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What Is Blind Pimple? How Do You Get Rid of Them?

Jul 18, 2022

Rini Jose

What Is Blind Pimple? How Do You Get Rid of Them?

Not all pimples are painful, but some of them are; have you ever experienced a swelling under your skin that is painful? Most of you would have. Acne occurs on the skin in different ways. Some of them aren't painful and go away without trouble. But a few can give you a tough time. Today's post is about a pimple that is hardly seen on your face but is painful and often leaves a scar on the skin- Yes, we're talking about Blind pimples! Wanna know more? - Read on; 

What is Blind Pimple? 

This term may be familiar for many, but at least for a few, it's new. So what is it? These are the cystic acne that is formed under the skin, without a head to pop and can't be seen on the surface of your skin. 

Like the whiteheads, these pimples are closed comedones, but the main difference is that cystic acne is much more painful and difficult to treat. Besides, it can't be popped; instead, squeezing leads to inflammation and scars on the skin. These pimples are often formed on the face, chest or upper back.  

How to Identify Blind Pimples?

Diagnosing a blind pimple isn't difficult; Symptoms of blind pimples include; 

  • a small bump under your skin
  • swelling and inflammation on the skin
  • pain and redness around the affected area 

What causes blind pimples?

Blind pimples are developed on the skin due to clogged pores, but this isn't the only reason behind these painful bumps under your skin. Some of the other causes are; 


The cause of blind pimples can be hereditary. A few studies say cystic acne can develop on the skin if you have a family history.  

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal fluctuations can also lead to these painful zits on your skin. Cystic acne may develop during puberty among teenagers, and women are more likely to get these pimples during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.  


These hidden pimples are sometimes caused as an after-effect of certain drugs. For example, drugs containing lithium, testosterone and corticosteroids can cause or worsen the existing condition of these stubborn and painful pimples.  

Skincare Products

If you are somebody who uses heavy lotions and creams, they can probably clog the pores, which may cause blind pimples.  

Dead skin, oil and bacteria

During certain conditions, the sebaceous glands produce more oil, which can clog the open pores leading to blind pimples. Similarly, the bacteria found on the skin can infect the follicles, causing cysts, papules etc.   

Treatment options for Blind Pimples

Like the other skin concerns, these hidden painful pimples on your skin are curable, but it takes time. There are numerous options, like over-the-counter medications, oral treatments and home remedies, to get rid of cystic acne.  

Topical Treatment Options

When it comes to acne and pimples, the first and the best treatment option is to try topical treatments. Some of the topical medications that are used for treating cystic acne are; 

  • Retinoids: It's quite a familiar option for many and an effective remedy to treat different types of acne. They are available in gels and cream forms. When used on the skin, it increases cell turnover, which helps reduce sebum production.  
  • Benzoyl peroxide: The next best option that helps lessens the bacteria on the skin. It's an antiseptic and is available in cream and gel forms.  
  • Antibiotics: If you feel that the skin condition isn't responding to topical treatments, you could opt for topical antibiotics prescribed by your dermatologist. 

Oral Treatments

You may need oral medication if the skin condition remains the same or gets severe; talk to your dermatologists, who can provide you with a permanent solution.  

Other treatment options for blind pimples are light therapy, chemical peels, cortisone injections etc.  

Home Remedies:

Blind pimples aren't easy to treat like other skin concerns. But certain home remedies can help you reduce the pain and help control the skin condition from getting worse; 

Honey: As well all know, honey effectively treats various skin concerns. It has antimicrobial properties, which help to tackle the bacteria and even reduce the swelling on the skin. Apply raw honey to the pimple and surrounding area and wash it off once it's dried, or you may even leave it overnight.  

Tea Tree Oil

Tea oil can be used to treat blind pimples as an alternative to OTC treatments. You may apply tea tree oil (use tea tree oil only after diluting with career oil) to the infected area twice daily. 

Apply Ice:

An ice pack can be used if you are looking for an instant solution to reduce inflammation, redness and irritation. It even helps to soothe the pain. 

Place Warm Compresses:

Warm compresses, when placed on the infected area, reduce pain and help the pus to dissolve and heal. You may apply the warm compress thrice a day for about ten to fifteen minutes.  

Ways to Prevent Blind Pimples:

Preventing blind pimples is difficult, but if you give proper care, you can reduce the development of blind pimples or prevent them from getting worse; 

  • Keep your skin clean: Wash your face twice daily and do not let the sweat stay on your skin for a long time; shower after a workout.   
  • Avoid touching: The best thing you can do to a blind pimple is to avoid squeezing or picking them.  
  • Choose gentle and apt skincare products: Use products, especially the ones for skincare that suit your skin type. You may try natural skincare products to care for your skin instead of using products containing harsh chemicals. Similarly, use non-comedogenic makeup products and skincare products to prevent clogging. 
Blind pimples can't be prevented completely, but if you give proper care to the skin, this skin concern can be controlled to a great extent. These pimples can't be popped, so it's wise to avoid squeezing or picking the skin to avoid scars on the skin.