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Top 7 Soap Brow Hacks Which You Must Know

May 19, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 7 Soap Brow Hacks Which You Must Know

Soap brows are trending and making a buzz these days. The Hollywood celebs are sporting the best soap brows with feathered and laminated looks. So, what are you waiting for? Enter the race to the best with some of the trendiest soap brow hacks. Today, we have rounded up the best soap brow hacks that you must know to achieve beautiful brows. 

Before we start with the soap brow hack, let us give you a sneak peek into what a soap brow is.

What is a soap brow?

Soap brow is an eyebrow grooming technique achieved by using brow soap paste which helps hold the brows in shape with a structured, feathered, and laminated look. This defines the face with beautiful brows. Once you have mastered the soap brows technique, it is super easy and straightforward to use.

Which are the eyebrow essentials used for soap brows?

The eyebrow essentials for soap brows are as follows- 

  • Brow soap
  • Brow brush with spoolie 

You can also couple it up with eyebrow gel to achieve a more defined look. 

Wondering where to grab them all from? Get started with Savarnas Mantra for the best eyebrow essentials for ultra-strong hold. Savarnas Mantra is one of the best industry leaders for brow, lash, and skin care. 

Let’s begin with the best 7 hacks for more brow holds with soap brows that last all day long.

Top 7 Soap Brow Hacks Which You Must Know

The best 7 soap brow hacks which you must follow are:

Hack #1 Clean your brows

A clean canvas provides a great piece of art. Ensure to clean your brows before you get started for a soap brow look. A makeup residue such as cream, powders, or foundation will affect the staying power of your brow essentials. The brow soap product must get completely absorbed by the brows and not just adhere to brow hairs making it clingy and forming a thin film. The residue on the brows makes them look dirty and messy. The first step for brow styling is to clean your brows to remove any product residue with a cotton swab and gentle makeup remover.

Hack #2 Use a spritz

Use some spritz to add moisture to your brows naturally. This will add more staying power with a long-lasting hold allowing the eyebrow product to get completely absorbed and perfectly blended to give a more natural look. A natural toner or spritz can activate the brows to nourish the brow hair and skin, giving you a better hold. You can also opt for brow soap boosters or setting spray.

Hack #3 Choose the suitable eyebrow soap with perfect brow spoolie

It is essential to choose the suitable eyebrow soap with the perfect brow spoolie for hassle-free, smooth application to achieve the best soap brows. Opt for natural vegan brow soap, which is cruelty-free and paraben-free, is silicone-free. Choosing vegan soap with natural botanical oils in glycerin base is the best option for brow health.

Hack #4 Use the right amount of product

The right amount of brow product can work wonders in giving you a good hold. Start with a thin application of brow soap with help of a spoolie. Go slow as you build up to avoid a sticky and waxy look for the brows. Allow it to get completely absorbed as you brush them with spoolie.

Hack #5 Choose a double coating and backcombing technique

Got the right brow soap products! Well, it's time to get the right technique which can be the

biggest game-changer for your brow styling. Brushing your brows, the right way with a double coating technique for brow soap application can work wonders in order to achieve stylish brows and can also stimulate or boost blood circulation. Double coating and brushing brows can help in smooth application allowing the product to be completely absorbed and making brows look naturally thicker and bushy with long-lasting hold. It adds more staying power and volume to individual brow hairs. 

Hack #6 Be quick and patient

When applying the first layer of brow soap paste, be patient for 30 secs and allow the product to absorb or assimilate completely. Once your brow hairs are coated with brow soap, get into action to shape it quickly before the product gets dried out. Once the brows are shaped, the product takes a little time to absorb to hold the brows in shape. So, be quick with the application and have patience for the product to settle for beautiful brows.

Hack #7 Lamination is the key

Brow lamination is the best styling look for eyebrows. You can opt for a naturally feathered laminated look in the comfort of your home with vegan brow soap from Savarnas Mantra. Brush your brows and style as per your need, followed by applying pressure to the entire length of your brows, which gives you the best hold for a sleek laminated brow look.

The Final Takeaway

Mastering is the key to the application of soap brows. Getting the right technique with the best eyebrow essentials will help you achieve soap brows at their best which will last all day long throughout the morning at work, at evening coffee time, and at late-night parties. Contact us at Savarnas Mantra to schedule a 1:1 call with our brow experts to experiment with the real time application of eyebrow essentials.