Secrets of Long Lashes Revealed – SavarnasMantra

Secrets of Long Lashes Revealed

Jun 18, 2021

arun pratap

Secrets of Long Lashes Revealed - SavarnasMantra

Do you love long eyelashes? Unfortunately, we must admit the fact that not all are born with long eyelashes. By this time, most of you would have tried different methods and alternatives. Luckily, now we have many options to lengthen and thicken the lashes. All you need to know is the proper techniques and the best products that work for you. Today, I will be revealing the best methods and products that can help you grow your lashes quickly and easily. But you have to be patient enough to follow a proper routine, and give some time for the products to work.

Why Your Eye Lashes are falling out?

The reasons may vary from person to person. Eyelashes tend to fall out naturally during the lash growth cycle. Sometimes the reasons may extend to stress, low-quality makeup products, or even a poor eyelash extension. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

  • Usage of mascaras can be a reason. The regular use of waterproof mascaras can make your lashes stiff and weak, resulting in breakage and hair fall.  
  • Age factor is alsocause for falling out.
  • Some medical conditions and stress result in hair fall.
  • Leaving the makeup overnight leads to breakage and fall-off.

Best Ever Tips for Long Eyelashes:

  • Follow a routine for Lash Care: Include lash care in your daily skincare routine. Choose a good product that can keep your lashes strong.
  • Choose the Right Makeup products: If you are a mascara lover and use them regularly, use the waterproof one sparingly. Choosing natural eyelash mascara will be a great idea. Ensure that you prefer excellent quality products for eye makeup. Similarly, avoid using old makeup products, especially mascara. It’s wise to switch the mascara once in three months.
  • Remove the Makeup Products: Most of us love to experiment with different styles of eye makeup. But the worst part is when we don’t remove the makeup properly or leaving it overnight. They are much harmful and may lead to dryness, hair loss, and breakage.
  • Try natural remedies: There are many easy-to-try home remedies, and some of them are genuinely beneficial.
  • Brush the lashes: Gently brushing your lashes in upward strokes can make your lashes moisturized and promotes hair growth.
  • Massaging is good: Massing the eyelids stimulates blood circulation. Avoid rubbing eyes, as this may damage your lashes and lead to breakage or hair fall.
  • Use an Eyelash Serum: Using a serum will help in moisturizing the lashes and hence prevents them from becoming dry.

Serums for Lash Growth:

Serums are the most trending and top most products among the skincare products. Now let’s move on to the benefits of lash-growth serums.

Aids in hair growth: Serums are packed with peptides and fatty acids, improving the natural hair follicles and makes eyelashes grow longer.

Perfect remedy for hair loss: Many types of research suggest that a good quality serum with potent ingredients can extend the growth cycle of lashes, thereby making the lashes thicker, darker, and longer.

Serum Keep the lashes moisturized: One major problem that skin around the eyes faces is dryness. Dry lashes can be itchy and may increase the risk of infections. Serums can actively moisturize your lashes and soothe irritated skin.

Some Natural Remedies for Long Eyelashes:

Well, when you do a quick search about tips to grow eyelashes, the natural remedies pop up the first. Some of them work well and are scientifically proven too. Whereas in some cases, you may end up with a flop story, and few may even damage your eyes. But my suggestion would be, be it a home remedy or a new product, always look for the ingredients and ensure that it suits your skin. Never attempt something that you are already allergic to. Let’s take a look at some effective home remedies.

Green Tea: When you scroll through the natural remedies related to eye care, green tea is first on the list. Applying cool green tea on the eyelashes can help with hair growth.

Olive Oil: There is no doubt about the benefits of olive oil. But what can it do on lashes? Olive oil is highly rich in fatty acids. Applying on the lashes makes them soft and boosts the functioning of hair follicles providing thicker and strong lashes. You can use it before bedtime.

Petroleum Jelly: This product moisturizes the lashes and makes them look glossy and thick.

Castor Oil: It’s an age-old remedy! Apply the oil on the eyelashes before the night bedtime and rinse off in the morning.

Apart from these, there are tons of natural ingredients like vitamin E, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc. These are generally conditioners that can help in strengthening.

Best Products for Longer Eyelashes

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