Trending Eye Makeup For the Year 2022 – SavarnasMantra

Trending Eye Makeup For the Year 2022

May 25, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Trending Eye Makeup For the Year 2022 - SavarnasMantra

Pretty eyes with a glow and shine are always in. Did you know your eyes introduce you before you even speak? When words are restrained, eyes often speak a great deal. The eyes are the true jewels on your face. Let us help you brighten and enlighten them with eye makeup. When it comes to eye makeup, the internet is booming with many trendy styles. Most of us google to try those trendy eye makeup that is making a buzz. Let us take a quick glance into the most trending eye makeup for this year 2022. 

Minimalism makeup V/s Maximalism make up 

This year's motto for eyes is “Maximalism” which is on the high rise. Yes, go minimalism with living and maximalism with makeup. It was minimalism for skin makeup but maximalism for eye makeup. As per the research on the celebs making their way on the red carpet, maximalism to accentuate the eyes and make them stand out with eye makeup is making trends and creating a new buzz for the year 2022. 

Get ready to stand out and hit with a new look with this year's 2022 party season. 


Before you set in for the eyes to take over the world, make sure to take care of eyebrows, eyelashes, and your pretty eyes to add some natural shine and glow to the eyes. 

  1. Eyebrow gel
  2. Eyebrow nourishing oil
  3. Eyelash oil
  4. Lash growth serum
  5. Under-eye serum
  6. Natural makeup remover 

Before you start with all the trendy styles of makeup, make sure to have your foundation strong by growing brows and lashes with the best extension to beautify your eyes. Thicker and denser eyebrows with lovely long eyelashes will provide depth and shine to the eyes. Make sure to use the above-mentioned 6 products which are must-haves for beautiful eyes. 

The 4 Best Trending Eye Makeup Style for the Year 2022 

Crystal eye makeup

With winged and cat eyes comes the favorite jewels embellishment which can add beauty to the eyes. This year adds some sparkly embellishment to the eyes. Gems definitely add a classy and royal touch to your eyes. Diamonds are also best friends for the girls. 

Graphic eyes makeup 

Make a bold statement with graphic eyes which is definitely in this season. Some geometric designs can definitely add artistry to your eyes. Remember, eye makeup is an art, Try to experiment with it once your foundation for lashes and brows is strong. 

Mini pearls and jewels 

Piercing your eyebrow with a pearl or drop jewel is always trending and exciting. Whether it's pearls or drops, dressing your brows with these jewels definitely makes you stand out. Choose the same matching jewel for the ears as well. Face gems are definitely creating some noise this season. Add some eyelash glue to the face gem for a sparkling smile. 

Metallic eye makeup 

Rock with metallic eyeshadow like a rockstar. Matt eyeshadow has always been on our top list. Add a dash of metallic highlighter to raise your eyebrows with pride. This will also add a youthful glow to the eyes. Get set to rock the weekend party with metallic shine in your eyes. 

Turn your eyes into dynamic art with these trending makeup styles. Get trendy with a new look by adding a dash of eye makeup to your beautiful eyes.