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How to choose the perfect brow brush?

May 17, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

How to choose the perfect brow brush?

Eyebrows are the perfect frames for accentuating eyes. Yes, this is entirely true! A perfect set of brows can completely change the look and add glamor to your beautiful face. 

An eyebrow routine with perfect eyebrow essentials is a must to achieve beautiful eyebrows. One such eyebrow essential that we are going to discuss today is the eyebrow brush. So, let us take a deep dive into how to choose the perfect brow brush with a touch of professional expertise to achieve eyebrows with precision.

Why do you need a perfect brow brush?

Eyebrows are unique to you! Finding the perfect brow brush or eyebrow essential is very important, depending on the kind of look you need. Focusing on these elements can work wonders in achieving beautiful and perfect brows with precision. 

Here is a completely comprehensive guide that will help you figure out the best brow brush for your looks. Apart from finding the perfect brow brush, this guide will take you forward to discover the professional eyebrow essentials from Savarnas Mantra.

Which is the best perfect brow brush?

Savarnas Mantra is a world-class leader in the brow and lash industry with professional expertise in the best of brow products which are great for accentuating brow shape, brow mapping, brow health, and more. They have an exclusive collection with unique natural formulations which includes the following- 

  • Brow makeup - Brow gels, brow powders, eyebrow pencils.
  • Eyebrow essentials- Brow nourishing oil and brow soap.
  • Brow tools- Brow brush, professional brow tweezers, and scissors. 

This makes Savarnas Mantra a one-stop solution for brow care at its best.

Let's explore more for discovering the perfect brow brush with professional expertise for beautiful brows. Change the brow game to add glamor to your brows with a perfect brow brush. Here is what you need to look for to find the brow brush.

How to find a perfect brow brush?

Searching for and finalizing a perfect eyebrow task can be difficult at times. With various types of brow brushes in the beauty industry, choosing the best one for yourself is just like finding the perfect perfume which should add to your beauty and personality. Choosing one in all brushes is the perfect ideal choice as per your makeup requirement. Here are certain steps which you can follow while choosing the perfect brow brush.

Knowledge and Research.

Knowledge and research are a must for choosing a perfect brow brush. Awareness of the best brow essentials is important for eyebrow health. Going by trends for choosing the most buzzing brow brush or getting carried away by discounted offers is not the key. You need to know the features of a brow brush as well as your makeup and eyebrow care requirements to make the best choice.

Types of brushes.

The various types of brow brushes are as follows- 

  • Hills brush.
  • Dual-makeup brush.
  • Angled brush with spoolie.
  • Tapered liner brush to outline brows. 

A dual brow brush with feathered bristles on one end and with spoolie at the other end is considered the perfect brow brush for all kinds of brows.

Multi-purpose brush for brows.

Choosing the right kind of brush is very important for your brows. Eyebrow duo brush is considered an ideal pick. The dual-ended brush is a must for all kinds of eyebrow products like gels, brows, creams, and pomades. An ideal brow brush should have the ability for serving multipurpose needs of taming brows, eyebrow makeup, or maybe just brushing them to improve blood circulation. Dr. Rati Parwani strongly recommends a perfect brow brush from Savarnas Mantra with dual effects for brushing, taming brows, and blending eyebrow makeup.

Timely change for brow brush.

It is important to change your eyebrow brush quarterly. However, if the brush starts to fray with loose bristles, it is time to buy a new one. Depending on the overall usage, the durability of every brush would differ. It is recommended to monitor the brow brush regularly for time changes. 

Easy cleaning of brow brush.

Keep your brushes clean and maintain hygiene to prevent your brows from any kind of infection. Allowing some distance from the vanity or makeup drawer is very important. This prevents cross-contamination of eyebrow brushes by avoiding contact of bristles with any surface. Clean your eyebrow brushes post-usage to maintain optimum eyebrow hygiene. Ensure that the brow brushes are easier and simple to clean. 

Eyebrow brushes with a simple cleaning process are considered the best ones for brows. Remember, eyebrow hygiene is equally important as eyebrow makeup. Eyebrow brushes with difficult corners and bristles to clean are a big no! It is important to check the quality of bristles which allows an easy cleaning process along with comfortable application without stubborn adherence with easy transfer of the eyebrow products for smooth eyebrow makeup.


With all the exceptional properties of a multi-purpose brow brush, easy cleaning, and smooth application with precision, you must go ahead to switch over to the perfect brow brush from Savarnas Mantra! Do not forget to include your eyebrow essentials in your vanity for the best brow care.