eyebrow pencil helps to keep the brows healthy 

Eyebrow Pencils or Eyebrow Powder:

One of the significant benefits of using an eyebrow pencil is they are long-lasting. Pencils are handy and much easy to use when compared to powders. If you want to make a quick eyebrow makeup on a busy day, an eyebrow pencil can ease your task. 

Whereas, an eyebrow powder requires a separate brush to apply and more time to get that perfectly shaped brows. Be it an eyebrow pencil or a powder, only clean and well-groomed eyebrows can help you create perfect and well-defined eyebrows. 

Tips That Can Help You Choose the Right Eyebrow Pencil: 

Tip# 1 Choose the Perfect Color: 

We think it’s simple to choose the eyebrow pencil, but no, it involves some effort and expertise. 

While picking an eyebrow pencil, the main challenge lies in selecting the shade that matches your skin tone. Is it only the skin tone? Nope, hair colors do matter. To help you find the right color, I’ve already discussed it with some of the best brow specialists in town. 

While choosing a brow pencil, it’s not always about that match your skin tone. It’s about your hair color and eye color too. If your eyes are light shade and the hair color is brow, try choosing a darker tone to define the brows. Whereas, if your eyes are dark enough, it’s safe to pick a lighter shade for your pencil.

Well, if you are with blond hair color with lighter skin shade and eyes, choose the shade that goes with the base tone of your hair.  

Similarly, there are a few who think, if the hair color is black, then the same color pencil will complement the look. But the reality, darker shades will fake the look. Instead, go for a medium brown shade to give those flawless natural brows. 

How about grey hair? You may choose a blonde or brown; the shade light or dark depends on eye color and skin color. The only tip to remember is to avoid dark black shades as they make you look too harsh and aged. 

Tip # 2 Look for waterproof and long-lasting product: 

If you plan to invest in an eyebrow pencil, a waterproof product is the right one to clinch on. The consistency of the waterproof pencils is creamier and soft, which makes them easy to apply. The best advantage is that the waterproof pencils are long-lasting and avoid spreading or smudging. From personal usage and customer reviews, I have felt that waterproof pencils are far way better.  

Tip# 3 Checks on the consistency of the product: 

It's known to all that pencils that are hard make it tough to apply and are even tough to make light strokes. The pencil with soft lead is much easier to apply and blends well and so, it’s much easy to create natural eyebrows. In addition, soft pencils stay for a longer time and don’t break easily. At the same time, the harder ones tend to break even while applying it. 

How to Fill in the Eyebrows with A Brow Pencil? 

By using a good quality brow pencil, you can fill in your eyebrows in the fastest way. I would suggest choosing an eyebrow pencil with soft lead, as they are much easy to apply and will give a natural look to the brows.  

To start with, clean and dry your eyebrows. Check the alignment, the starting point, and the ending point. If you aren’t aware of how to do it, place the eyebrow brush along the side of your nose, pointing towards the front of the eyebrows helps to know the correct starting point. Now to find out the perfect end, glide the brush from the tip of the nose, pointing towards the corner of your eyes. 

Once done with the shape, use an eyebrow brush to brush the brows up. Brushing the brows will help you find out the shape and the uneven areas, which will be helpful while using the eyebrow pencil

The next step is quite important; as we are going to fill in the brows with the brow pencil. Grab your eyebrow pencil and, using short strokes, shade the brows softly and fill in the sparse areas. One tip to keep in mind is to make fine strokes that are seamless.

Once the filling is done, it’s time to blend them well! Using your eyebrow brush, blend the product well onto the brows and soften the hard lines. Similarly, ensure that it’s evenly applied and has covered all the uneven areas of the brows. 

If you wanted to give a final touch of perfection, you may use a colored eyebrow gel and comb through your brows. 

To make the product selection process easy, we’ve rounded up some of the best eyebrow pencils for sparse eyebrows. 

Savarnas Mantra® Perfect Brow Pencil

This brow pencil in brunette perfectly clings to your eyebrows as they are soft and much easy to blend. While hunting for eyebrow pencils, we all look for a waterproof and smudge-free product, and yes, Savarnas Mantra® Brow pencil is the perfect one.

Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Pencil Soft Black:

This is one of the most reviewed eyebrow pencil from Savarnas Mantra®. This shade makes your eyebrow look well-groomed. Soft tip, smudge-free and waterproof are the highlights of this beautiful product.

Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Brush

A good-quality eyebrow brush is an essential tool to groom eyebrows and to create perfect brows. So investing in a good quality eyebrow brush is a wise idea. Our eyebrow brush is specially crafted to offer perfect grip and control.