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What is Face Masks? When and How to Use?

Jun 23, 2021

arun pratap

What is Face Masks? When and How to Use? - SavarnasMantra

Face masks have become an inevitable part of the skincare routine. Now it’s pretty easy to find face masks for different skin problems like – breakouts, dull skin, tanned skin, or dehydrated skin. But the common question is about which face masks to use and when. My answer would be to choose one that can help you with a solution for your skin problems. Read on to know about the benefits of the face mask and its usage.

What is Face Masks? 

Face Masks are the best treatments that can help to tackle your skin concerns. A good face mask can do a lot - it can help remove excess oil from your skin, keep your skin hydrated, manage the pores, controls acne and breakouts, etc. In addition, a good face mask can eliminate dirt or impurities from the skin. So if you wanted to step up your skincare routine, there is no better choice than a good face mask.

Benefits of Masking:

Face masks are the best add-ons to any skincare routine. It delivers the necessary nutrients and vitamins, which are essential for healthy skin. These power-packed products are designed with the sole aim of providing an instant boost to the skin. Let’s dive into the benefits of face masks in skincare:

  • Improves the overall skin texture
  • It prevents breakouts and controls acne
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Unclogs the pores
  • Brightens the dark spots

Why Should You Use a Face Mask?

When you count its benefits, you will realize that it is one of the unavoidable steps in skincare.

Can Provide Glowing and Refreshed Skin: Applying a face mask helps in stimulating blood circulation. You can feel an instant glow and softness and a refreshed skin after applying a face mask.

Makes you relaxed: Using a facemask is moreover a luxury. But it depends on how you set your ambience. Make it cozy- put on face masks, light some scented candles, and a hot shower takes you to a relaxed world that can be equally beneficial for both mind and skin.

Masking helps in unclogging the pores: best facial mask completely cleanses your skin and removes all the build-ups of the dead skin cells collected on your skin. As we all know, clogged pores are one of the major causes of skin problems. Using a face mask regularly will unclog the pores on the skin and keeps it healthy.

How Often Should We Apply a Face Mask?

The face mask is one of the most beneficial products in the skincare routine, but it is not something that cannot be used daily. Skin experts recommend adding the face mask to your skincare routine once or twice a week. 

Proper Way to Apply a Face Mask:

Step#1: Before putting up any skincare product onto your skin, it is a must to cleanse it well. By cleansing your face, you prep the skin to absorb all the benefits of the face mask.

Step#2: Using your damp hand, scoop out the mask and apply it directly to your skin. While applying the mask, make sure to apply it evenly onto your skin. A thick layer should be applied to the skin without leaving any patches. You may start applying the mask from the neck area to the way up to your face. But one thing to take care of while using a mask is to avoid the eye area and the lips.

Step#3: After applying the mask, allow it to sit for some time. Don’t immediately wash it off; wait for at least ten minutes. You can relax at this time and try some breathing exercises or read a book to utilize the time wisely.

Step#4: Time to rinse it off. Face mask usually sticks on to face once it’s dried up. Don’t be harsh while washing. Gently wash the mask from the face and pat it with a soft towel. Just make sure that you don’t rub your face with a towel.

If you haven’t yet introduced masking in the skincare regimen, my advice would be, don’t be too late to start something good. Investing your time applying a quality face mask will provide you with healthy and problem-free skin. 

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