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The Right Way to Remove The Brow Make-up

May 22, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

The Right Way to Remove The Brow Make-up

Removing eye makeup can be a daunting task. Let us not forget the panda eyes due to eye makeup removal. Eye makeup involves eyebrow makeup, eyelash mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and much more. Today, we are going to deal with the right way to remove brow makeup to prevent damage and breakage of eyebrows or eye irritation. Not removing your brow makeup can wreak havoc on your brows and surrounding skin. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on the right way to remove the brow makeup.

Why is removing brow makeup important?

Majority of us tend to neglect brow makeup removal. Just removing skin makeup is not enough. You must ensure a clear face before you go to bed with any traces or makeup residue. Moreover, most of us have started indulging in different brow essentials for beautiful brows to accentuate our eyes. These range from eyebrow powder, brow gel, brow soap, and pomades. Some of these are highly pigmented, stubborn, water-proof, and smudge-proof, which can be challenging to get rid of. 

Not removing brow makeup can cause many issues, which are as follows- 

  1. Destroy delicate brow hair.
  2. Early premature brow fallout.
  3. Brow folliculitis.
  4. Brow itching and redness.
  5. Patchy brow with brow loss.
  6. Clogging of brow follicles.
  7. Brow acne.
  8. Allergic reaction to brow products.
  9. Eyebrow dryness with scaling.
  10. Eyebrow infection 

Just removing brow makeup is not enough. It is important to use the right makeup remover as well. Moreover, you need to use the best quality eyebrow makeup for easy application and easy brow makeup removal.

Things to consider while removing brow makeup.

  • Avoid back-and-forth movements vigorously, and be gentle with your brows.
  • Use a gentle soft, quality makeup pad to remove all the brow makeup.
  • Opt for natural makeup remover to prevent any side effects on the brows.
  • If your surrounding brow skin has gone red, it means that you are not removing the makeup properly.
  • Do not apply too much pressure or force to remove stubborn brow makeup.

How to remove brow makeup correctly?

Removing the brow makeup correctly is important to keep eyebrow issues at bay. Just the application of brow makeup to achieve beautiful brows is not enough. It is important to remove all the brow makeup correctly to allow the brow follicles to breathe for good brow health. 

Here are the important steps to remove the brow makeup correctly. 

  1. Start with clean hands to avoid dirt and bacteria getting into the skin.
  2. Choose natural makeup remover over conventional makeup remover for gentle and effective cleansing.
  3. Wet the cotton pad with makeup remover until it is completely soaked
  4. Do not rub your eyebrows. Just press soaked cotton pads gently into your brows.
  5. All the makeup remover to sit for 15 seconds allowing it to break down all the brow makeup for softening the brows for easy removal.
  6. Once your brows are soft and flexible, you can swipe the cotton pad to remove the makeup completely. Stiffer brows with makeup are difficult to handle and may cause hair breakage.
  7. Keep repeating in gentle motion to lift the brow makeup off with light pressure of the finger pulp until your brows are completely makeup free.
  8. Ensure to remove stubborn makeup residue by gently dabbing with the slightest pressure in a circular motion, which should not traumatize your brow hairs.
  9. Use a gentle cleanser to remove all the makeup from your brows.
  10. Indulge in the best eyebrow essentials for the best brow care.
  11. Opt for natural eyebrow essentials to nourish and hydrate brows, allowing them to keep naturally soft and healthy.
  12. Ensure to follow a correct eyebrow care routine with weekly exfoliation of brows. 


Removing eyebrow makeup can go wrong at times, especially if you are super-tired or in a hurry to wind up at the end of the day. Excessive rubbing, wiping back or forth, and using a harsh makeup remover can damage delicate brow hairs and hinder brow growth. 

So, it is important to follow the right technique with the best makeup remover followed by perfect brow care with eyebrow essentials for good brow health. If you have any questions on eyebrow care, get connected with one of our brow experts, who will guide you to achieve beautiful brows.


How do you remove stubborn eyebrow makeup? 

Soak the cotton pad with a makeup remover. Rest it for 30 secs on the brows to soften them. Brow makeup may stiffen brow hairs which will turn stubborn during removal. Resting the soaked cotton pads on the brows will help break down the makeup making it easier to remove.

How should I cleanse my brows?

Just like you shampoo your hair, brows also need perfect cleansing in your daily routine to remove any dirt and oil. Choosing a natural cleanser works great for brow health. You do not need a special brow shampoo. Just cleansing your brows during the face wash routine works well.

What happens if you leave your brow makeup on overnight?

Leaving eyebrow makeup on overnight is not considered good for brow health. It may clog pores and destroy the brow follicles causing infections and brow loss. It may give rise to multiple brow issues.

Can I use eyebrow makeup daily?

Yes, you can use brow makeup daily, but it is important to choose the best quality brow makeup. It is also important to ensure removing all the makeup before bedtime. Also, following an eyebrow care routine for healthy and beautiful brows is essential.