What Do You Need To Know About Choosing the Right Mascara? – SavarnasMantra

What Do You Need To Know About Choosing the Right Mascara?

Mar 03, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

What Do You Need To Know About Choosing the Right Mascara? - SavarnasMantra

Do you like fluttering your eyelashes? From raising eyebrows to fluttering eyelashes, start a new conversation with your eyes. Before that!!! Let us help you define your eyes with the best eyelash mascara which you can choose. Eyes are the sensitive and admirable quality of a woman which defines beauty deep within. So, define your eyes with that perfect eyelash by using the best eyelash mascara. Make sure to use perfect eyelash mascara for your beautiful eyes. 

Your eyelashes are the big gateway to your beautiful eyes. They do protect the eyes but long thick and lustrous eyelashes will get your heads turning and receiving compliments. Your eyes speak volumes of words. So, to look more charming and have an attention-grabbing effect, use mascara with a natural look for voluminous eyelashes. 

We have heard a lot especially from our mom and elders, “Regularly using mascara can damage eyes' ' Yes, it's true, they are right at this. You don't believe it? Well, let me tell you a fact!! Mascara requires a lot of makeup remover to eliminate it from your delicate eyelashes. 

From rubbing the eyes to removing the clumps, for some of us, it's a tedious task. Just imagine the number of chemicals that can cause damage to the eyelash follicles and eyes. Also, extensive rubbing can cause more harm than good. On one side you are struggling to remove those traces of conventional mascara products and on another hand, you are inviting wrinkles and fine lines by triggering the action of rubbing. 

It's time to grab hold of the perfect mascara with 2 in 1 dual action which gives you instant voluminous eyelashes and long-term effects of natural eyelash growth stimulator. Also, no more struggling and rubbing your delicate eyes. 

Stay tuned for one more feature for your delicate eyes which will help you remove all the eye makeup naturally in no time!!! 

What do you need to know about choosing the right mascara? 

Before hunting for that right mascara, let us tell you some important points on how to choose the best eyelash mascara- 

  • Good quality product
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Well pigmented with natural elements
  • No clumping effect
  • Easily removable
  • Eyelash growth stimulator
  • Instant voluminous effect
  • Easily Removable
  • Non Toxic ingredients 

Good Quality product 

We all are attracted to new upcoming beauty products every day. But, before purchasing any beauty product, make sure it is authentic. Especially when it comes to eye makeup products, as eyes are very sensitive. A good quality product will do justice for your delicate eyes. 

Clinically and medically tested products are key to the right eyelash mascara. 

Natural Ingredients 

Using eyelash mascara with natural ingredients like beeswax and panthenol (vitamin B5) works best for eyelashes. This will definitely give a natural look to your eyes. 

No side effects 

Ingredients in conventional mascara have parabens which can cause side effects to the eyes. These parabens get easily absorbed by the tiny pores of the skin and can cause itching to the eyes. Parabens also affect the growth of eyelashes. It causes a fall of eyelashes and may cause other side effects. So, get started with paraben-free eyelash mascara which is the best for your lashes. 

Well pigmented mascara preferably with natural elements 

Choose a mascara free from synthetic dyes. The coal tar dyes work as a colorant in mascara and have many side effects. These synthetic dyes are carcinogenic in nature and can be harmful to the eyes. So, switch to natural pigmented mascara which will add a dash of color to your beautiful lashes. 

No clumping effect 

Look for better eyelash mascara with no clumping effect. The clumping effect will not give you a natural look. Moreover, it may damage your eyelashes. Rubbing clumpy eyelashes at the end of the day will be quite a difficult task to deal with. So, look out for the non-clumping feature in your eyelash mascara. 

Instant Voluminous look 

Most of us lookout for instant results. But when it comes to your eyelashes, take into account the long-term effects. If you want a voluminous look for your eyelashes, start taking care of your eyelashes with eyelash oil. Applying a natural eyelash oil daily will help you achieve beautiful long thick lashes which will give you a voluminous look. 

Here is an eyelash product which you can’t miss at all !!! Savarnas Mantra Natural Eyelash Oil is enriched with a blend of plant root extracts and natural oils which acts as a perfect growth stimulator. It contains horsetail plant extract with natural silica which makes your lashes grow out lengthy and thick. The marshmallow root extract and Vitamin E have natural elements which enhance growth. 

Easily removable

Choose a mascara that is easily removable with makeup remover and needs no rubbing. This causes a lack of friction and of course less breakage of eyelashes. We understand the waterproof and long staying effects of lash mascara which is essential for your lashes. But, one needs to understand the sensitivity and delicate issues related to the eyes. 

For this, make sure to be extra cautious when it comes to the removal of eye makeup. Here, we are introducing our Savarnas Mantra Natural Makeup Remover with radish roots extracts that gently remove the makeup and lock the essential ingredients into your skin.  

I am sure you might be waiting for that perfect mascara that has all the above-mentioned benefits. Let us help you unleash the right mascara for your lashes. Savarnas Mantra Eyelash Mascara has upscale new effects of 3D fibers for your lashes. This new scientific innovation will give you a beautification which will make you fall in love with your eyes. Unbelievable? Grab one for yourself right away for that natural-looking lashes. You will not take your eyes from the mirror once you apply Savarnas Mantra Eyelash Mascara. 

Eyelash growth stimulator 

Before you grab one, don't forget to club it one with Savarnas Mantra Natural Eyelash Oil Eyelash Oil which is an eyelash growth stimulator. 

Non Toxic ingredients 

This is a very important feature before you choose an eyelash mascara. Make sure it does not have any parabens or other chemicals which are unsafe for your eyes. 

At Savarnas Mantra, we care about your beauty and skin health. Safe natural and healthy ingredients with innovation are our top priority.