Moisturize Your Skin Daily Because You Deserve The Softest Skin! – SavarnasMantra

Moisturize Your Skin Daily Because You Deserve The Softest Skin!

Mar 03, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Moisturize Your Skin Daily Because You Deserve The Softest Skin! - SavarnasMantra

Moisturizing your skin is the basic step for the softest skin. Get started with moisturizing your skin today!!! Dryness of skin can lead to many problems and complications for your skin. Moisturizing your skin with a good moisturizer is essential. I am sure you have come across many moisturizers for your skin. Choosing the best moisturizer is very important for good skin. Let us help you choose the best moisturizer for skin for the softest skin you have always dreamt of. 

Do you desire to have a baby's soft skin all day long? Well, the key here is moisturizing your skin with the best face moisturizers. Body and face moisturizers are different from each other. Face moisturizers are designed especially for facial skin which is tender and more sensitive than bodily skin. You need to choose the best face moisturizer for your skin that will help give you soft skin. Here is the catch, choose a natural face moisturizer enriched with Vitamin E which will give supple skin. 

In this guide, we outline the benefits of moisturizing your skin and why consistent hydration is so important for beautiful, healthy skin. 

Why moisturizing your skin is important? 

Moisturizing your skin is very essential to give aging at bay. It gives you a youthful radiant glow to your skin. Let us tell you the benefits of moisturizing your skin for a better glow. 

Most of us are aware of the importance of protecting our skin from the sun and taking care of the basics like cleansing and many times we don’t pay enough attention to moisturizing our skin. Here are some important reasons why moisturizing your skin is important: 


Although the skin naturally produces sebum, an oil that acts as a natural moisturizer, external factors such as your environment and cleansing routine can deplete and damage the skin's natural moisture. Adding a moisturizer to your skincare routine not only helps balance hydration levels but also improves the skin's barrier function. 

Proper hydration is crucial to maintaining healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin. When the skin is properly hydrated, the levels of moisture in the outer and inner layers of the skin are balanced, allowing for ideal skin function. 

Better skin health 

Moisturizing helps maintain your skin's natural moisture level. Without enough moisture, your skin cells won't work correctly, get tired, and the overall health of your skin will deteriorate. 

Avoid acne 

Moisturizing your skin isn’t just about keeping it from drying out. It can help protect your skin, control acne breakouts, and give you a healthy glow. 

Skin barrier 

Moisturizers also protect your skin. They create a protective film on top of your skin that locks in moisture and keeps irritants out.

Face moisturizers help maintain a healthy barrier that protects the skin against external irritants and also provide insulation to maintain body temperature. 

Promotes collagen production and elasticity 

Bare skin is more prone to damage and will look dull if it's not moisturized. Moisturizing your skin promotes collagen, the protein responsible for skin suppleness and elasticity. Thinking of opting for a face moisturizer with collagen-boosting properties- The 2 -in-1 action- Here is Savarnas Mantra Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer 

Savarnas Mantra Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer is made with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, naturally present in the skin's own moisturizing factor, which helps the skin hold onto moisture and wrinkle-plumping sodium hyaluronate which helps to support the skins natural collagen and elastin levels. It also contains another key ingredient glycosaminoglycan that hydrates your skin from within and improves firmness. 

Protects from wrinkles 

One of the most important things that you can do for your skin is to moisturize. Not only does the process lock in moisture and make your skin feel more hydrated, but it also helps to prevent wrinkles, protect your face from free radicals and keep your skin looking beautiful. 

Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin. Collagen- and elastin-rich moisturizers help plump up dull skin and smooth out fine lines, making it a crucial step in maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin. 

How to choose face moisturizers? 

If you have normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, moisturizing is key to keeping your skin soft, supple, and glowing. Whether you choose a lotion, cream, lightweight fluid or gel texture will depend on factors like climate and your personal preference. 

For a healthy, radiant complexion that's smooth to the touch and supple to the eye, moisturizing is an essential part of your daily skincare routine. Whether your skin is normal, oily, or dry all year round or changes with the seasons, moisturizing can help keep it full and fresh. 

Still confused, choose natural moisturizers and serum for healthy skin. It has active elements and gets absorbed by the skin well. At, Savarnas Mantra, we give you an exclusive collection of natural skin care products that you can’t miss. 

How to use face moisturizers? 

Timely action is a must before it's too late. Make sure to choose moisturizers at the correct time to gain the most benefits from them. Let us tell you the right time and right products which you can use for moisturizing your face. 

After washing face

Moisturizing helps keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant, preventing it from drying out and becoming cracked, especially in winter when the air is dry and your skin may need extra care. In the end, moisturization helps protect your skin barrier. That’s why it’s so important to moisturize after you wash your face. 

After shower

Heavy moisturizers are best used after a shower or bath when your pores are open and ready to absorb the moisture. Using this moisturizer twice a day can help you get rid of dry skin permanently, keeping it soft and smooth always. 

In winters

Moisturizing your skin is very important because it prevents your skin from drying and cracking, especially in winter. Moisturizers come in lotion, creams, and ointment forms. They pump the moisture back into your skin without clogging your pores. 

Before makeup

A good moisturizer will ensure that your skin is well hydrated and give you a healthy and youthful glow. You need to moisturize after bathing, before dressing up, and after makeup to enhance your beauty as well. This will help in rejuvenating the lost moisture of your skin during the course of the day. 

This will give you a good base for make-up. For best results, use a serum before make up which will give you a fresh dewy effect all day long 

Before bed

It is essential to use a moisturizer before bed. Your skin cells have the ability to self-repair and regenerate during the night. Add a natural glow with face moisturizer to the skin for best results. The next morning you will be blessed with smooth and supple skin.

 With this innovative, one-step moisturizing treatment, your skin will be cleansed and revitalized. It takes about a few seconds to hydrate and smooth skin with this all-in-one sensational product. 

Savarnas Mantra Natural Vitamin E + Squalane Moisturizer will help to make your skin look brighter and radiant. It comes with an airless pump that helps to avoid oxidation and to preserve the maximum efficacy of its vitamins. Its active ingredients will make your skin look younger and protect it from sun damage when going out in the day. It can be used before bed too for best-desired results. 

What’s better than waking up to baby-soft skin in the morning? Twelve hours after application, your complexion will still be as soft and smooth as when you first applied the moisturizer! 

At Savarnas Mantra, we know that the effects of dry skin can wreak havoc on our faces; that’s why we offer a wide range of anti-aging creams, firming serums, hydrating gels, toners, moisturizers, and exfoliants that help protect against environmental stressors while enhancing the natural moisture barrier.