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Top 7 useful brow maintenance tips

May 24, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 7 useful brow maintenance tips

At-home brow maintenance care is one of the best solutions for beautiful brows. Many of us have spent too much time thinking about how to get perfect brows. The whole idea is to invest brow beauty time in achieving perfect brows with brow maintenance tips. So, let us help you with some useful brow maintenance tips which can work wonders for your brow looks and brow health.

Why should you opt for regular brow maintenance?

If you are tired of waxing, threading, or tinting brows, look ahead beyond this with regular maintenance of brows. Staying dedicated to regular brow maintenance and a perfect eyebrow routine can give you a professional experience with brow beauty.

Importance of brow maintenance

Brow maintenance tips and tricks help achieve two important aspects of beautiful perfect brows- 

  • Brow beauty
  • Brow health 

Let's have a closer look at how to achieve the best eyebrows with great brow health and brow beauty.

Top 7 useful brow maintenance tips

Here are some important brow maintenance tips which you should know-

1. Brow solutions - Home care V/s Expert care

Confused about whether you should opt for at-home brow care or expert care? The best solution is to opt for dual care with at-home brow solutions coupled with expert advice. Ensure to check your brows for extra growth every 15 days. One or two brow hairs can be plucked here and there! However, if you see good eyebrow growth with your brow care routine, it is recommended to consult a brow specialist once a month. This is a must to avoid any DIY brow mishap like over-plucking or over-tweezing.

2. Consult an expert

If you are considering waxing and tweezing for the first time or may have just lost touch with it for a long time, look before you leap and consult a brow specialist. It is important to get the perfect shape and arch with great expertise from a perfect brow specialist having good hands-on experience. The brow specialist will give you the best piece of advice for minimalist brow care.

3. Shaping brows

Practice makes a man perfect. Yes, practice can help you master the technique for beautiful perfect brows in around 6 months to 1 year. Move on to carry forward a regular brow routine of shaping brows in the right manner. Ensure to just remove the extras and focus on maintenance therapy by growing them thicker and denser.

4. Go naturally perfect for brows.

Well, nobody is perfect, but eyebrows can be! You can achieve perfect eyebrows with regular maintenance eyebrow care. It has been proven that many people try to create symmetrical brows, but nobody’s brows are perfectly balanced. In the quest to remove the extra brow hair, you may ultimately end up with uneven, thin, or skinny brows. So, go slowly and just focus on removing extra unneeded growth for naturally perfect brows.

5. Practice a healthy brow care routine.

Just like skin care, eyebrows, too, need tender love care (TLC). Invest in eyebrow essentials that work to provide beautiful, healthy brows. Some important eyebrow essentials are as follows- 

  • Eyebrow oil
  • Eyebrow gel
  • Brow soap
  • Brow pencil
  • Brow powders 

Ensure to use them regularly for the maintenance of beautiful brows.

6. Keep your brows moisturized.

Hydration is the key to healthy brows. Ensure to keep your brows moisturized with eyebrow nourishing oil. You can also lock in some moisture with eyebrow gel. Keeping your brows moisturized will help in preventing eyebrow loss. If you are experiencing dry or flaky brows, they have a higher chance of falling out. This may lead to sparse and thin brows. 

7. Practice brow mapping for beautiful eyebrows.

The best easy solution for brow mapping is using an eyebrow pencil and a perfect brow brush. Whether it's eyebrow makeup or eyebrow shaping, brow mapping is one of the best techniques to get your brows back in shape. Brow mapping can be followed with two simple steps- 

  • Just brush them upwards and laterally with a perfect brow brush.
  • Grab your brow pencil to outline them perfectly. 

Post-eyebrow mapping, you can get into the groove for eyebrow makeup or shaping.

So, get started with perfect eyebrow tips with the best brow maintenance for a beautiful look to enhance your personality round-the-clock.