Perfect Guide to detox your skin for bright and healthy skin – SavarnasMantra

Perfect Guide to detox your skin for bright and healthy skin

May 25, 2022

Rini Jose

Perfect Guide to detox your skin for bright and healthy skin - SavarnasMantra

When we wake up and look in the mirror, we all want fresh, bright-looking skin. Sadly, due to the current lifestyle, environmental stressors, and makeup, your skin often looks dull and lifeless. Though we have access to many beauty products and treatments, the skin demands something beyond this; a complete recovery process. Most of you will be familiar with the term “detox” as it is a commonly or overly used term nowadays. From the body, home, relationship etc. – a detox is a must to stay physically and mentally healthy. But detox is not only meant for the body or relationship instead for your skin too. Yes, a skin detox can offer you problem-free, healthy and fresh-looking skin. Excited to know more? Scroll down; 

What is Skin Detox? 

Before moving to skin detox, let’s know what the term “detox” means- nothing but removing the toxic substances. Skin detox or detoxing the skin is the removal of toxins, pollutants, impurities and dead skin cells from the skin. This process can cleanse, treat, soothe and hydrate your skin, bringing back its natural glow and charm. 

Being the largest organ in the body, the skin has to undergo various conditions that ultimately end up collecting toxic substances on it. Some of them can be lifestyle, pollutants, makeup products, dirt etc. So, to free the skin from these toxins, detoxing the skin is essential.  

Benefits of Skin detoxing: 

You don’t always need to choose expensive treatments and products to achieve that golden glow on your skin. Skin detox is an effective yet effortless way to healthy skin. Let’s take a glance at the benefits of detoxing the skin

  • Skin detox helps clear pores and blackheads and soothes irritation, making the skin clear and bright.
  • When the skin gets rid of toxins, it feels revived, looking fresh with a natural radiance. 
  • Keep the skin hydrated.
  • It tightens the skin.  

How to detox your skin?

Making a few changes to your diet, lifestyle, and skincare can contribute a lot to getting rid of toxins. Besides, it can also transform your skin to a better one. Following a proper skin detox method is beneficial not only for your skin but for the whole body. Let’s see how to do it; 

Increase fluid intake:

It’s quite a known fact to all how important is drinking water for the skin and body. But, while you are detoxing your skin, you need to drink a little more than the normal eight glasses of water to at least ten glasses. Furthermore, you need to avoid sugary drinks and alcohol when detoxing your skin. 

Concentrate on workout:

Exercise plays a vital part in detoxing your skin. It is one of the easiest ways to flush out toxins and impurities from your skin through sweating. Schedule a workout routine for at least thirty minutes every day to keep the skin and body equally healthy. 

Maintain a sleep routine

Proper sleep is important for a healthy body, mind and skin too. It is the time when the skin repairs itself from damages. 

Follow a balanced diet:

Diet plays a major role in skin detoxing. Plan a diet with more of vegetables and fruits in your and try avoiding sweets, fried foods, and junks. Some of the Vitamins to include in your diet for a good skin detox are; 

Vitamin A: Fruits like mangoes, peaches, papaya are rich in Vitamin A. They help to lessen the sebum levels in the skin.  

Vitamin B6: It helps in balancing the hormonal levels. They are found in nuts, meat and whole grains.  

Vitamin C & E: These essential vitamins safeguard the skin against harsh UV rays and other free radicals.  

Skincare to detox your skin: 

Following a daily skincare regimen is a must for healthy and glowing skin. Here are the best steps to detox your skin for that natural glow; 

  • Cleanse it twice daily: Wash the face twice a day using a gentle cleanser. Natural face cleansers are suitable for all skin types and are extremely hydrating.  
  • Use a toner: A hydrating natural toner aids in shrinking the pores and also balances the pH levels.  
  • Exfoliate your skin: Scrubbing the skin keeps the impurities away; in fact a perfect method to detox your skin. Exfoliating buffs away the dead skin cells and dirt from the skin, leaving you clear, smooth and radiant skin.  
  • Keep them hydrated: Apply a moisturizer that matches your skin type to keep the skin hydrated.  

By now, you will know how important it is to detox your skin and the benefits it does to your skin. Skin detoxes eliminates unwanted toxins from the body, making your skin and body equally feel good and healthy. The one rule to keep in mind while on a skin detox is; it is not only what you use on the skin that matters but also what you put inside your body. Try out these simple skin detox methods to rejuvenate your skin and bring back that beautiful glow!