Complete Tips to Care Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes – SavarnasMantra

Complete Tips to Care Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Jun 21, 2021

arun pratap

Complete Tips to Care Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes - SavarnasMantra

The major attraction and highlight of a face are no doubt well-defined, thick eyebrows and shiny long lashes. So it’s much essential to give great care to the eyebrows and eyelashes, like how we care about the other parts of the body or a bit more. But sadly, I‘ve seen many people ignoring these two important features while following a proper regimen for the entire face. But are you aware that many excellent beauty products are booming in the market, especially eyebrow care and lash care? You can find different products like oils, serums, and creams which you can choose according to your need. By considering the advantages of brows and lashes, people started including them in their skincare routines, and most of them are using various products and yielding benefits. For those wondering how to take care of your eyebrows and lashes, I will be sharing some practical tips and great products that will be extremely helpful.

How to care eyebrows?

  • Moisturize the eyebrows well. This may sound new to many. It is one of the common mistakes we all tend to make. When we moisturize, we only concentrate on the face and ignore the brows. If the skin under the brows gets dry and flaky, it may result in hair fall and other problems. 
  • Get a good pair of tweezers. There are times where you may need a quick grooming for your brows; during this situation having a good pair of tweezers can help a lot.
  • Keep the brows well-groomed. If you want those perfect shapes for eyebrows, consider reaching out to a brow artist. A well-groomed and perfect brow can enhance the entire look of your face.
  • Include eyebrow care in your skincare routine. Use products that can keep your brows moisturized; you may try eyelash oil or creams. Some natural methods like applying almond oil, coconut oil, or aloe Vera can be beneficial.
  • Regularly brush your eyebrows. Use a good quality eyebrow brush for your brows, and fill in those meager areas using eyebrow powders.
  • Never compromise on the quality of makeup products or skincare products used for eyebrows.  Make sure you remove the makeup from the eyebrows before bedtime.

How to Care Eyelashes?

Now let’s check out some perfect tips for your eyelash care;

  • Avoid rubbing the eyelashes. We often have the habit of rubbing the eyelashes if there is any irritation. This will make the lashes fall, hence resulting in thin lashes. 
  • Want that lengthy and soft lashes? Keep it moisturized. If you want to give the best care for the lashes, you may try eyelash oil or serum. Eyelash serum is an excellent product that promotes hair growth and gifts you with shiny lashes. 
  • Check the ingredients and choose the products for makeup, especially when you choose mascara; it should be of extremely good quality. Individual beauty brands are offering amazing natural mascaras now. Choosing a natural product over other synthetic one will be a smart move.
  • Take extra care while using the eyelash tools like curlers and extensions.  
  • Make sure you remove the eye makeup before going to bed. 
  • Massaging the eyelids will stimulate blood flows and boosts hair growth.
  • Try natural methods to keep your lashes strong and free from damage. Applying castor oil, green tea, petroleum jelly keeps your lashes strong.

Right Products to Take Care of  Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Using trusted products and tools on eyebrows and lashes can benefit you in many ways.  Some fantastic products which are power-packed with natural ingredients are listed below.

Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyebrow Oil:

Craving for those thick and lustrous eyebrows? We have a solution for you. Our eyebrow nourishing oils are the best among eyebrow care productsIt contains natural and traditional ingredients which can boost hair growth. It is also infused with Omega-6 fatty acids, marshmallow root, and hemp oil. These unique ingredients provide nutrition to your eyebrows aids in hair growth.



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Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyelash Oil:

Want to nourish your lashes? Savarnas Mantra® Eyelash oil is made of effective plant root extracts and oils. This nutrient-rich formula helps in hair growth, providing smooth and healthy lashes. This amazing eyelash product contains an array of powerful ingredients. And so, using this oil regularly can provide visible and excellent results.


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Savarnas Mantra® EyeLash Serum

We are in the era of serums! How about a perfect eyelash serum? That will be great. Isn’tit? Yes. Savarnas Mantra® Eyelash Serum is an effective serum formulated with an effective blend of stem cells, peptides, and conditioners. The natural ingredients contained in the serum provide complete nourishment and keeps the lashes moisturized.


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Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Tweezers:

A good quality tweezers is an essential tool to keep your eyebrows well groomed.  Our tweezers comes with a slant tip and provides perfect grip which makes it handy and easy to use.

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Savarnas Mantra® is a most trusted and loved brand for its wide range of eye care products. You can find excellent products for makeup and skincare. We offer free shipping on all our products. Leave all your skin concerns to us we will provide you with the right solution.