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Top 5 Best Natural Alternatives to Microblading

Jun 23, 2023

Bhavini Desai

Top 5 Best Natural Alternatives to Microblading

Microblading works as a great semi-permanent makeup and looks amazing with long-lasting results. But, it is not for everyone. Depending on your eyebrow needs such as additional natural thickness or real brows, you need to know about these amazing natural alternatives to microblading.

All about Microblading- Things which you must know

We all are aware of microblading which is a brow technique involving an artistic tattoo style with deep pigments and hair-like needles on the brows to deposit semi-permanent drops of pigmentation into the skin for thinning of brows. It helps in the creation of new brows with minimal-invasive procedures.

Pros and Cons of Microblading


  • The best and most trending eyebrow technique.
  • Perfect and unmatched finish for correcting sparse or uneven brows.
  • Saves time and quick easy eyebrows done all day.
  • Waterproof with no more smudges.


  • An invasive procedure involving cutting into the skin.
  • No permanent results. It requires regular touch-ups.
  • The aftercare microblading procedure is a must to follow.
  • Expensive depending on the brow specialist and maintenance procedure.

Side effects of microblading

The side-effects of microblading are very rare and minimal. It is important to choose the right brow expert before you finalize the session of microblading. The side effects of microblading are as follows- 

  1. Pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  2. Small scratches like fine incisions may damage the underlying eyebrow skin.
  3. Higher chances of brow infection if not allowed to heal completely.
  4. Skin allergic reaction post-procedure. 

I am sure that you might be looking forward to knowing more about alternatives to microblading. Let us check out some interesting natural alternatives to microblading which you must opt for.

Top 5 Natural Brow Alternatives to Microblading

Here are the best natural brow alternatives to microblading for beautiful brows.

1. Eyebrow care essentials with the best brow routine.

The best way to achieve thicker eyebrows is by following an eyebrow care routine with the best eyebrow nourishing oil. Dr. Rati Parwani strongly recommends eyebrow oil with botanical extracts. An eyebrow oil is a great way to stimulate brow growth for thicker, healthy, and beautiful brows. 

It is important to use it daily for the best desired results at least for 1-2 months. Along with incorporating an eyebrow nourishing oil, it is important to follow an eyebrow routine with brow massage and exfoliation for moisturization and unclogging the pores. It is also important to include brow tools such as tweezers and brow scissors to keep them in shape and tame them once you start with brow-boosting techniques. Keep them for minimal usage once in 3 weeks for better brow growth.

2. Opt for brow makeup

Brow makeup is the best solution to create fuller thicker brows instantly and serves as a natural solution to microblading. You must choose cruelty-free and best-quality brow makeup which includes the following - 

  • Eyebrow powder for great pigmentation
  • Eyebrow gel for a good hold
  • Eyebrow pencil to outline the brows
  • Eyebrow brush to tame brows 

Do not forget to remove all the traces of brow makeup at bedtime for good brow health. 

3. Naturally laminated brows with brow soap

Brow soap can work wonders for naturally laminated feathered brows. It is a great alternative to microblading. You just need to be careful while choosing the best brow soap. It is advisable to choose vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free brow soap for better results that will not clog the brow follicles. Brow soaps can add to shape and volume giving a fuller appearance.

4. Brow extensions

Have you been longing for the desired feathered brow look? Brow extensions can be a great alternative. It is important to choose the right quality of brow extensions under the guidance of the best brow expert. It is important to check with your brow specialist about brow extensions as they are not suitable for everyone. Those with oily skin around the brows may not find it effective enough. 

Choosing brow extensions is a great way to transform your brows. However, it does not have long-lasting results. But, brow extensions can be great for parties and weddings to flaunt them with pride for around 2 weeks.

5. Go to a regular brow spa to nourish and pamper them

Pamper your brows with a regular brow spa to nourish them well. Brow Spa gives excellent results for conditioning brows and taming them. It is great for brow massage. They make your brows look attractive and beautiful. Brow spa is the ultimate brow experience, especially for brow lovers. 

Yes, microblading is not an eyebrow technique for everyone. Consult our specialist at Savarnas Mantra to know more about natural brow-boosting techniques which are safe, effective, and suitable for all.