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What is A Brow Soap & Why Should You Use It?

Feb 06, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

What is A Brow Soap & Why Should You Use It?

Over the years, eyebrows have gone through many different trending phases. Right from the thin pencil lines of the early 2000s, to sculpted filled-in-brows in the 2010s, now comes the thicker, denser full brows. We have witnessed all the changes and transformations in eyebrow looks over the past 20 years. Well, all thanks to the eyebrow essentials which are coming up these days to give you the best of the brows. 

One such eyebrow essential which we are going to talk about today is - BROW SOAP. Laminated brows are creating a buzz these days. Brow soaps are all over this year in every makeup tutorial from influencers and beauty professionals. 

Let us provide you with detailed insights into the brow soap and why you should use it.

What is a Brow Soap?

Brow soap is an eyebrow bar enriched with beautifying elements to give your brows a thick, bushy, polished, and laminated look with a stronghold. The brow soap works wonders to give brow shape and volume which in turn gives them a fuller appearance. Majority of the brow soaps contain glycerine which helps add shine and locks the brow hair into place.

Is Brow Soap Good For You?

Brow soap is one of the best eyebrow essentials for the brows provided you choose the right kind of brow soap. Choosing natural brow soaps is the best idea rather than going for conventional ones. It is important to check the ingredient list and composition before you dive in to make the perfect choice for it.

How To Choose the Best Brow Soap?

With the variety of beauty products across the globe, it is normal to get attracted and tempted to make an instant beauty purchase. But, before you take an impulsive action towards shopping for brow soap, it is essential to do good research to get the best quality eyebrow products

If you are new to brow soaps, you can go ahead with natural brow soaps enriched with vitamins and minerals which are safe and gentle for brows. 

Apart from these, other parameters which should be taken into consideration before choosing brow soaps are as follows - 

  1. Lightweight
  2. Smooth texture
  3. Stronghold
  4. Pure glycerine-based brow soaps
  5. Choose transparent-clear soaps which do not leave a whitish residue
  6. Non-sticky and non-clumpy
  7. Enriched with vitamins and minerals can be added advantage
  8. Say “No” to silicone-based brow soaps 

You can get all of this with Natural Vegan Brow Soap!

How To Use A Brow Soap?

Well, I am sure you want to get the best out of your brow soap to add beauty to your brows. Here are a few essential steps with tricks on how to get your brows right always while using a brow soap. 

  • Prep your spoolie with a spritz to get the right hold
  • Use dampen spoolie to brush your brows and hydrate them slightly with water
  • Activate your brow soap with a few spritzes which will provide you with a smooth easy application
  • Get paste-like consistency with brow soap
  • Once you have goopy consistency make sure to coat each bristle of spoolie generously
  • Go straight into eyebrows and brush them up
  • Create bold, fluffy brows and give them a laminated look
  • Work on positioning the brow hair right
  • Finally, run the spoolie horizontally on the top edge of the brows
  • This will angle the brows and give them a perfect natural look
  • Ensure to be quick before the soap dries and locks the brow hair in place
  • Do not forget to add some glam to your brows with eyebrow powder, and eyebrow gel.

Benefits of Brow Soap

In terms of hold, soap brows exist very close to brow gel. However, they are one step forward than brow gels to give you perfect laminated brows which provide perfect grip for the arch to help them hold in the right place with good long-lasting staying power. It gives beautiful laminated polished brows without any commitment to semi-permanent brow treatment. This adds a natural touch to your brows making them look real yet laminated! 

Brow soaps are great options for fuller, textured and laminated brows in a natural way to hold the shape all day long. Just make sure to get it right with the correct product and right technique to make the most out of your brow soap for best brow beauty ever!